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The purple pillar of light from afar started to shed light from miles away. An earth-shattering rumble that disturbed the entire Vast Mountains followed.

Immediately, the wind blew, clouds scattered, sand dispersed, and rocks flung. At the exact moment the rumbling rocked the space, Heaven and Earth turned dark, and the pillar of purple light became the only light source in the entire universe.

The purple light grew slowly, exploding with a strange, depressing force that felt like a God's palm was pushing down angrily.

The purple light was dizzying. First, it seemed soft and warm, then, it turned conquering. Everything, from mountains to rivers, from low-levelled beasts to undefeatable high-levelled monsters, fell into a sluggish state. As if they have stepped into quicksand, they struggled with all their strength but could not move one bit.

Thousands of birds and beasts roared out of agony and desperation.

A horrifying scene then happened.

Before everyone's eyes, the purple light burst with an earth-shattering momentum. All the beasts trapped underneath it began to disassemble and melt away. First, it was their lower body, then it was their upper body. The entire process only lasted a few seconds, as all the beasts had no abilities to resist. At the end of it, they turned into pools of blood, even their bones have melted.

The two super monsters Ling Xian saw but was too afraid to challenge from before met the same fate. Before they could even whimper in anger and pain, they had melted into pools of blood.

The entire Vast Mountains were silent. In the jungles, on the land, there was no sign of corpses. Everything was drenched in blood, forming rivers of blood.

This hellish scenery was heart-breaking!

Then, the purple light began to reshape to its pillar form, taking with it the beasts' leftover energy and resentment.

After absorbing the beasts' spirits, the pillar widened and turned murkier. A different dimension began to construct in thin air. A new world was created.

Watching the appalling sight before her, Shui Lian Yi's face turned as white as a sheet of paper and her breasts fell up and down with her heavy breathing. She murmured, "The door to the ruin is finally opening… I did not know it uses this ruthless method to absorb energy. Countless beasts' lives were traded for this once in 50 years phenomenon."

"Epic. So many beasts were slaughtered in mere seconds. Not even a bone can be found. My god, even my hammers can't do that," Tang Thirteen's was also in awe. Her body sub-consciously shook. She was only 13 years-old, no matter how crazy her Tang blood was, she was still a little scared.

At that moment, a composed and confident voice rose, calming down her inner fear.

"Don't be afraid. I am here."

Ling Xian warmly smiled and put a hand on Tang Thirteen's shoulder. He soothed.

Tang Thirteen nodded. Strangely, she did not shrug away Ling Xian's hand. Perhaps it was because his hands were warm, or perhaps what he said brought her security.

Ling Xian faintly grinned and moved his gaze towards Shui Lian Yi, who was white-faced but was also full of anticipation. He asked in a deep voice, "Now can you tell me about this purple pillar?"

"This…" Shui Lian Yi was reluctant, "Alright, since neither Thirteen nor I can defeat you, then telling is you okay. This purple pillar of light is the entrance to an ancient ruin. Inside, there are various treasures, spiritual herbs, and so on."

"Continue," Ling Xian raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know much more than that. I only know that this ruin first appeared 200 years ago, and it activates once every 50 years. This time, I am here on my Clan's mission. I am here to seek opportunities, and hoping to see if there are any good fortunes inside," Shui Lian Yi told him everything she knew. She had no choice, they were no opponent of his.

"What do you mean by good fortune?" Ling Xian was curious.

"I don't know." Shui Lian Yi shook her head, "According to my clan's books, if someone receives that good fortune, then the ruin will disappear once and for all. However, in the past 200 years, the ruin appeared four times, yet nobody has found this 'good fortune'".

Ling Xian frowned. He remained silent for a while and asked, "How did you get in here? Based on what I know, the Vast Mountains is dangerous. With your level of training, there is no way you came in with brute force."

"You don't know?" Shui Lian Yi was a little shocked. She realized that she had wronged him. Since he didn't know anything about the ancient ruins and has no idea about the method people used to enter the Vast Mountains, it must mean he came into the mountains by mistake.

"If I know, why would I ask you?" Ling Xian said.

"Alright, the thing is that when the ruin first appeared, every clan and house in Yunzhou teamed up and entered the Vast Mountains. They then set up a space transfer array here. Every 50 years, cultivators would enter this space and fight to find the good fortune," Shui Lian Yi explained.

Hearing this, Ling Xian exploded with excitement and pressed on further, "This means, the space transfer array can send people in and also transport people out?"

"That's right." Shui Lian Yi nodded.

"Good, very good," the corner of Ling Xian's lips curved up as the heavy stone in his heart finally dropped. After landing in the Vast Mountains, there hasn't been a single moment when he didn't think about how to get out of this space. Today, he finally found a solution. He couldn't help it but be overjoyed.

"Based on the way you are reacting, it must mean you came here by mistake. Do not worry. After the entrance to the ruin closes, Thirteen and I will bring you back to the outside world." Shui Lian Yi beamed. After realizing how she misunderstood Ling Xian, she felt a little sorry. All the unhappiness from the fight dispersed as a result.

"Thank you." Ling Xian returned a smile. Staring at the murkier and murkier purple light, he said, "Now, let's go check out the ancient ruins and find out what the deal is with the 'good fortune'."

He then started marching toward the light.

Shui Lian Yi and Tang Thirteen nodded and followed his footsteps.

As the three of them walked on, many mortal cultivators who have been waiting for a long time revealed themselves and walked toward the ruins as well.

On a branch of a thousand feet tall tree, a cold faced youth dressed in red stood. Murderous intent engulfed his body, he snickered, "Finally, it is about to open. This good fortune belongs to me. Whoever tries to fight me for it, I will torture and kill you!"

His name was Ming Sha Sheng, one of the strongest Heaven's Favorites in Yunzhou!

Underneath a hundred feet tall waterfall, a topless youth slowly straightened his body. A frightening atmosphere surrounded him. As he stood up inch by inch, the wind blew stronger and stronger, and sand was swept off the ground in all directions!

"Finally. It is time. I do not wish for good fortune, I just wish for a satisfying fight with other Heaven's Favorites. I wish to crush all my opponents and break through to my next stage of training!" The buff young man grinned from ear to ear, his eyes were full of invincible confidence!

His name was Zhan Tian Xia, one of the strongest Heaven's Favorites in Yunzhou!

Similar sceneries were happening all around the Vast Mountains. One by one, Heaven's Favorite peered at the far away purple light with boiling passion in their eyes.

At this very moment, the wind started to blow, and clouds began to converge. Heaven's Favorites were gathering to seek after opportunities in the ancient ruins. The strongest fighters in Yunzhou were about to commence a menacing and unyielding war!

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