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The people who came at this point all were dumbfounded, especially members of the Prime Faction. It was obvious that the Training Pagoda was a treasure that Zu Yan took from Huaxia College. Why could Su Yan master it?!

As soon as Zu Yan took it, he studied it for a while, but it was a pity that he couldn’t internalize its imprint at all. Therefore, the event was held up. However, who could expect that Su Yan had mastered the pagoda!


The storage bag bursting open, a myriad of treasures rolled down, countless and varied in types.

“So many treasures are exactly blinding!” Tie Baocai excitedly rushed up, but before he got close to these treasures, the Training Pagoda had revived!


The ten-story pagoda was exuding a tremendous power, encompassed by the beams soaring to the sky.

Blazing and horrible, the pagoda could be comparable to the Giant Mountain of immemorial ages, looming up and towering into the sky!

The pagoda was silver brilliance-clad, lingering with divine beams, its Qi running through the sky. The pagoda got so increasingly magnificent that it was about to crush the sky, with thousands of beams of light cascading down appallingly like the billows down from nine heavens!

“Fuck, this is a heavy treasure. Who is the spendthrift, using so many divine materials to construct the pagoda?” Tie Baocai were green-eyed. This pagoda’s power was extremely amazing; forged by divine materials, it contained terrible power of divinity.

In general, Weapons of Law’s ability to convert in size resulted from being doped with a small amount of divine materials; however, this Training Pagoda had fully ten stories. So how many kinds of divine materials did it consume?

“You bastard!”

Zu Yan scowled with staring eyes, for he had firmly believed that with Heaven Shift Seal, even if he couldn’t suppress Su Yan, he wouldn’t lose!

But now, this accident nearly let Zu Yan vomit heart blood out of rage. The Training Pagoda he had painstakingly taken away actually belonged to Su Yan! More infuriatingly, in order to have it, he was blackmailed by Xia Ze! Yet now it was controlled by Su Yan and became his real chance.

“It is that difficult to awaken. Does the quality of this pagoda exceed Weapons of Law?”

Su Yan staggered and almost fell. The divine energy in his body had been exhausted, which made him startled. The energy required to drive the pagoda was too vast!


At this moment, the circumference of thousands of miles was trembling, numerous mountains were automatically breaking down, and one line after another mountains were sinking!

The uncountable onlookers felt they were about to be torn apart under the devastating Qi of the Training Pagoda!

This was a divine pagoda, incomparably resplendent with waterfall-like divine beams falling down. Each story of it had a silver gate; when all ten gates were opened, a formidable atmosphere of surpassing the cosmic and starry sky shot out. And inside the ten gates sat separately ten fuzzy slender figures!

“Zhu Yue?”

Su Yan gasped. Every story of the pagoda had an imprint, which all turned into a fascinating figure that was ethereal with unsurpassed charm, igniting the roar of the heaven and the earth, the shake of the sun and the moon!

He realized that the Training Pagoda was the life implement of Zhu Yue, the same as his Life Tripod!

“I just feel that only 10-20% of its power is exerted. If fully awakened, how formidable would it be? Zhu Yue must be even more horrifying.”

The pagoda itself had been dreadful enough. Everything was collapsing as it fell. Locked by the pagoda, the golden armor on Zu Yan was shattered layer after layer, even he himself was about to be smashed into ashes!

“Warlord Zu Yan!”

People of the Prime Faction were crazy, gripped with the fear that Zu Yan would die in Su Yan’s hands and perish in the treasure he himself seized.


Zu Yan roared and howled. At this moment, his destiny spring was shining, emitting amazing rays of over a dozen secret treasures that came right at the divine pagoda descending from the sky!

The deafening noise reverberated through the world. It was an unprecedented collision!

With people’s astonishment, more than a dozen secret treasures, one after another, exploded as the Training Pagoda fell down!

All felt distressed for the loss and destruction of the treasures.

These dozen secret treasures bought Zu Yan a certain time to escape. After his complete recovery, he sprinted forward and fled out from the crackdown of the pagoda!


When the pagoda landed, this territory was directly split into a big black crack, like a big canyon; there were screams thundering, so astounding!


Su Yan was surprised that Zu Yan could escape, but one of Zu’s legs was crushed into muddy flesh!


The Bronze Chariot revived and flew here, spitting out the Nine Deadly Swords to suck Zu Yan in and take him away!

“Where are you running!”

Putting the phoenix-shaped hairpin in the pagoda, Su Yan drew the Qi of the Earth Vein and employed the Nine Bronze Deadly Swords to pursue Zu Yan. If he couldn’t kill Zu this time, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Su Yan, you’re that treacherous! How dare you kill Zu Yan, even plot to frame him up!”

A large crowd of Prime Faction madly darted out, intending to intercept Su to buy time for Zu!

“Get out of the way!”

Before Su Yan moved, Xia Ze dashed out and wielded Heaven-suppressing Bell. Under the sharp gaze of Xia Ze, the thundering Heaven-suppressing Bell swayed with golden ripples sweeping all over, violently forcing a way out!

Some people’s ears tingled and rumbled, knowing not whether it was resulted from Heaven-suppressing Bell’s noise or Xia Ze’s ferocity. What on earth was he going to do?!

“Xia Ze!”

A few members of Prime Faction got frightened. Xia Ze had begun slaughtering, so was he killing Zu Yan?

“Whoever dares to help Zu Yan will be killed!”

Xia Ze’s callous voice blew up, “I have verified that Zu Yan has long betrayed Huaxia Alliance, and the evidence is conclusive. I, Dean of Huaxia College, swear on my own life: if I wrong Zu Yan, I’ll commit suicide then and there to apologize!”

The entire wilderness region burst into hullabaloo!

A year ago, Female Asura was accused of treason, and now Zu Yan!

“Xia Ze wants to kill Zu Yan. He wants to be the emperor of Huaxia Alliance. Don’t be fooled. Xia Ze and Su Yan have wild ambitions and mean to control our alliance. Don’t be duped!”

“Right. Once Zu Yan perishes, you can charge him with any crime you want. Warlord Zu Yan cannot die; he is the real leader of our alliance!”

Infuriated, all Prime Faction folks stepped out to deplore Xia Ze. While some other masters charged forward to witness the battle.

Xia Ze didn’t feel like to talk nonsense with them, for he was too chasing Zu Yan!

“Zu Yan, you cannot escape from me. Fold your hands for capture!”

With his body glowing, Su Yan was drawing energy from the Essence Stone to supplement his loss.

Just now his mastering of the pagoda had exhausted his divine power. Therefore, this treasure couldn’t be easily used, unless in extreme emergency!

As layers of Qi of Earth Vein emerged, stepping on the vein, Su Yan advanced freely and quickly, and wielded the Nine Bronze Deadly Swords to pursue the chariot.

Zu Yan was seated in the blood-stained chariot, legs crossed, remorseless. He said with a grim smile, “You nonentities, I will let you regret! How dare you convict me of treason! In this world, only I, Zu Yan, can condemn others!”


The bronze chariot rumbled and dashed to Base No. 9 at a fairly fast speed!

“Xia Ze told me that Zu Yan had betrayed Huaxia Alliance long ago, but I don’t believe it at all!”

“Yeah, how can Warlord Zu Yan betray Huaxia Alliance? Without him, we would never be able to enjoy the decades of peace!”

“Look! Warlord Zu Yan is here!”

In the Base No. 9, many residents looked at the wilderness region and gazed into the bronze chariot rushing to the base.

All were entangled with mixed feelings, as they all admired Zu Yan, but Su Yan was the top one in Base No.9 which made them proud of him.

Nevertheless, Warlord Zu Yan’s contributions to Huaxia Alliance was known to all!

“Let’s slaughter a way out! Never let Su Yan break into Base No.9! Without the pagoda, Zu Yan wouldn’t lose!”

A vast number of people of Prime Faction in the base darted out and employed various weapons to clear a way for Zu Yan to protect him!

“Su Yan, don’t let him in! Stop him!”

The roar of Tie Baocai gave Su Yan an ominous premonition. Why would Zu Yan rush so desperately to Base No.9? What the hell was he plotting?!

“Out of body!”

Su’s divine energy recovered a lot. So he immediately summoned the lightning-like Nine Bronze Swords which were suffused with enormous sword spirit with continuous splendor to smash Zu Yan's bronze chariot!


The chariot roared due to the attack. Zu Yan, who was sitting inside with legs crossed, coughed out blood as if being hit by lightning; however, the chariot’s defensive power was so shocking that it blocked that of the nine swords!

“Su Yan, you set a trap for Zu Yan, so you deserve death!”

“Bros! Let’s fight our way out! We mustn’t let Su Yan succeed. Warlord Zu Yan has made tremendous contributions to our alliance, we must stop the crazy Su Yan!”

“Kill him!”

Many cultivators with powerful breath in Base No.9 were quite hot-blooded, whose rage came to a boil, and most of whom were ready to devote themselves to the Huaxia Alliance. Now they all dashed out from the gate of Base No. 9, intending to carve out a protective way for Zu Yan!

“Haha, great! Great!”

Seeing the thousands of cultivators darting out, Zu Yan laughed, “It is time for you to lay down your lives, protect me and pacify the rebels!”


The bronze chariot suddenly burned blazingly and rapidly expanded to what could be called a bronze mountain covering the sky. It unleashed such ferocity that could devastate the vigor of all beings!

A hush fell on the world!

Covering a couple of miles, the chariot suddenly crashed down and crushed the cultivators who rushed out of the city. Even the high city walls were cracked!

The entire chariot was sparkling. With a fierce and distorted face, Zu Yan looked up to heaven with a long growl, his mouth giving off monstrous engulfing power. When he breathed, a sea of blood and essence was swallowed in!

The fine blood from the perished cultivators turned into a vast source of energy that gathered in the body of Zu Yan. At this moment his weak breath soared!

“Sacrifice, my people!”

Zu Yan’s breath was sacred and solemn, but behind him appeared a vicious atmosphere, and the entire Base No. 9 darkened as a vague and huge phantom appeared and opened its bloody mouth, as if it would swallow the whole sky!

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