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Chapter 4: A Certain Electromaster's Life Counseling (Girls' Talk) Part 2[edit]

"Is this some kind of a joke?"

That was my first reaction upon hearing that weird flute.

On the other side of the screen, Kirino and the others were having similar reactions.

However, this optimism soon disappeared.


My head hurt just from listening to this.

" going on!?"

It definitely wasn't good to continue listening to it!

I immediately made my judgment and cut off the TV's power, but it didn't stop.

Even worse, the sound started ringing everywhere in the building.

"Hey! What the heck is going on!?"

"A special type of speaker?"

On the screen, the show had turned into a mess.

Everyone covered their ears with a painful expression.

—Kirino too.

"Hey hey hey hey! Don't tell me...?"

—This invitation might contain some secrets.

"Kirino's joke became real...?"

While I was thinking, the pain in my head increased.

Kamijou shouted:

"This this like Vento of the Front's 'Divine Punishment'...?" [1]

"You know it, Kamijou?"

"I have fought with a magician who used similar magic before, but there is some difference. Just now the sound was real, which meant it's not magic, but a mental attack."

In other words, brainwashing or something. What a horrible power!

At that time, I couldn't take it anymore and dropped to my knees. Then—

"I will break this illusion!"

A clear breaking sound rang in my head.

The pain disappeared immediately.


I looked up and saw Kamijou's right hand on my head.

'Imagine Breaker'—can negate any special power.

"I finally understand why Dengeki Bunko's manager called me here. They already predicted that something like this would happen."

Kamijou muttered to himself.

He moved his right hand away, looked at me and said:

"I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like we are in big trouble. Let's go check on Misaka and the others."

"I'm with you!"

The moment I stepped inside this building, I had made a promise to my little sister.

There is no way I could just wait here.

Besides—if I left that guy's side, my head might hurt again!

I made my declaration. Hearing that, Kamijou's eyes widened, then he smiled like a kid.

"What is that? It's not what you wanted to say, right?"


It was as if he could see through me. But he clearly wasn't some telepath.

"Let's go!"


We ran toward the recording room.

And so—

I also kept doing things in my own way.

Together with Kirino.

I smiled at my little sister.

—I'm fine, don't worry!

Then I slightly nodded.

—Do your best!


—I thought I heard 'Are you an idiot?!'

Kirino looked away and turned to the staff, saying:

"What now? Are we still on air? Ah, this is fine then."

What would Kirino do when Mikoto asked her to take care of things here?

"So, at Mikoto-san's request, the show is now resuming. Although the details aren't clear, it doesn't matter anymore. Because Mikoto-san has already left."

She calmly resumed the normal show.

A mess had just happened, yet she avoided it like it was nothing. So awesome. I praised her in my heart.

Just as usual, Kirino did her job, while I protected her by her side.

That was that I thought.

My little sister can't be this cute.

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