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「Ah, your next life is that of a kitty-cat」

A floating Furball-san told me in a pure white space.
What are you saying, Furball-san?

Eh? You are not Furball-san but a god? But, you totally look like a Furball-san, you know?

Anyhow, Furball-san…… correcting, God told me that my next life is that of a kitty-cat.

Thus, I have reincarnated.

Into a kitty-cat.



The wall of green creatures with slightly strange builds surrounding a person escape after I meow.
I don’t understand.

Even though I’m such adorable meowing kitty-cat, why are they running away?

「Y, you saved me. This is my gratitude. Please, accept it」

The item of gratitude which was presented in front of me was katsuobushi.

I loved katsuobushi even before I reincarnated. This is lucky.

Nevertheless, why does this Merchant-san has katsuobushi?
Ah, Merchant-san is the one I rescued.

It appears Merchant-san went somewhere while I was eating katsuobushi.

But, the katsuobushi I was eating before I reincarnated was definitely flaky, it feels whole while chewing now.
It’s su~per delicious.

After my stomach had swelled up and I took a walk, I came across the wall of green again.

Because they have escaped from me earlier, let’s prevent them from escaping this time.

I mean, it’s strange to escape when such adorable kitty-cat like me starts purring.

I successfully land in front of the wall of green after turning around in the air.
You can turn around in the air and land properly unless you are a kitty-cat. Kitty-cat-sama has arrived.


It was decided this time.

But, isn’t flapping and collapsing on the ground overdoing it a bit?
It would be terrible if you hit the wrong spot, you know?

Twitch, twitch, because the frail wall of green stopped moving, I decided to leave them behind.


I came out of the forest and found a town.

Because Merchant-san had katsuobushi, this town will certainly have katsuobushi as well!
Ah, maybe not just katsuobushi, but some fish dishes as well!?

In contrast to my expanding chest full of expectations, my stomach u~ made a muffled sound. It’s an unsightly sound for a lady.
But, there’s no one around, so it’s all right!

The town looks small like a pea, but it will sooner or later get bigger as I get closer.
Well, let’s go~!

But, I unexpectedly arrived quickly.

There was a dog bigger than me on the way, but it got blown away by the wind that was created after I passed by.
But, it’s all right! Even I can turn once and land on feet when falling from a high tree. A dog would be surely fine too!


There were many armored people wielding swords and spears at the front gate, but I walked inside without worries because it’s unrelated to me.

Gentle people are my happiness!

It was somewhat noisy in the town.

Even though I look like a kitty-cat, I’m also a person.

Cat punch because he’s too conceited!

But, it’s all right. I hit him lightly, after all.

Now you are same like me! The kitty-cat person who started walking on fours just like me was so happy he fainted on the spot.
You will faint when too happy, you know? Were you not aware?

When I took care of the kitty-cat person, the surrounding noise settled down.
Arere? Even though there were so many people and not people just a little while ago. How strange.

Ah, but I discovered a nice smell!

But, did you know? Kitty-cats don’t like fish that much, you know!?
But, it’s all right! I love fish!

No one is here, and I’m adorable kitty-cat, so I will eat.

Who said that kitty-cats don’t like fish!? Ain’t this super delicious!

It’s an unsightly way of eating for a lady, but I’m an adorable kitty-cat, so it doesn’t matter!
Fuu…… my stomach is super full.

When I raised a voice of satisfaction, the armored people with swords and spears have surrounded me.
What’s going on? I won’t give you an autograph, you know?

「D, don’t move, Maou! You are completely encircled!」

Eh? Mao~? I wonder what Mao~ means?

I don’t know what the people in the armor are saying, but I’m an adorable kitty-cat.
An adorable kitty-cat will be forgiven when cutely crying!


Even the armored people couldn’t get enough of my lovely kitty-cat voice!

When the armored people faint from too much happiness, it also makes me happy, mou!
I will start purring if you make me so happy, you know!

「Nya, nya, nya~ nya~n!」

When I kept on purring from happiness, there was no one when I came to.
Arere? That’s strange. I should have been in a town until a while ago?

Ha. Is this perhaps the commonly Seven Wonders of the World!?
My faster than light speed, or teleportation, or something like that? I will give you a taste of it!

But, I can’t stay in a place where nothing is forever.
I won’t get depressed over seven wonders!

With blowing wind facing the tree.
My adorable whiskers shake, and my lovely legs start running in the direction of the shaking!

My kitty-cat life has just started!

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