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The land below everyone's feet split into two, and the heaven shook. The place where the explosion happened was emitting an infinite amount of light. The wind blasted crazily, shooing away every living being!

The Dragon of Broken City has strength comparable to the Crazy Soul Crusher, while the Sword of Distinction has the history of once destroying an entire city with one hit. The encounter of the two weapons was overwhelming. As soon as the two clashed, the world vibrated in response, and the crowd backed away in fear. One by one, they threw up blood and attempted to escape further from the battle.

"What is this weapon? It's strong enough to block the Dragon of Broken City, the supernatural weapon of Wang Zhi Feng! His gun is known as one of the most powerful weapons in Yunzhou!"

"With a single swing, it suppressed against the long gun. Unbelievable!"

"My god, it appears to be bloody and very experienced in battles. Could this be the legendary Sword of Distinction?"

The entire crowd was shaking with both fear and shock. Peering at the two in battle, they were unnerved.

Even the other two Heaven's Favorites from before were staring with dilated pupils. They watched the battle carefully and meticulously, both pondering over whether or not they would be able to block the swing from Wang Zhi Feng's gun if they were the one in battle.

"I underestimated you."

Getting a taste of Ling Xian's strength, Wang Zhi Feng's heart shook. His gaze intensified.

"Like I said, I will be the one to destroy your dream of being a powerhouse in this continent." Ling Xian's lips curved up and continued waving around his Sword of Extinction. Light shone around the sword, pushing away the golden gun.

Wang Zhi Feng's brows locked together as he uncontrollably backed down. Ling Xian, however, did not let him go and followed his steps closely. The Sword of Extinction drew a curve in the air and aimed for Wang Zhi Feng's throat.


Wang Zhi Feng dodged.

"You're just an ant. Break my weapon first if you want to make meaningless comments." his face was calm still. He first held the gun high in the air, and then he pushed. This attack, like an unstoppable wave, beated down!

"I will break your weapon right now!"

Ling Xian was high off of the battle. Like an immortal who just descended, in a flash, the Sword of Extinction turned eerie and was aiming toward the Heaven's Favorite from the Wang clan.


The sword and the gun clashed together, creating a wave of energy that washed across the entire city. The mightiness from the collision was unimaginable vigorous. Both parties used the maximum amount of energy they could muster in the meditational level!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of clashes rumbled. Both of them had level 10 training and were known as the undefeatable cultivators in the meditational level. Both of them have also killed someone in the foundational stage. Every time they had close combat, they refused to let the other win.

The best versus the best!

This was the battle between Yunzhou's Heaven's Favorites!

Ling Xian was unstoppable at this moment. Though the blade was only three feet in length, it had an overpowering presence that rattled everything in sight. Every small movement from the sword broke rocks and shook the earth.

Wang Zhi Feng, on the other hand, was getting more and more frightful as the fight went on. He did not think that the ant-like Ling Xian would have such great capabilities. Every contact they had brought pain to his palm. The battle was getting harder to endure.

"Screw off!"

Wang Zhi Feng screamed in annoyance. He knew he could not fight like this any longer. The Dragon of Broken City swung around, lighting up. Backing away because of Ling Xian's attack, he lost control of his body and stepped backward at least 10 steps.


The space between his thumb and index finger cracked open, fresh drops of blood fell to the ground, leading to a clamorous chatter.

"Wang Zhi Feng is wounded!"

"Unimaginable! How could it be that he was the first to start bleeding. Who knew the youth with the bloody sword is so strong!"

"My god, Wang Zhi Feng is the next leader of the Wang Clan. At least three Heaven's Favorites have died in his hands, yet he is losing to the boy in white? Who is that guy?"

The other two Heaven's Favorites were speechless. Peering at Wang Zhi Feng, who's hand was soaked in blood, they were in awe.

Even though they've never fought against Wang Zhi Feng themselves, they knew how strong he really was just by observing his movements. To be completely honest, if they were the ones fighting against Wang Zhi Feng, there was no way they could cause him to bleed in this short amount of time. This was why they could clearly feel how fearsome the youth in white was. To fight against a gun with a sword, and then easily defeating the gun, how much capabilities did this youth have?

"I am wounded…" Wang Zhi Feng looked at his bloody hand and was a little dumbfounded. After a while, he gathered his thoughts and his expression fell. "I admit that I have underestimated you. Since I entered the Taoism community, you are the first one to injure me without being hurt by me."

"What you said isn't completely correct. I will be the first one to slaughter you without being hurt by you." Ling Xian's eyes were cold. Wang Zhi Feng was very capable, definitely stronger than Shui Lian Yi. This means Wang Zhi Feng is the strongest opponent he has met so far. However, he was determined, and he was confident that he could suppress and raise above everyone from his generation.

"Ridiculous!" Wang Zhi Feng shouted. He pointed at Ling Xian with the Dragon of Broken City, forcing him to back into a corner, "Don't think that just because you made me bleed, you are allowed me look down on me. I will show you the actual difference between being above the cloud and being on land."

"I return this statement to you," Ling Xian remained cold. In a flash, he appeared before Wang Zhi Feng. The blade from the Sword of Distinction shone bright, ready to take out the opponent's heart.


Wang Zhi Feng's pupils restricted and his arrogance vanished without a trace. He fired his gun aimlessly, not considering his surroundings at all!


The two collided again. Ling Xian stepped back half a step while Wang Zhi Feng stayed put like a deeply rooted tree. His arm quivered slightly as he bled faster.


Wang Zhi Feng yelled in anger. The Dragon of Broken City kept on getting brighter and brighter. However, no matter how much he fired or tried to use it, the Sword of Extinction suppressed it and didn't let it show its potential.

Just as Ling Xian was about to make a final move, a giant rumble appeared above everyone's head.

Following the explosive sound, the door to the storage cave peeked open. Light rays in the colors of the rainbow rushed out of the cave blindingly.

Everyone glanced in the direction of the light, and their gaze became heated. One by one, they began to perform different techniques and fought over each other to enter the cave first. Forgetting all about the battle between the two Heaven's Favorites, they rushed inside the cave.

The other two Heaven's Favorites did the same. Faster than everyone else, they dashed into the cave, hoping to take possession of the inheritance while the two strong opponents were still fighting.

"Screw it. I will search for the inheritance first, then we can settle the battle!"

Wang Zhi Feng shouted. Using all his strength, he ran in the other direction and into the cave. It wasn't certain as to whether or not he really wanted the inheritance, or he realized he was no opponent of Ling Xian's and escaped in fear of embarrassing himself.

Ling Xian frowned. He knew that the storage cave has opened and the "good fortune" everyone talked about was now fair game for everyone to fight over. However, he thought, wouldn't it be even better to kill Wang Zhi Feng and get to the storage cave at the same time?

As Ling Xian darted towards the cave, he tightened his grip onto the sword. The sharp blade was cold and unforgiving!

"Wang Zhi Feng, die!"

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