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Chapter 753: I’ll be Back to Find You!

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“….. but this young master no longer had that desire to conquer…. and I became more peaceful in my mentality. ”

I could guess without you telling me… with your martial arts, isn’t conquering Earth a matter of minutes? Furthermore, bringing along ninety-nine equally beautiful wives, you could already film your own Star Trek ; it’s probably difficult to not be such a lunatic….

“….This young master always open and forthright! Excuse me, what did you say?! This young master did not begin his conquest to conquer because on that planet because there were quite a few powerful members protecting it. Some of them were not beneath this young master, um, perhaps even stronger than me by a tiny strand of hair… since I could not be the only sovereign authority, then this young master had no meaning staying there. I had originally even accepted a disciple that suited my tastes, but before I could impart any skills, an accident occured and I was forced to leave… and return back here….”

This paragraph wasn’t written in detail, but it seemed as if there was some covering up of some details. Jun Mo Xie could tell even with his toes that this fellow probably got bullied on Earth…. He really wondered who was that person who could teach this lunatic a lesson. This made Jun Mo Xie feel really surprised and also somewhat prideful.

Earth! His hometown! Tyrannical!

“Forget, this young master always feels upset when I speak of this particular past. I shall stop here…”

Looks like this asshole also felt a little embarrassed, changing to light and simple writing…

Jun Mo Xie smirked. Now you know that there was no limit to the universe; there will always be someone stronger! You dare to flaunt your arrogance in my hometown? You got your ass kicked into the sky!

“But I really do feel sorry for that disciple of mine… I had just finish converting his personality and giving him an introduction of our sect… but I left just like that… I don’t know how he ultimately mingled… This young master believes he wouldn’t have been too poor off; after all. he was someone I had chosen to impart my skills to. That little fellow called Ying Zheng, when Master has the time, I shall return to teach you future…”

Jun Mo Xie staggered and fell onto the ground head first.

Ying Zheng? Emperor Qin Shi Huang?

No wonder that person was so passionate about war, about conquering, and about longevity! And also burnt books and buried the scholars alive…. So the root cause is this….It’s all thanks to this wretched lunatic’s influence and teaching…

You better not teach… It seems like you only used a couple of sentences to create the first emperor who unified the entirety of ancient China! The whole duration that fellow was alive, war never seemed to ceased… Only God know this was all thanks to your influence!

Then again, that sort of insane fanaticism and desire towards conquering that was bone deep… Other than a lunatic like the Nine Nether First Young Master, it seemed like no one was able to impart such mindset so thoroughly…

“After this young master returned, I built this stone palace and resided in here, cultivating my character and spirit, until a thousand years later, I finally understood the logic of ‘Heaven’! So everything from the previous life, current life, the past, and the future all began to surface before my eyes! What I wished to know, I didn’t need to ponder or think—I would know of it naturally… In that moment of enlightenment, I knew that in ten thousand years time, there would be a weird intruder like you… This made this young master a little surprise… Especially since you came from that mysterious Earth! This young master finds it difficult to bear with the itch in my hands!

“But it’s too long a wait for this young master to wait for you for ten thousand years, and then have to wait till you have attained the highest level of cultivation before I can battle you. So I am telling you nicely right now! Little lad, when you reach the peak, this young master will naturally appear and battle with you! This Young Master suffered a disadvantage in your hometown… cough cough… this, naturally, I will be getting back from you…”

The strokes of these words were harsh and clear, revealing the intentions to battle…

“What? Get it back? F*ck! What does your suffering of a disadvantage have to do with me? On what basis are you coming to find trouble with me?” Jun Mo Xie looked at this scroll of scribblings in shock, finally gaining a bit of new insight into the unreasonableness of this fellow…

Looks like this asshole didn’t suffer a small disadvantage back on Earth; probably at the very least, he had lost his face. That was why he kept harping on it!

But here, the Nine Nether First Young Master said something about the logic of ‘Heaven’? What sort of logic was Heaven’s logic? Jun Mo Xie pondered deeply, and after a long time, he continued to read on.

“….Following this, this young master will be returning to his hometown to take a look, and see if there are any worthy opponents there, then go elsewhere for a stroll. So this young master won’t be disappointed by you, lad, when I decide to come back some day!”

Jun Mo Xie frowned: so turns out this fellow went back to the Nine Nethers; then needless to say, the following Nine Nether Second Young Master through Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master were probably also works of this fellow. Otherwise, why would it be so orderly? For an ambitious fellow to pop out every few thousand years…

“You lad are really lucky! It’s fine if you came alone, but to bring along a treasure as well… and of all things, you f*cking had to bring along that goddamn treasure… If this young master doesn’t find trouble with you, then whose trouble should I look for?”

This last paragraph was full of resentment! Jun Mo Xie also finally understood!

So it was this great person that made the Nine Nether First Young Master taste defeat…

The Great God Hongjun!

Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie’s heart was filled with an immense admiration! O Great Elder, you truly are impressive! Our prestige is all thanks to you… I can only be impressed, such a lunatic could taste defeat in your hands…

“You’re lucky this time; this young master left all his treasures obtained from ten thousands of years in this place. It’s up to your ability to find them! Besides, there is another huge surprise for you, but it will test your real capabilities if you are able to find it. But this cave alone is enough for you to squander…. This is the location of the first spiritual vein of the Xuan Xuan Continent!

“But this young master needs to warn you on one matter; three Holy Lands is still ultimately my disciples and grand-disciples. You need to know your limits when you do things! It’s alright if you teach them a few lessons, but you must not cause them to perish! Otherwise, when this young master returns, I’ll show you what’s good!”

This paragraph was full of threat.

“This young master doesn’t believe in that stuff! I will let your roots perish!” Jun Mo Xie spat on the ground harshly. “If you’re capable, come and bite me right now! Since someone from Earth could teach you a lesson, I’m sure I can make you, a baby face ten thousand year old monster, cry like a baby too!”

“After writing for so long, it is still a f*cking laborious work, this young master doesn’t have that much time to chat with you! You better pay more attention! If you don’t use your time wisely, when this young master returns, it is you who will look ugly. Don’t expect me to have mercy; if you are to die in a single strike of mine, then you can only blame yourself for not working hard enough! Not my heartlessness! My wife is calling, this young master must go!”

It should have finished by now, but there were still a few more lines below, the handwriting was awfully messy, as if it was written very quickly in a short period of time.

“Don’t you f*cking question the value of my gifts. Finish looking at what I left behind for you first before your shocking decision! That’s all. You look like you’re asking for a beating; just wait for this young master to come back and make 3600 different looks out of you… Again, I warn you, don’t try to use those little tricks you learnt in an attempt to change this world. You are still too far from it!!!!”

This was the actual ending. It was full of curses and exclamation marks!

Jun Mo Xie felt awkward after finally finishing reading this.

Looking at this scroll, it was just a long, long message, but it had given Young Master Jun numerous internal injuries, numerous urges to vomit blood.

Too f*cking irritating!

Luckily, when this fellow had gone over to visit Earth, it was still the period of Spring Autumn Warring States. The curse words for scolding people had yet to evolved to the current, more advanced state. If he had managed to go to the modern era, Jun Mo Xie would probably be driven to death from anger due to this scroll, and when his corpse lay in the coffin, it would be angered to the point it continued to jump around!

The time here was already ten thousand years, but in Earth, it was only around two thousand plus years? What was this matter? Was there such a huge time difference in these two planets?

This question obviously could not be answered, and since you can’t find the answer anyways, then don’t think about it….

Then what was the meaning of that last sentence? ‘Don’t try to use those little tricks you learnt in an attempt to change this world.’ This sentence seemed to have a very deep meaning.

What could change this world? It could only be technology, civilization, and gunpowder… but when these things were invented, the Nine Nether First Young Master should have already departed from Earth. How did he know of it then? Could it be that he learnt of such things through his ability to know of the past and the future?

Jun Mo Xie thought about it and understood. The Nine Nether First Young Master knew that he had transmigrated here; what else did he not know? All this was already included in the past and future!

He looked at this peculiar scroll that laid limply on the ground like the skin of a shedding snake. Jun Mo Xie couldn’t pinpoint the emotion in his heart; was it surprise, shock, disbelief, or even admiration…?

Such shocking capabilities, so powerful… This sort of arrogance and pride….


He couldn’t imagine that he was the one this number one lunatic of all times deemed the strongest opponent after god knew how long….

Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt an unexplainable sense of urgency!

He didn’t feel any sense of honor or pride! He could only feel urgency!

Who knew when this fellow would go berserk and come back?

So it was most important to raise his own abilities as quickly as possible! Attain the ninth level of the Hongjun Pagoda, then prepare himself thoroughly was the greatest and most important thing to do!

And not only because of this Nine Nether First Young Master; even if it were just for current matters, he still needed to quickly level up!

I will never lose to you! Even if you are the ancestor of Xuan Xuan! Even if you are a talent from Nine Nethers! Even if you are a magical legend of ten thousand years! I am Jun Mo Xie!

Gentleman, don’t play tricks in front of me 1 !

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