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After I left the library, I couldn't help but sigh on my way back to my class.
As for the reason for the sigh, it is not because of Pansy, but of my class.

In the past, I have been pretending my own personality,  playing a dense and innocent boy, and want to be welcomed by everyone but unfortunately, this plan failed, and now my personality has been completely exposed. At this point, the reason is still unsettled, so I can still accept it, and I don't even bother to get rid of the suspicions of deceiving two beautiful girls in the school. It is really uncomfortable to lose my position in the school... However, This is not the reason why I sigh.

Because these suspicions have been cleaned, except for other classes and other school years... There are a small number of people from my classmates who have accepted my personality.

"Ah, Jyoro! do you have a few minutes?"

Look?! When I returned to the classroom, there are classmates who will come to talk to me.
If I am still hated, there will be no such thing.

"What's up, hm?"

This girl who shows me a cheerful smile is Hanetachi Hina, which is commonly known as "Asunaro".
Putting This girl's surname vertically is "翌" (TN : 羽立 putting together vertically became 翌), Then add the "桧" to the name and become "翌桧" (TN : "桧" is come from "桧菜", by the way, her name is "羽立桧菜") is the origin of her nickname. Her forehead was slightly wider, tied to a ponytail that was slightly over the shoulder. Her charming drooping eyes is simple and lovely, it is a girl who is popular among some boys.

"Actually, I am doing a questionnaire survey in order to write a newspaper report to be published in school! Then I have a question for the Jyoro! I will ask directly, how much confidence do you have in the midterm exam! "

Asunaro participates in the school newspaper, so sometimes collect the subject matter used to write the report in the form of a questionnaire. She tilted her head, smiling, and handing me the red pen as a microphone, she looks a little cute.
In addition, there is another very interesting thing for this girl.

"What about that? Of course, I had the confidence to become the first place in the whole school year."
"Hee! Jyoro gets the first place in the whole school year?"

Just like this, when surprised or excited, her Tsugaru dialect will come out.
After all, she was born in Aomori Prefecture, and until the middle school, she was still in a school near a park with monkeys and deer in Aomori. Therefore, she usually speaks in a respectful manner so as not to expose the Tsugaru dialect.

"Just kidding."
"Really! Please don't scare me! So, what is the actual situation?"

Her cheeks are red, skimming her face away to hide her shame that could not help but say Tsugaru dialect, Ask the same question again. If you tease her again, she will be more than embarrassed, so let's take it seriously.

"I am sure I will not need to stay in school to had supplementary lessons."
"Is that the case? That is to say, there is only one person who does not have confidence in the class."

Asunaro quickly writes with a red pen, it seems satisfied.
It seems that I am the last one asked in this survey.

"Oh... there is only one?"
"Right! I think you seem to know who this person is?"
"It is ... her?"

As I answered the question and turned my eyes rigidly, Asunaro following by turn around stiffly.
In the direction of the line of sight, a female student is staring tearfully while taking notes.

"Uwaa~~! I don't understand~~!"

The one who is holding her head and looking at the notes, It’s my childhood friend, Himawari – Hinata Aoi.
She still has a lovely face, but her expression is frustrated to the extreme.

"Exactly! The only one in the class that is not confident is the Himawari."

After all, Himawari is not good at studying.
If there is anyone who answers that there is no confidence, then she is only one.
... ... and being just on the sidelines like this, made me a little worried.

"Oh... it’s troublesome... If I failed, I have to stay in school to had a supplementary lesson. What should I do..."

Originally, I have been teaching her homework since the middle school. I feel that I should teach her this time, but the impact of an incident has made our friendship not so good that I can teach her homework.
However, if she volunteered to ask me to teach her, it would not be impossible to consider it...

"Is it better if there is someone to teach me~~...!"

Himawari spoke these words in the classroom and her sight sweep and stop on the spot. Because her eyes meet with mine.
Then she did not put aside the line of sight and looked at me with a powerless look.
...this should not... is that the case? In this case……

"Ney, Himawari..."
"Himawari, I'll teach you the lessons!"

Hey ~ ~! Asunaro grabbed it in front of me and ran to the Himawari side!

"Um ... Asunaro-chan ... Is it not a bother?"

If I make up my mind a little earlier, maybe the person who Himawari depends on will be me!

"Be stared by you like that, How can I leave you alone! Where do you not understand?"
"Ah... um... thank you! Um, I don't understand here..."
"Okay! Then let me explain it! Here is..."

Damn. With the relationship between me and Himawari now, it is really difficult to join. I give up.
It is not impossible for me to teach Himawari lessons.. I said no, it is not!

"Ah! Oops! Himawari, please wait for me!"
"U-un, ... I got it."

I was staring at both of them, Asunaro remembered something then ran back to me and put her face in my ear. This action made an apple-like shampoo aroma stimulate my nose, which made me feel a little stunned.

"The shower, the answer to the person who is not confident is only Himawari, but there is another person who does not seem confident, but barely answers with confidence. If you don't mind, do you want to teach this person a lesson? I think this is a good opportunity to speak".
"Then I will leave now! Himawari is waiting!"

finally blinked at me in a lovely way and went back to the Himawari.
So... there is another guy who doesn’t really have confidence...

"Damn! This is almost no outs and the bases full loaded!"

As if to echo my thoughts, another place came the voice of a boy.
I responded to this sentence, turned around and saw that someone was studying at the desk.
Also, what Asunaro said that "in fact that there is a guy who is not confidence", It should be him.
Because the personality does not admit defeat, the guy who answers "confidence" but is in a hard fight...
For him, I have been teaching him lessons since the middle school.
Well, Asunaro had created a rare chance for me! I must grasp this time!

"Hey ~ ~ Sun-..."
"Sun-chi, if you feel that the exam will not be very good, let me teach you, let's work hard together? "

Hey ~ ~ mob boys! You boy, why rush in front of me talking to him!
Is this not causing me to lose the opportunity to look for him to speak! you know that I am also a mob, there is no power to join!

"Hey! What are you talking about! The mid-term exam is such a trivial matter, if you don't rely on yourself, you are not a man!"

This boy who refused to help his classmates with a bloody smile was Sun-chan - Oga Taiyou.
He is the school baseball team ace and a bloody man who is very suitable for shaving his head.
He is very good to me from the middle school. It is my ... "former" best friend.
I think that if you see the word "once", you will guess that my relationship with Sun-chan is very bad now.
The fuse is a big event that took place from mid-April to late.
No, even if there is no such thing, I believe that our friendship will sooner or later collapse.
After all, Sun-chan has always been hating me from the past.

The source of his hatefulness is because in the middle school, the girl he likes, like me.
I heard that Sun-chan knows this fact, but still desperately pursues the girl, but the world is impermanent. In the end, the other party still does not accept his heart. Therefore Sun-chan turned to hate on me and has been secretly waiting for an opportunity to set me up.

And this moment came in April of this year, Sun-chan set a trap for me.
I'm totally with him when under the light of the day, I was exposed to the fact that I disguised myself as a dense and innocent boy, and got the lowest status of the whole school.
This is the outline of the event that completely smashed my important dating relationship.

However, it is also Sun-chan who rescued me from this predicament.
After several twists and turns, in the end, Sun-chan openly said what he had done in front of the class, even do a dogeza to apologize: "Sorry, I lied to everyone." and washed my suspicions.
But unfortunately, He apologized to the whole class but "Beyond Me", I am not included.
After all, Sun-chan just made the account clear, not reconciled with me.
In addition, Sun-chan’s actual apology was not in vain, and he did not lose his status in the school.
So he also gets everyone's forgiveness, and get along just fine with the classmate.
The incident was solved as such, but it still left one big problem.

Sorry to keep you waiting, readers, this is the reason I sigh.
Since that incident, my relationship with Sun-chan is needless to say, and the relationship between several people who have been implicated has become awful, and one of them is Himawari.
We obviously are classmates but deliberately avoided each other and did not have a proper talk.
So as long as I stay in the classroom, I feel a little uncomfortable. Whenever the lunch break arrives, I will escape to the library.
But if there is no agreement with Pansy, I will probably go somewhere else.

"Thank you, Asunaro-chan! I understand it now!"
"Good! The game is just getting started!"

Haah... I’m making up my mind, I want to talk to both of them today...


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