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Chapter 167: 167
Translator: Flying Lines
Su Yan was quite upset. He intended to leave for Alkaid City through the Void Formation. So he tried his best to buy time.

But now all his endeavor was in vain. Who’d think that he had a fall here.

“A disciple from Northern Dipper!”

Gou Peng was furious. That was how Su Yan escaped! By pretending to be the disciple of Northern Dipper.

When Gou Peng saw Su Yan, his face changed.

“Screw you!”

Su Yan thought himself very unlucky.


Gou Peng laughed loudly, shaking the sky and making the whole Yun’s tremble.

He was Deputy Lord and one of the strongest and powerful elites of Alkaid Palace.

Yun’s tribe dared not to disobey his orders. Instead, some elders delightedly welcomed him and invited him to go in Yun’s tribe.

“It’s Gou Peng!”

Many cultivators, including a few young elites, gathered in Yun’s tribe. They all heard about Gou Jingming’s death. No one had expected that Gou Jingming, an inheritor of Alkaid Palace, would die in the Planet Graveyard!


Suddenly a giant shadow rose from Gou Peng’s back, filling the sky and earth.

The whole Yun’s tribe was on the verge of explosion!

Everyone was terrified. They didn’t know when Yun’s tribe offended Gou Peng.

“Hahaha, I find him!”

Gou Peng laughed with cold killing determination released!

He didn’t know about Su Yan’s background and connection with Norther Dipper. But he had to avenge for his son’s death and retrieve real dragon blood.

He reached out, and a huge hand covering the sky shrouded Yun’s tribe!

“Gou Peng, old thing! I gotta go.”

Su Yan gave out magic power of formation and his feet bred countless formation lines.

Under people’s stunned gaze, the Void Formation awakened and it, led by Su Yan, sent out immense power of void that swept across the whole tribe!


People of Yun’s tribe were frightened to see Su Yan run Void Formation by himself. Was he good at formation?

It was too late to stop it. The energy from the Void Formation was so formidable that it resisted Gou Peng’s palm.


Su Yan shouted. When the formation was heated to the extreme, countless formation lines intervened and turned into a void tunnel, pulling Su Yan away into thin air.

“Bastard, stay here!”

Gou Peng burnt with anger. His Qi revived to the extreme and killing light covered the void. His palm looked more horrible and collapsed the void.

“Please don’t, senior Gou Peng!”

People in Yun’s tribe were about to cry. Once the Void Formation was ruined, they would lose the major income source.

To make a Void Formation cost too much. It could use up a big family’s money and treasures. Also, it needed rare void stones and a great master of formation to build one.

The void was visibly collapsed by Gou Peng. His palm slapped on the Void Formation splitting it into pieces.

The void tunnel that went a long way afar was collapsing!

“There’s no way out for you. I will kill you!”

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Gou Peng said ferociously. He crossed the void and searched for Su Yan’s trace through residual energy ripples in the void tunnel.

“Give my order. All disciples of Alkaid Palace hunt down this man. If he’s taken alive, I’ll reward the hunter with one hundred thousand essence stones!”

His words caused a sensation in the mountain forests. One hundred thousand essence stones! Inheritors of Alkaid Palace might not care, but core disciples and common disciples wanted these stones badly!

At a time, the whole area was full of killing lights!

Gou Peng calculated a rough range of Su Yan’s whereabouts. He assumed that Su Yan couldn’t leave this area. Anyone who offered a clue could be rewarded with ten thousand essence stones.


Zhang Shanshan’s face turned ghastly pale on hearing the news from Alkaid Palace. She immediately left for Village Zhang. If news went out, Gou Peng would surly seek revenge on the whole village.

“The boy caused a big trouble. I wonder if he can get out alive. Unfortunately, our young master wasn’t around to help him!”

The elders were frightened. It was the Deputy Lord of Alkaid Palace that ordered to hunt down Su Yan!

However, Zhang Shanshan was unimpressed. The elders kept saying that their Young Village Head was extremely powerful, but she didn’t believe it. The man might have died long ago.

The whole thing attracted much attention!

Many cultivators searched for Su Yan, including Gou Peng. But with all the efforts they made, they still found nothing.

Gou Peng was quite furious. There was no way for Su Yan to leave the mountain forests so soon, could his telepath be wrong this time?

Real Dragon Blood and his planet fell into Su Yan’s hands. Gou Peng was not resigned to let those treasures go.

Alkaid was huge and vast, while the mountain forests was only a frontier zone. So, what happened here wasn’t spread widely across the whole planet.

Alkaid was very magnificent with shining star light.

There were seven superior primordial life planets in Big Dipper Domain, and Northern Dipper was the supreme power of the domain. Each primordial life planet had many tribes and ancient families.

For example, Xue Family was ancient with a long history!

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Xue Guan was honored as Big Dipper Supreme. Over the last several decades, many young talents challenged him, but no one could take the Supreme title from him. Now he was the most promising young supreme of all!

“Xue Guan, please come in.”

In Big Dipper Domain-a shining star sea, countless giant stars were burning and intervened with lines of laws.

These stars hung above the star sea were swallowing power of galaxy and universal essence.

They were more than treasures. Each star was like a primordial life planet. Palaces were built on those stars, misty and divine.

Ever since the fallen of Northern Dipper, seven palaces that belonged to Northern Dipper Palace took root on seven superior primordial life planets, while Northern Dipper Palace rebuilt the best Taoist rite here among the star sea.

“Big Dipper Supreme is here!”

As the word came, young disciples of Northern Dipper Palace all walked out enthusiastically to welcome Xue Guan.

“Big Dipper Supreme. I haven’t seen him for many years. He is more and more extraordinary.”

Girls who admired Xue Guan looked at him with heated eyes. He walked out of the chaotic chariot with golden divine shining light over his body, giving out invincible majesty.

He was strong and mysterious. Inside his body contained ancient chanting voice, indicating that he might have cultivated a horrible heavenly cultivation manual. Magic doors inside him were displaying endless horrible phenomena.

Xue Guan showed his potentials. In his Taoist Sacred Door, a vague monster was hidden, a rosefinch opened its wings that tore up the sky and a giant palm stretched out.

Nine phenomena were very scary. A senior member of Northern Dipper Palace smilingly said, “Xue Guan, I see from your magic doors that you’ve learned many great magic martials. Someday when you conquer the world, you might succeed at all nine great magics!”

Xue Guan modestly responded, “I only grasp three great magics. Senior, I’m flattered. There is barely one who can grasp nine great magics, not to mention ten mighty magics!”

“He has cultivated three great magics, and he also has a life magic. He is extraordinary enough. How could Zhu Yue dislike Xue Guan? It was said superpowers of other domains intended to marry their daughters to Xue Guan. We can’t let them succeed!”

Seniors of Northern Dipper Palace murmured in heart: Mastering three great magics is amazing, because great magics are rare in the whole Big Dipper Domain. No one could grasp more than five of them!


There was a magnificent star deep in the star sea with aloof scenes and chanting voice of laws.

While they were talking, Zhu Yue in silver robe was a bit angry.

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“These old things, didn’t they know I’m the Lord?”

Zhu Yue’s anger made a young girl chuckle, “My lady, Xue Guan is Big Dipper Supreme. Many forces are willing to marry their daughters to him, but Xue Guan only likes you. That means that you are very attractive!”

“I know you would say so!” Zhu Yue glared at her servant girl who had served her for more than a hundred years, and said, “Xue Guan is strong, but he’s not worthy of the title as Big Dipper Supreme!”

“I second that. Only the real supreme of all times deserves my lady.”

The servant girl twitched her mouth. In recent years, seven dippers were discontented and refused to obey Zhu Yue just because she was a woman.

Senior of the palace were also worried about it. So, they wanted Xue Guan to marry into Norther Dipper Palace. Even though it was difficult, they were confident that Zhu Yue was able to persuade Xue Guan. Therefore, Zhu Yue should get more in touch with Xue Guan.

“Right, what about the Big Dipper Boxing?”

Zhu Yue frowned. The Big Dipper Boxing was a top-secret manual of Northern Dipper Palace, but news came that a young man in Alkaid grasped the boxing.

Xia Chun shook her head and said with some doubts, “The news must be inaccurate. All young talents who know the Big Dipper Boxing didn’t go out. I assume elites of Alkaid Palace must have mistaken it.”

Zhu Yue fell silent. She thought of Su Yan whom she had taught the Big Dipper Boxing to.

Then Zhu Yue shook her head. It was impossible for Su Yan to enter this place in such a short time.

Besides, Su Yan wouldn’t have the ability to kill cultivators of Divine Magic Realm.

“My lady, your cultivation manual is the ancestral scripture of Northern Dipper Palace. The whole scripture is inside Northern Dipper. Our pressing matter is to choose some talents to take out the scripture for you!”

Xia Chun wore a sad face. The scripture that Zhu Yue now cultivated had reached its extreme. If she couldn’t get the following scripture, it would be a big trouble.

Zhu Yue said with a frown, “This is what bothers me the most. By our current situation of the young generation, we could hardly retrieve the scripture.”

The Planet Graveyard contained very strong pressure once opened and the pressure needed time to reduce. So strong elites like Zhu Yue wouldn’t be able to enter the graveyard for the first few years. But someone else might get the scripture before she could enter.

“Now with the Planet Graveyard opened, Star Pagoda of Big Dipper would surly come to the world. That is when our palace makes a fool of ourselves. Seven palaces have nurtured some talented elites for the past few years, enough to win us!” Zhu Yue frowned. Northern Dipper Palace was still the supreme power of Big Dipper Domain for now. If they didn’t have the chosen one of all times, who’d recognize their position?!

Star Pagoda of Big Dipper was a trial to test chosen ones. In the past when the domain was the superpower, the ranking of Star Pagoda was a symbol of combat effectiveness among young generation, where Big Dipper Supreme was picked.

If Northern Dipper Palace with Zhu Yue as Lord couldn’t foster distinguished disciples and seven palaces launched an attack, they would be in a terrible situation.

Therefore, senior of Northern Dipper Palace considered drawing Xue Guan over to their side as an effective way to stop the ambitious seven palaces as a temporary approach to solve the crisis.
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