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Grid got dressed first. It was a formal garment from the prince of the Luvia Principality and there were many decorations and straps. It was made from gorgeous red silk that blended well with the fluttering style. Grid had not been pleased with this gift. It was because it took at least five minutes to change into. He suspected that the prince was deliberately fucking with him. 

The Luvia Principality was an ally due to their marriage promise to the Gauss Kingdom, but it wouldn’t be strange if it surrendered on the surface while making dirty moves behind his back. Yet at this moment, his doubts were completely eliminated. 

‘Wearing it at times like this is helpful for thinking of the truth.’ 

Venice, the god of money—there was no notice of her visit. 

Grid suddenly encountered her in undergarments. It was a difficult situation to stay calm. He needed time to clear up the confusion. In that respect, this outfit was a great help. He was able to earn enough time while putting on the clothes. 

‘It is unlikely that Venice is one of the main gods.’ 

Worldly desires were a far cry from divinity. Rather, it belonged to things that were considered vulgar. Apart from some merchants, few people worshipped the god of money. It was highly likely that Venice was on the weak side in Asgard. 

‘That’s why she wants change.’ 

The more she was lacking, the more she dreamed of transformation. Venice wouldn’t be united with the gods of Asgard. 

‘I’m looking forward to the information she wants to sell to me.’ 

By the time Grid’s thoughts reached this point, he was wearing the belt. He loosely tightened the strap embroidered with transparent jewels over the coat. He would rather make use of dignity than to reveal these luxuries so he lowered the cloth on his shoulders and covered them lightly. 

Venice watched him and opened her mouth, “I was worried it would be too gorgeous, but it looks good. If you can handle this level of clothing, then any type of clothing is suitable.” 

‘I do look good in clothes.’ 

Every time this happened, he felt it was rewarding to exercise hard. 

She was literally a goddess. Grid’s mood naturally improved when a beautiful woman, who could be called one of the best in the world, smiled brightly and praised him. It wasn’t due to self-interest but an area of instinct. 

“Wouldn’t you look twice as cool if you decorate it with this necklace and ring?” 

[Do you want to spend 120,000 reputation points to buy the ‘Tidal Wave Pearl Necklace’?] 

[Do you want to spend 100,000 reputation points to buy the ‘Sunset Ring’?] 

‘…This businessperson.’ 

Venice’s praise was just part of doing business. She offered many goods quite naturally. 

‘It is quite a high quality item.’ 

Grid examined the information of the necklace and ring, and refused to buy them. He judged that he could make them himself. Of course, there would be a lot of trial and errors, but there was no reason to lose hundreds of thousands of reputation points in vain. “You want to sell information that will be very helpful to me.” 


“Does it matter if I am hostile to Asgard? Helping me means doing damage to Asgard.” 

“Of course it doesn’t matter. In any case, business is more important than Asgard. Please speak more comfortably than that. For me, the customer is the king. Ah, is a king inferior to a god? Well, it doesn’t matter.” 

“So what information do you want to sell?” 

Grid brought up the main point and observed Venice. Her gaze, breathing, and subtle movements were all in his vision. From now on, Grid would have a high probability of noticing it the moment she told a small lie. He had accumulated experience and insight for a reason. 

“Asgard had a hard time just watching Zik’s resurrection, so Judar eventually departed.” 


The god of health and wisdom. 

“Is he going to create a plague?” 

Grid recalled the old events and didn’t react much. He didn’t seem afraid of Judar. It was natural. At a time when Martial God Zeratul had invaded, there was no need to be intimidated by Judar, who would be weaker than Zeratul. It was a judgment that he could sufficiently deal with Judar. 

Venice laughed. “Doesn’t humanity worship Rebecca, Dominion, and Judar because they are the three gods since ancient times? You will suffer if you take Judar too lightly.” 

‘Certainly… Judar might be more troublesome than Zeratul.’ Grid was convinced. He realized that strength wasn’t an important measure when evaluating gods. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he had learned it personally. 

“Of course, it is unlikely that Judar will exert a direct influence in the human world. If a god threatens humanity while they are at war with demons then he will greatly lose faith.” 

“Is he going to join hands with the demons behind the scenes in order to not be discovered?” 

“Or perhaps a dragon?” Venice’s gaze was meaningful. She was looking behind Grid. A divine sword was reflected in her big eyes. 

“What will happen if Judar works with demons or dragons?” Grid’s expression was calm, but he was inwardly uncomfortable. He recalled the news that Gujel’s son had woken up. 

“The demons and dragons will become very powerful. Judar’s power is incredible. He makes weak bones into strong bones, strong bones into weak bones, or strong bones into strongest bones. Or he can make them a genius or a fool.” 

‘I can think of him as the god of buffs and debuffs.’ 

“It isn’t just strengthening and weakening. It is linked by eliminating the weakness of the target and making them immortal. Now, I will get to the point from here on out.” Venice blinked and raised a finger. “Give me 80% of the reputation you have. In return, I’ll tell you in detail who Judar is working with and what exactly Judar’s power does.” 

Venice raised one more finger. “There is also a way to pay using deity, not reputation. I will accept only one deity in exchange for handing you all the information about Judar and in addition, the sin he committed.” 

Venice’s proposal wasn’t over yet. 

“If you don’t want to lose your reputation or deity, why don’t you pay with the dragon weapon? The one you just made. In any case, there is material left to make one more sword. I’ll give you not only Judar’s infomation, but the information of the gods that will follow after Judar. You should think carefully.” 

“Um…” The silently listening Grid slowly opened his mouth, “Even a god can’t completely eliminate the weakness of a living thing and make them immortal. Gods aren’t immortal themselves.” 

Grid thought of Hercules, a hero in Greek mythology. It was a myth that didn’t exist in Satisfy, so it was one-sided knowledge that only Grid knew. “To be accurate, Judar’s power isn’t to eliminate weaknesses, but to reduce them. For example, he can create immortal beings who don’t die unless their Achilles’ tendon is slashed.” 


Venice was still smiling, but some of the starlight in her big eyes shook slightly. It was a very small tremor, but it failed to avoid Grid’s insight. 

“Of course, the one that Judar is joining forces with is a demon. Based on Hexetia’s situation in the past, it is difficult to even communicate with dragons.” 

In the distant past, after committing the sin of envy, Hexetia gave the demons a weapon and induced them to invade the human world. At that time, the stage of the war was the Behen Archipelago. Pagma, Baal’s Contractor, turned the archipelago into a barrier to prevent the invasion of the demons sequentially. 

The stone dragon Gujel tried to intervene in the process. Gujel was greatly wounded by the insane dragon at the time and was determined to heal from his wounds by feeding on the demons who invaded the Behen Archipelago. He was stopped by the tower members and died, but… 

The implications of this event were great. Gods and dragons didn’t communicate with each other. Or perhaps they didn’t cooperate. Gujel’s act of trying to turn Hexetia’s purpose of destroying humanity to nothing proved it. 

“The sin that Judar committed is wrath. It must be his sin in order for him to run to the demons as soon as Zik was resurrected.” 

Venice kept her mouth shut. She was still smiling, but that seemed to be the limit. 

“If we win against Judar’s trials this time, the god who will come next is obvious. Isn’t it Dominion, who is also one of the three gods? He is the god of war, so his presence in large-scale combat will exceed Zeratul. I need to prepare for it.” 


“Is there any wrong with my guesses so far?” 

Grid judged using his expanded thinking that there was nothing wrong. Sure enough, Venice didn’t deny it. As a businessperson, she regarded trust as life. She slowly smiled before eventually, she cried with a sad expression, shouting, “I hate it! I hate you so much! You are really so wicked!” 

‘This woman’s sin is greed.’ 

The offer to make a deal with him was the crime of betraying Asgard himself. She must’ve committed the sin of greed again and again. 

‘It can’t be helped. She is a god who doesn’t receive the worship of people.’ 

She had to build up her reputation and deity, even if it meant sinning. 

Grid saw through Venice and offered her a suggestion, “Can you help me get the secret technique I want? It is out of stock in the sun carriage.” 

“…What secret technique?” 

“A secret technique dealing with double wielding. It will be easy to use if it is from Zeratul.” 

“Even so, Zeratul will have doubts. There has been no god who ordered a specific secret technique through me. It will cost a lot to persuade him without raising suspicions.” 

“I will give you two times the market price.” 

“I should get 5 times.” 

“1.5 times.” 

“4 times.” 

“Then it can’t be helped.” 

“3 times! 3 times!” 

“Okay. I’m only going to yield this one due to the favor you have shown me today.” 

“Really? Thank you so much for that.” 

The veins on the forehead of the smiling Venice bulged. The reason she came to Grid today was to do business. Yet as Grid said, it had become a favor. It was a loss that she gave too many hints. She hadn’t thought he could be so smart based on his past actions… 

She might’ve been promised three times the price for the secret technique, but it wasn’t cost-effective even at this price… 

“I want to see the sword before I leave. Is it possible?” Venice politely asked. 

Grid didn’t refuse. 

A god obsessed with reputation and deity—Venice’s purpose was clear, so there was no need to be vigilant. He judged that he could use her purpose well to maintain a cooperative relationship in the future. He was willing to give this small degree of favor. 


Venice’s eyes, which were already big and round, became even bigger. She was unable to shut her wide open mouth and hit Grid’s arm in admiration. Someone who saw it would misunderstand that they were close. She was excited like a goddess who was serious about luxury goods. 


Grid was also excited. 

[Gujel’s Fang (Dao)] 

[Rating: Myth 

Durability: Infinite  Attack Power: 15,690  

* Attack speed will increase by 50% 

* The usage speed of attack skills will increase by 30%. 

* The attack power of the earth attribute will increase by 400%. 

★ There is a high probability of causing ‘petrification’ to the target when attacking. 

★ Attack power against the dragon species is increased by 150%. 

★There is a high probability of ignoring the dragon’s ‘Absolute Defense.’ 

★ The attack speed when drawing the sword is corrected to the maximum. 

★ The power of the first attack after drawing the sword is increased by 300%. However, it only applies to normal attacks and ‘drawing the sword’ related skills. 

★ Attack power against targets suffering from ‘insanity’ will increase by 300%. 

This is the first dragon weapon. It was created by Overgeared God Grid. 

Conditions of Use: A god, transcendent, or dragon. 

Weight: 2,100]

The gray magic power that hovered like a mirage over the transparent dao was mysterious and beautiful. It was a work that would be judged as overwhelming even when placed beside the best artworks in history. The power was self-evident. Unfortunately, the basic attack power was lacking compared to Hexetia’s Short Sword, but it would transcend it if various conditions were met. 

‘I can’t help but feel that the basic performance is poor.’ 

The title of the Overgeared God was creator of all things, not god of blacksmiths. He could make any object, but his blacksmithing skills were bound to be inferior to Hexetia. Of course, Grid was convinced that this would change over time. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the concept of deity. The higher his deity, the more likely it was to increase the power of the items he made. Thus, he didn’t have to worry. 

‘Of course, it is hard to say that I’m not as good as Hexetia now.’

The power of an item wasn’t just its numerical value. It depended on the detailed effects. In this case, Gujel’s Fang was much better than Hexetia’s Short Sword. Above all, Gird had the ‘Overgeared God Grid’s Innovation’ skill. Gujel’s Fang has room to progress three more times in the future. 

[Dragon Slayer?] 

[You have a dragon weapon, but you have yet to prove that you have killed a dragon. There are those who are confused whether you are a dragon slayer or not. 

* When fighting dragons, there is a probability of ignoring their ‘Absolute Defense.’ 

* When fighting dragons, there is a probability of your stats increasing.] 


It was the moment when the value of Gujel’s Fang rose sharply. The question mark after the name was explained. There were many parts he didn’t like, but it was a mythical title when it came to performance. In particular, the compatibility with the dragon weapon was good. 


The highly motivated Grid once again held the hammer. There was one part of Gujel’s fangs remaining. During the time when the furnace’s flames were maintained, the melting and blade structure were completed so he just needed to do the finishing touches. After a while— 

[Overgeared God Grid’s divine object has appeared.] 

[The myth of the Overgeared God is strengthened.] 

[All stats of the Overgeared God Church’s believers will permanently increase by 10 and the penalties incurred when wearing items will be slightly reduced.] 

People felt a sense of deja vu. There were a number of people who were sighing because they envied the members of the Overgeared God Church.

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