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The storage cave was in chaos.

In front of the sixth golden platform, Yue Lian Han's appearance was divine and brave. She was on a killing rampage, easily slaughtering those who dared to step up. Her long purple dress swam in the air between each movement, like a graceful butterfly. Her hand, as white as an onion, was moving left and right, blocking others' attacks. It was as if she entered a realm nobody else was a part of, no one here was in the same rank as her.

Within a very short period of time, the environment around her turned into a sea of blood and a field of corpses.

This was the capability of a true Heaven's Favorite!

Only those in the same realm could battle against cultivators in the Undefeatable Realm. Those below the tenth level could only be stomped on by Heaven's Favorites and face their fate of being diminished within seconds. It didn't matter how powerful these cultivators were at their own level.

Just then, an enraged voice pierced her ears.

"Yue Lian Han!"

Mo Qing Fu's black hair was tussling in the wind, and there seemed to be angry steam evaporating from the top of his head. He angrily glared at the young woman dressed in purple and screamed out her name one character at a time.

"Ayo, who has angered the lover boy and made him so mad? Is this the same person as the polite and scholarly youth from before?" Yue Lian Han smiled sneakily as her hands formed a hand seal. The entire space trembled for a second. Then, an infinite amount of blue light formed in midair and turned into an endless ocean. The waves were rough and monstrous!

Retch, retch, retch…

A series of puking sounds followed. The only three cultivators who were still breathing collapsed onto the ground, as fresh blood continued to flow out of them. Their fresh blood mixed in with the old and the entire cave seemed to be filled with blood that would not dry. It was as if the cave was alive.

With that, every single cultivator who came here to get their hands on the majestic treasure passed on. Only three remain - three Heaven's Favorites.

Yue Lian Han's plan was half accomplished.

"Yue Lian Han, you dare to trick me? You really think I am easily taken advantage of?" Mo Qing Fu's face was dark, and he was angry out of his mind. Staring at the young lady dressed in purple, he spoke slowly and sternly.

"That's right. I did trick you," Yue Lian Han admitted without battering an eye. She then laughed. "But you sure are stupid. You only realize this now? It's very rare to meet someone as oblivious as you are. If I didn't play a trick on you, I would've wasted God's arrangement for us to meet."

"You!" Mo Qing Fu's anger continued to boil. Given his normally respectable ways, he was heavily affected by her this time.

"What about me?" Yue Lian Han raised an eyebrow, "Why aren't you stopping this person from advancing?"

"Can you be more shameless? You lied to me, and you want me to keep helping you?" Mo Qing Fu turned his anger into a loud laughter. If Yue Lian Han hasn't been so mysterious and hasn't so far hid her real capabilities, he would've walked up there and slapped her by now.

The lover boy's infuriated visage made Yue Lian Han grin. She said, "A man keeps his promise. Since you agreed to do something for me, then you must follow through with it. Unless you want to take back what you promised?"

"You lied to me first, why can't I retract a promise?" Mo Qing Fu hesitated. He grew up in the Hao Ran House. Everything he was taught was taught under high restrictive standards and based on rules. Naturally, he was conditioned to behave like a true gentleman and a righteous cultivator. When Yue Lian Han accused him of not following through with something, he doubted his integrity.

"Sure, you can revoke a promise. But if I remember correctly, your Mistress raised you and educated you that a real man keeps his words and never renege his promises. Though I lied to you, I never forced you to accept my request. Everything that happened was through your own free will," Yue Lian Han grinned, as her eyes sparked with the confidence of victory. She had a plan all along. In the beginning, she knew that if Mo Qing Fu accepted her request, even if he does realize she has lied, there is nothing he could do but to help her restrain the strong youth.

"A real man keeps his word". This statement was the belief his Mistress fed to him since he was a child.

As expected, when the word "Mistress" entered his ear, his anger dulled down like a deflated balloon. After a moment of hesitation, he gritted his teeth, turned to Ling Xian, and announced, "I'm sorry friend. I cannot disappoint the Mistress."

"Lover boy, what can I possibly say," Ling Xian shook his head. He has anticipated this to be the result. Even though he never built a strong friendship with Mo Qing Fu, the entire Yunzhou knew of his stubborn ways. Call him unyielding or call him stupid. At the end of the day, everything he does, he follows the Hao Ran House's protocols, especially the values the Mistress instilled into him.

This incident is a prime example of his nature. It was obvious that Yue Lian Han was the one who was in the wrong. He could've easily broken the agreement without feeling any obligation. However, the moment Yue Lian Han said the word "Mistress", Mo Qing Fu simply shrunk. It was obvious that the Mistress is placed high in his heart.

"I'm sorry. No matter what the reason is, if the Mistress knew that I went back on my words, she would be highly disappointed in me. I… I cannot let her down," Mo Qing Fu smiled bitterly as his expression became determined.

"The Mistress again…"

Ling Xian wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry. He knew very well as to why Mo Qing Fu cared about the Mistress' feeling this much. He exclaimed about it but refused to express any opinion.

"Friend, I'm sorry to offend you."

Mo Qing Fu's face turned very serious as an overbearing ambiance slowly filled the room. Maybe it was because of the Mistress' educational ways, or maybe it was because of his own innate instinct, in the end, regardless of Yue Lian Han tricked him or not, he must do everything he can to stop this mysterious and powerful youth.

This was a matter of principle!

It didn't matter how stubborn he appeared or how stupid others may think, he must follow his beliefs!

"Pathetic, moronic, did your brain get filled with water or did it get squished by a door?" Ling Xian scolded unsparingly. Despite his heavy insults, he understood where Mo Qing Fu was coming from. Because Ling Xian was the same. No matter how dangerous or difficult the journey, he never forgets his original goal, and he forces himself to march forward without regrets!

This was why he is willing to give lover boy enough respect.

Murkey rays of energy oozed out of his eyes and swirled around him. They then converged and solidified into a bloody and dominating sword.

The Sword of Extinction!

Looking at the shudder-inducing sword, Mo Qing Fu felt chilly. He stayed put and waited for what will happen next.

"I will ask you one more time. Leave." Ling Xian glared at him. His hand held onto the sword tightly as his white robe floated in the wind.

Mo Qing Fu did not say anything. The demeanor that poured out of him, however, was enough to establish his determination.

Watching the youth before him, Ling Xian slowly shook his head and said in a low voice, "If I use my sword, there will be blood. Careful."

As soon as he finished talking, the sword started emitting an infinite amount of light. Carrying thunderous bolts, it crashed down!


The blade of the sword sliced through the air, creating a rainbow!

Having witnessed Ling Xian's sword winning against the Dragon of the Broken City, Mo Qing Fu's entire face froze. He didn't dare to act recklessly. Forming a seal with his hands, wind started to blow from all around him.

The silhouette of a giant book was floating on top of his head, radiating colorful lights. Under the lover boy's gentle influence, the book's pages fluttered softly. A surge of noble air engulfed the entire storage cave.

The Hao Ran Scroll!

The Hao Ran House specialized in supernatural techniques that were ghostly and posed unpredictable threats. These techniques, in Yunzhou, are considered to be supreme skills and supreme Taoism!


Mo Qing Fu's expression was heavy and imposing as he pushed out all the mana he could summon in his current state. Though barely capable, he stated the strongest ancient character he could. In the next moment, the golden character "fix" roll out of the scroll. As if strong enough to calm the Heaven and Earth and seal the supreme power of the world, the golden character wrapped around the Sword of Extinction and sealed it airtight!

"The Hao Ran House's supernatural technique sure is divine and dignified." Feeling the strength of the forbidden seal, Ling Xian was not at all surprised. He had first-hand experience with these techniques during the lost century.

Chuckling slightly, Ling Xian did not show a trace of fear. Watching the now perspiring Mo Qing Fu, he smiled. "Legend has it that on the Hao Ran Scroll, there are 9800 characters and each character has its own specialized use with unbelievable strength. I am very curious. With your level 10 of training, how many characters can you summon?"

"This isn't something you should worry about. My mission is to stop you from going forward. The 'fix' character is enough to freeze your sword and stop you from trespassing and provoking Yue Lian Han."

Mo Qing Fu then exhaled a mouthful of turbid and shouted, "Yue Lian Han, make your move! I cannot hold on much longer."

"No worries. Within moments you will be relieved." Yue Lian Han smiled brightly as her eyes flashed with anticipation for the soon to be successful trickery. She brandished her hand and her fingers interlocked together, unleashing a strange spell. Another layer of murky fog formed inside the storage cave. She pressed between her eyebrows with her own index finger and groaned.


The fresh blood, accumulated on the ground, started to flow in a pattern and solidified into a strange array. The color of blood filled everyone's vision. A vile and violent ambiance rose from the blood and dashed toward the golden page on the sixth platform!

Instantly, the cave started to shake. As if an army was invading, exploding and rumbling noises surrounded the cave. The Golden Pages did not revert to its original state. A fiery amount of light indicated the breaking of the seal placed on the Golden Pages!

"Come to me, the greatest treasure! I am the only one worthy enough to possess you. Think of me as your master and let us go on an undefeatable journey together! Together we will be champions of the world!"

Gazing at the Golden Pages, Yue Lian Han's cheeks were flushed. She waited patiently for it to break out of its seal and aid her in her plan to defeat the world!

"Oh no."

Watching the ghastly scene before his eyes, Ling Xian realized the severity of the situation. Even though he wasn't completely sure what the Golden Pages will do, it was obvious that once Yue Lian Han gets her hands on it, both he and Mo Qing Fu will lose their lives here.

Because of this, he must stop Yue Lian Han.

"Mo Qing Fu, though the Hao Ran Scroll is strong, with your level of training, you are miles away from stopping me." Ling Xian's eyes turned cold. The Sword of Extinction erupted with piercing light in the color of blood. Breaking free of the "fix" character, it stabbed through Mo Qing Fu's shoulder.

Ling Xian then swiftly moved away and dashed toward Yue Lian Han.

"Friend, you can't!"

Mo Qing Fu's face was pale. He held onto his shoulder and forced himself to chase after Ling Xian and blocked his way. He had an expression on his face that showed how he was not planning on getting out of here alive.

"Mo Qing Fu, you moron, open your eyes wide and assess the situation. If she gets her hand on the Golden pages, you and I both will die!" At this point, Ling Xian was infuriated. He sent Mo Qing Fu flying with a slap. Then he ran toward Yue Lian Han.

In the next moment, a horrifying amount of pressure swept across the cave. Ling Xian, like a kite with a broken string, was shoved away and slammed into the rock wall.

"Sadly, you are too late. Now, please enjoy my elegant transformation. Then, please die in peace."

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