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"Ah,darling,over here!"


"Look at the view,it's so pretty!"



"I can't take it anymore!!"


"I-I want to die!"

"Then,let's die together!"


"What was that dream?"

The man inside my dream looks like me,and the girl looks alot like Saiki-san,

And the man just killed himself.

But let's leave that for another day,

I stood up and walk towards the window,and saw that the light is brighter than my life.

"Yo,Saiki-san,time to wake up,"

I walk towards the bed and noticed that she was not there.

I guess she woke up early,

I decided to take a quick bath and after that,i went to find Saiki.

As i went out of my room,i saw Saiki wearing a maid outfit,

"Ah,Kamado-san,what do you think?"


Super,super,super,super,super,super Kawaii!!!

And for some reason,I felt something flowing down my nose,

"KKamado-san,You're nose is bleeding!"

"Nosebleed,what nosebleed,it's just your imagination.Why are you in a maid outfit?"

"The receptionist,Minsan,needed help and the other maid was feeling unwell so i decided to help her."

Ahh,what a kind and cute girl,

"Well,it's time to leave the town and start traveling to Camelot."

We thanked Minsan and we walk to the Pito station,

If you didn't know,

Pito are D-rank monster that are always used to pull carriage due to their large size and speed.

Pito cart services came in 3 different class,

Express,which is the most expensive but the fastest and most comfortable.Mainly used by Noble and Aristocrat.

Normal,which cost 1 silver coin per passenger,is mainly for merchant or adventurer.

Technical,is the cheapest and cost only 1 copper coin,but the Pito used are very old and usually very slow and the carriage they use are bad quality,mainly used by commoners.

But,the one i'm searching for isn't any of these,but,a special VIP ride,

My friend,who is a merchant,owns his own personal Pito and when i needed to visit Camelot,he'll always let me ride with him.


"Oh,Souta,what are doing…...AH!!!!!!!"

As Klaus scream,his Pito got mad and kicked him,

"What's wrong?"

"You!Why are you with a girl?"

"I-I'm Ssaiki Me-Megumi.Ni-Nice to meet you."

"Ah,sorry about that,I'm Klaus Angels.Now,Souta,i still have some unfinished business with you,"

Claus pulled me away from Saiki-san and punched me in the stomach,

"What are you doing with such a cute girl?"

"Re-remember the god i told you about?"

"The one who made you LV99999,yeah,so what happened?"

I told him everything to Klaus,from the beginning of yesterday till today morning,

After hearing my story,Klaus punched me again.

"What was that for!?"

"Two reasons,one,you didn't ask him why did he summon people from another world."


I'm an idiot,why didn't i think about that!

"Two,you slept with a cute girl."

"But,will you help us?"

"So,you want me to bring you two into Camelot?"

"Yes,but it's not necessary for you to follow us."

Klaus signalled his Pito,Who is playing with Saiki-san,

The Pito walk come towards us.

"I'll bring the both of you to Camelot,but you owe me one for this."


Saiki-san and i climbed onto the carriage and hence,our trip to Camelot begins.

"Father,are you sure it's a good idea to use him?"

"Of course,only he can gather the heroes that will defeat the 4 heavenly demons."

"But,is that what he wanted?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Didn't he say that he wants nothing to do with the gods anymore before he died."

"But this is different,this is a fight where he must be involved."

"But,grandfather said……"

"Shut up!He's not my father anymore!Now,get out of here,God of messenger."

"Yes,Father…...I mean,God of the world."

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