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Chapter 52: Medicinal Pill

It couldn't be denied that the ear splitting sound of the gate slamming made Ye Feng Yu feel refreshed.

But after he felt refreshed, he again felt a lingering fear.

The person outside was the current crown prince after all!

Slamming the door then leaving……even though it was domineering, that was really disrespectful to the crown prince!

The honest Ye Feng Yu scratched the back of his head. While his face was full of apprehensions, a hand suddenly extended before his face.

"This is an Extreme Immortal Pill. Take and eat it."

An Extreme Immortal Pill? Ye Feng Yu's eyes abruptly dilated, a burst of ecstasy emerged from the bottom of his heart.

That thought about disrespecting the crown prince completely disappeared with the wind!

His hands trembled excitedly, gripped Ye Qing Luo's hand, and lifted open her fingers one by one.

When the last finger was opened, he saw that on the palm of her hand, there was an earth colored pill.

With a cursory glance, that pill couldn't look more ordinary, but with a careful look, one would discover that it was enveloped by a faint layer of medicinal mist, and released a medicinal fragrance.

Merely breathing in the medicinal smell made him feel the fatigue in his entire body melt away.

Ye Feng Yu was so excited that his lips trembled and he couldn't utter half a word for quite some time.

Both hands cupped at his heart, holding onto the Extreme Immortal Pill, ecstasy spread across his whole face.

"This is a lower ranked pill made by a pill master, however, I decreased the quantities of some medicinal ingredients while increasing some other medicinal ingredients. After it's been transformed, its effects should be much better compared to ordinary Extreme Immortal Pills."

Extreme Immortal Pill, a pill master's lower ranked immortal pill which could substantially upgrade a cultivator's profound heart jade's absorptive ability, thereby allowing the profound heart jade to break through the next rank.

Of course, not every single cultivator who ate an Extreme Immortal Pill would advance in rank.

This all depended upon each person's condition.

"I have six more on me, if your profound heart jade successfully advances in rank, then I'll unconditionally gift you all of the remaining six pills."

Seeing how Ye Feng Yu's eager little face fluttered with desire, Ye Qing Luo once again tossed out the next lure.

At once, Ye Feng Yu was overjoyed as his pair of eyes sparkled brightly. "These are your own words! Right now, I'm going to return to my courtyard and cultivate!"

Each time a pill furnace refined pills, the most number pills that it could be refined at a time was ten.

Ye Qing Luo was able to refine seven Extreme Immortal Pills, that was already unprecedentedly formidable!

Ye Feng Yu immediately felt that following his elder sister indeed provided him with meat to eat, that's meat to eat!

Therefore, Ye Feng Yu respectfully and deferentially held the Extreme Immortal Pill in his hand and strode delightedly in small steps leaving the abandoned courtyard.

And just when Ye Feng Yu's qi aura thoroughly disappeared from her range of perception, that smile on Ye Qing Luo's pale face disappeared from her lips and a bit of blood overflowed through the corners of her mouth.

She extended a hand to support herself against a wood table, while another hand covered her stomach.

Her body swayed slightly as both powerless legs dropped and sat down on the chair.

"Lass, are you ok?" Old Man Cang's voice transmitted from her mind.

Not long ago, when Ye Qing Luo was refining pills, she was disturbed.

Originally, she wanted to calm her heart down and wait for the pills to be completed before leaving her Azure Dew Bracelet.

Both the other people already arrived at her door!

Ye Qing Luo mind was unable to be at peace. At the crucial moment, her control deviated somewhat.

Consequently, at the end, only seven pills were refined.

And Ye Qing Luo also received an injury to her divine sense from refining the pill. Damage was done to her divine sense.

When she faced Steward Yuchi and also the crown prince, she forcefully propped up her body and pretended nothing was wrong.

"I'm fine." Ye Qing Luo supported her stomach while her eyes closed. "After recovering for a period of time, I'll be fine."

"You're still not good enough at controlling profound qi." Old Man Cang faintly sighed. "While refining pills, if you could have used profound qi to protect your divine sense, at least your body wouldn't have been wounded."

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