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Elder Zuo never ever expected to actually be completely resurrected and even recovered from his internal injury. He was now full of vim and vigor. No prizes for guessing that this had to be the power of that Almighty senior who, with one hand, had directly dragged him out of the space. To actually be able to bring people back to life - what kind of formidable power was that?

Elder Zuo Wu's gaze couldn't help resting on that simple, pitch-black ring in Little Silver's hand. He didn't know its origin, but he was certain that it was the power of this ring that had brought him back to life. A magic ring capable of resurrection… anyone would know that it was definitely that senior behind the scenes who had created it.

He had seen two giant hands appear earlier - it had to have been this senior who had sent the ring over.

Looking at Elder Zuo Wu's flabbergasted expression, Little Silver couldn't help spreading his hands. "These are just basic operations, you don't have to be so shocked. Actually, my master can bring people back to life even without this ring."

Bringing people back to life even without a magical artifact…

Elder Zuo Wu's heart was shaken. Can it be that your master is the embodiment of Heavenly Dao?

But he didn't dare directly raise this question in the end, since he completely understood that the strength of this Almighty senior behind the scenes was of a different dimension altogether, higher than even that of President Bai; even the latter himself couldn't create a magic artifact capable of resurrection.

As far as Elder Zuo Wu knew, a branch of resurrection spells did exist, but they had already long been lost. Furthermore, recalling how he had been brought back to life, it seemed more like this resurrection ring had put his soul in stasis on the spot and then directly created a brand new body as a foundation for it.

This wasn't hard for Elder Zuo Wu to figure out since he had been conscious during the entire resurrection process.

As for Little Silver's remark that his master could bring people back to life even without any magical artifacts…

Elder Zuo Wu didn't have any reason not to believe it.

This strength wasn't even in the same dimension; he didn't even dare wonder what this senior's level was.

"I'm quite curious." After experiencing death in an explosion, Elder Zuo Wu had calmed down. "Since this senior behind the scenes wants to uphold justice, killing President Bai would take no effort at all given senior's strength. Why is he going through all this trouble?"

"Because we live in a lawful society!" Little Silver promptly replied.

Elder Zuo Wu was speechless and sunk into deep thought at this reply.

Although Little Silver hadn't followed Wang Ling for very long, he had already learned quite a lot of the rules of living in human society. There were many times when a person's three views would be influenced by their surroundings. All this time, Little Silver felt that following Wang Ling faithfully was absolutely the right thing to do.

Just like Elder Zuo Wu had said, it would take Master no time at all to finish off President Bai with his abilities. In the current situation, however, they wanted to capture President Bai alive and send him to jail to "play mahjong," which was a lot harder to do than just killing him.

That was because President Bai still had too many unknown secrets on him.

Elder Zuo Wu sat cross-legged and inwardly inspected his brand new body. As expected, the curse mark which President Bai had carved into his body had also disappeared.

This curse mark was used to prevent members of the Demon Hunters Association from leaking organization secrets, but it only worked on human beings. Among the many higher-ups in the Demon Hunters Association previously, Mr Lu had been the only demon. Now that Elder Zuo Wu thought about it carefully, he felt that the reason why President Bai always had Mr Lu with him was perhaps to prevent him from inadvertently letting out any secrets.

It all made sense…

Elder Zuo Wu sighed in his heart as he recalled how President Bai had flown into a terrible rage after losing contact with Mr Lu previously and demanded that he be found as quickly as possible.

"Since you already have Mr Lu's testimony, what do you need me for?" Elder Zuo Wu stared at Little Silver and asked.

"Mr Lu is a demon, after all, and humans and demons walk different paths. Even if he has some information on the Demon Hunters Association, it would certainly be limited, right?" Little Silver replied.

Elder Zuo Wu flinched violently when he heard this - he hadn't expected this silver-haired young man, who looked harmless and slightly otherworldly, to actually be pretty intelligent. The truth was that what he said was right; President Bai hadn't told Mr Lu everything, and the latter actually knew very little.

Hm… actually, it was Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal who had taught Little Silver all these words in the car earlier.

Elder Zuo Wu heaved a deep sigh. "Since you want to know so badly, then I'll go with you; I'll tell you the truth. I've already lost this fight."

"Ai? You're admitting defeat just like this? I thought you would put up a little more resistance… You probably still have some more Tian Gang Grenades on you, right? Why don't you set a few more off? When it went off just now, the Thunder of Heavenly Tribulation inside blew up like a firework, it looked pretty good!" Little Silver opened his eyes wide.


Elder Zuo Wu noticed that this silver-haired young man seemed a bit of a dunce!

"I was indebted to President Bai, which was the real reason why I couldn't betray him. To protect his secrets, I could even sacrifice my life. But I've already died once, and I don't owe him anything now," Elder Zuo Wu said apathetically.

His explanation was very clear, but Little Silver wouldn't drop his guard just like that.


In the SUV, after confirming that Elder Zuo Wu had already surrendered, Little Silver used his clone to keep an eye on the man while he immediately took out his phone to type out a text message.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal glanced at the recipient of Little Silver's text message out of the corner of his eye and felt that this number was a little familiar. "Who are you texting?"

"Little Master," Little Silver answered promptly.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was blank for a bit… Wang Ling was Master… who was Little Master?

"Brother Silver, is this little master related to Brother Ling?" Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal asked.

"Of course he is, Little Master is Master's scapegoat!" answered Little Silver.

Realization dawned on Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal. "…" It turned out this little master was Odd Zhuo… Screw what little master!

After around ten minutes of Little Silver standing guard over Elder Zuo Wu, the police arrived on the scene in a hurry. The thunderous storm caused by the Tian Gang Grenade earlier had alarmed the residents in this neighborhood, and several fire trucks and police cars swiftly blocked off this apartment's basement level.

Although the basement was already in complete shambles, none of the police or firefighters made any move after rushing over. This was because before they arrived, they had gotten a call from Warden Liang as a senior official who instructed them to follow General Director Zhuo's arrangements.

Odd Zhuo had been the chief overseer of the President Bai case since the beginning, so it made sense for him to take charge of this matter

"This is the situation, Mr Little Silver, Director Zhuo will be here soon." The district police captain saluted Little Silver.

Sitting cross-legged on the side, Elder Zuo Wu leisurely lifted his eyelids. "Director Zhou? Who is that?" He felt that the name sounded a little familiar…

"My little master," Little Silver replied.

"Is he strong?"

"Of course! Previously, the Master of Shadow Stream, Devil Emperor Gua Pi, and the Master of Immortal Mansion all fell at his hand!"


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