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divides the Transcaspian Turkomans into two principal groups, the Salors and Yomuds, each of which includes sub-groups. These are again divisible into many tribes, almost all of whom weave. As their rugs, though resembling one another, show different characteristics, they might properly be separated into numerous classes; but since only a few of them are known in this country, they alone will be described.

[33] "Desert of Red Sands."

[34] A tent in which an average of five people live.

[35] In "Industrial Arts of India."

[36] Dr. Birdwood.

[37] Sometimes Sehna knot.

[38] Sometimes one thread of warp to each knot is doubled under the other.

[39] Rarely Iran, Feraghan, Mosul, and Kurdistan.

[40] It is stated that in the short space of a few weeks he created valuable antique porcelains to present to his noble friends by placing recent copies of old specimens in a vessel containing very greasy soup, where they were duly boiled for a month, and after that placing them in the "foulest drain of the neighbourhood," where they remained until seasoned.

[41] In "Across Coveted Lands, 1903."

[42] All references of an unimportant character are indicated by the page number only.

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