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It was very strange that the jade bottle which was exquisite and pearly white was held by Yi Yuan.

Yi Yuan couldn’t help blaming Su Yan who cast greedy eyes on the bottle, “Don’t even think about it. This jade bottle is my most precious treasure. In the bottle there is an independent space where all kinds of stuff can be stored. The space’s small but convenient.”

“Is there an independent space in it?” Su Yan was astonished when Yi Yuan told him in person, although Su Yan had thought about that. It was miraculous!

“According to the ancients, it’s a kind of space treasure!”

Yi Yuan said, “I dug it out of some ancient ruin and it’s very rare even in Huaxia Alliance. Although it has no other functions, it’s extremely valuable just with the storing function!”

Su Yan had cultivated assiduously for three months, and what he got in the cultivation were all in this jade bottle.

“Buzz!” Su Yan was astonished when he saw an ancient bronze tripod come out of the jade bottle, and many primordial fantastic beasts were carved on it.

Wisps of primordial breath surrounded the tripod, and the patterns carved on it were very archaic, yet lifelike. A dozen of primordial fantastic beasts were vivid as if they were living creatures.

Falling on the floor, the tripod was so heavy that it cracked the mud floor fiercely.

“This treasure was refined by a primordial master!” Su Yan stared at it carefully, because it was the first time for him to touch this kind of treasure.

“Well, sit can be.”

Yi Yuan poured out thousands of treasures from the jade bottle with the clang sound. They all piled on the floor, emitting colorful lights. It would cause a big stir if others knew these treasures!

What was striking was that about a hundred grains of golden rice piled together, emitting energetic Qi and blood fluctuations voluntarily.

Su Yan was shocked that in each grain of the golden rice floated a tiny dragon which contained powerful and energetic resource of essence and blood!

“Teacher, what kind of rice is this?” Su Yan gasped, and he didn’t think that there was such kind of magic rice in the world.

“I got about a thousand grains of rice in the ancient ruins. The ancients called it Dragon Rice. I had eaten a lot in these years, and only about a hundred grains of it are left now.”

Yi Yuan smiled, “Legend has it that if you eat this kind of rice every day, you will be as strong as dragons. For ordinary people, they can prolong their lives by hundreds of years and become extremely mighty if they eat the rice every day. Therefore, the value of this sort of rice is unimaginable!”

What Yi Yuan said greatly broadened Su Yan’s horizon, and then Su asked, “Can’t we plant this kind of rice?”

“It’s impossible. It’s too difficult to plant this kind of rice which needs to be nourished by a lot of divine natural energy. It’s impossible for everyone in Huaxia Alliance to have this rice.”

Yi Yuan shook his head. He didn’t mention that the Dragon Rice was of great value and about one hundred grains of it was worth millions of Contributing Points! Besides, it was so valuable that Yi Yuan would never sell it!

“This is a 1,000-year-old saussurea involucrata. Dragon Rice is masculine while saussurea involucrata is feminine. According to the sixth-grade prescription, you need to balance masculine and feminine. I can only use the saussurea involucrata since I have nothing feminine except it,” Yi Yuan smiled.

Su Yan fell silent. Yi Yuan had done a lot for Su Yan. Compared with the valuable treasures given by Yi Yuan, his Innate Liquid was nothing.

Besides, there were dozens of precious medical materials, which were hundreds of years old and even nearly a thousand years old. They could be the auxiliary medical materials.

Yi Yuan put all the medical materials into the tripod. Certainly, these were not enough!

Su Yan gazed at the other things - two cans of Primordial Blood and two rocks. One rock was stolen by Su Yan, the other was provided by Yi Yuan.

Su Yan scratched his head and smiled wryly at Yi, “Mentor, it is too precious. I don't deserve it.”

“You can repay me when you become stronger in the future.”

Yi Yuan showed Su Yan an ancient sixth-grade secret prescription. Yi Yuan was sure that type of the secret prescriptions in that grade dug out of ancient relics by the overmatches in Huaxia Alliance was no more than three!

“A sixth-grade liquid for foundation establishment!”

Su Yan was excited. Liquid for foundation establishment!? Even in sixth grade. It was awesome. Was such kind of liquid used by the big forces in cultivation world to cultivate great talents?

“I thought it was useless when I got the liquid. I didn't expect that you could find a treasure which would work with the liquid.”

Yi Yuan smiled, “If I am right, your rock must be the Heavenly Source Stone which is very rare, the best foundation-establishing resource for prescription refining even in ancient times!”

There was a ball of fire burning in Yi Yuan’s palm, which was so fiery that Su Yan’s Qi and Blood almost dried up!

Su Yan was deeply shocked by Yi Yuan. Unexpectedly, Yi Yuan was a chemist!

“You go to swallow the Soul-nourishing Milk. It will take me a few days to refine the liquid for medicated bath!”

Yi Yuan sat cross-legged in front of the tripod. Plenty of essence of Innate Liquid poured out of the jade bottle. One hundred thousand drops of Innate Liquid fell into the tripod and filled it.

It was a shocking picture!

The tripod revived, erupting tremendous essence of life which rushed into the sky and seemed to become a spirited dragon flying to the sky.

The primordial fantastic beasts on the surface of the tripod were shining. Driven by Yi Yuan, the tripod became very bright. Dozens of fantastic beasts awoke at that moment and the power of them was incredible!

The essence of the moon and the sun all over the sky, like strips of the Milky Way, fell into the tripod.

The essence in the tripod became more exuberant than before!

Yi Yuan nodded with satisfaction. The essence of the sun and the moon could cultivate Su Yan’s muscles and bones and the Innate Liquid could supplement the loss of body refined. Moreover, the tripod was so miraculous that it could attract the divine power from heaven and earth and turn the power into divine liquid.  

“I will try my best to get stronger!” said Su Yan.

Su Yan closed his eyes. He determined that he must not let Yi Yuan down! He fetched out the Soul-nourishing Milk. It was a kind of black liquid bred by the nature. Every drop of Soul-nourishing Milk contained the refined spirit essence.

Su Yan ran the Soul-refining Manual, and the power of his spirit emitted to control the drops of black liquid. The drops fell on Su Yan’s forehead and then they were absorbed by his spirit.

The Soul-nourishing Milk was so powerful. When Su was refining it, his spirit got stronger fast and the divine glow gushed out from his forehead!

At night, this mountain forest was not peaceful. Powerful beast kings opened their ice-cold eyes one after another and stared at the unbelievable divine light spurting out of the bronze tripod in the distance.

They were all envious, restless and ready to grab it.

Yi Yuan did not care and sat cross-legged calmly. The tripod was shining all the time and kept absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. Yi Yuan, by the fire, continuously refined divine herbs in the tripod to produce the sixth-grade liquid of medicated bath for foundation establishment.

On the second day, the tripod became more powerful and awesome. At the moment when the tripod absorbed the essence, all the rosy clouds in the sky sprinkled into it. Moreover, the tripod even took in the holy solar essence!

What a miraculous treasure the tripod was! The tripod absorbed essence of the sun and the moon at night and took in the holy solar essence by daylight. The power of Yin-Yang was all contained in it!

When the divine herbs were refined, the vigor in the tripod became more abundant as if there came a dragon-cultivating pool.

Yi Yuan’ face turned grave and there were two large stones in front of him. He picked up the one stolen by Su Yan and cracked it quickly by the power of his palm.

Meanwhile, as the cracks appeared, the stone became horrific suddenly and emitted huge divine energy which could even smash the heaven!

“Ha ha ha! Terrific!”

Yi Yuan laughed. He took a sip of Monkey Liquor Su Yan had grabbed and threw the Heavenly Source Stone into the tripod. As he knew, the extremely valuable Heavenly Source Stone was a kind of very fantastic cultivation resource even in the primordial times.

He had never expected that Su Yan could steal such a precious but horrible treasure.

As the other stone’s surface peeled off, the stone looked like a burning black sun with rolling black light.

A ball of fire burst out of the palm of Yi Yuan, and calcined the black stone. It turned to be a kind of divine iron and it could refine the divine iron liquid to nourish Su Yan’s body.

At the same time, Yi Yuan opened two pots of Primordial Blood, and Primordial Blood awoke with the momentum of yin-yang. Inside the pots vaguely stood two people who were strong enough to look down the whole world.

Undoubtedly, the invaluable blood of two primordial overmatches was the medicinal usher for the six-grade liquid of medicated bath for foundation establishment. And several kinds of treasures were thrown into the big tripod by Yi Yuan. 

This tripod almost reached the sky. Rumbling loudly, it was surrounded by divine light!

The essence rose and became many huge dragons flying towards the sky. Furthermore, they exploded and turned into a yin-yang pattern in the sky. How horrible and mysterious it was!


In the three days, the beasts in the mountains kept roaring, and the roars would nearly tear the sky.

It seemed that the rainstorm was coming. Beasts roared towards the sky. They stared at the precious tripod which contained all kinds of treasures from the world. All the beasts wanted to rob the treasures from it.

Three days later, the spirit of Su Yan had been strengthened a lot. A divine golden mark appeared on his forehead. It was his spirit which had already been capable of showing a hazy entity.

Now Su Yan could have a panoramic view of all the areas at the range of five square kilometers by his spirit which was many times stronger than before.

“Almost done!”

Su Yan opened his eyes and saw the bronze tripod. At that moment, Su clenched his fists, thinking that all these incredible things were prepared by Yi Yuan for his cultivation.

However, Su Yan did not know how much it cost indeed.

Su Yan was quite afraid about the army of beasts gathering nearby. When he noticed Yi Yuan’s calm appearance, he just felt relieved. Yi Yuan didn’t care at all, which showed that his power was extremely strong and he must be one of the best cultivators.

“Success or failure depends on the final move!”

Yi Yuan looked at Su Yan who clenched his fists and nodded, “Please wait for my good news!”

Meanwhile, Su Yan jumped into the big tripod.

As soon as he got inside, his flesh had a tendency to be torn into pieces, for the divine power contained in the tripod was too fierce!

Particularly, his will suffered terrible stress. Therefore, Su Yan understood why Yi Yuan asked him to strengthen his spirit! 

Su Yan had no time to sit cross-legged. From time to time, a torrent of powerful force attacked him. Sometimes it was blazing hot, but sometimes it was as cold as the purgatory of ice! 

He was so miserable as the essence from heaven and earth inside the tripod couldn’t stop breaking into his body from every pore and flowing throughout his body.


How painful! The bones inside Su’s body were fracturing and the viscera were nearly torn into pieces.

The medicine was so terrible that Su Yan had barely survived. Fortunately, his spirit had been strong enough, and his will had been quite firm like steel by the cultivation in the past three months.

Even Yi Yuan was grim-faced because it was very dangerous to bath in the six-grade liquid for foundation establishment. Su Yan was more likely to die at any time!

“It depends on your will whether you can thoroughly remould yourself or not!”

Yi Yuan knew that though what Tao Tianhua did in last battle had made Su Yan swallow the blood of a primordial overmatch by accident, it was not able to thoroughly remould him. But this time, Su Yan would be remoulded certainly!


At this point, thousands of beasts, including many beast kings with extremely terrible breath, roared and rushed towards the tripod from all directions.

What a dangerous picture!

Yi Yuan sat cross-legged in front of the big tripod. He was very calm and seemed like a rock. His figure looked straight and stalwart at this moment.

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