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The story of the appointed day at the amusement park.

TN - Translator's note

Translator - Vodka

Middle of May, Sunday.

The vast sky spread outside the window, not a single cloud could be seen.

Because of the extremely fine weather, the inverted Teru teru bozu that had been hanging at the window since last night seemed ridiculous at this moment.

I got up from the bed and with eyes that of a dead fish, I looked up at the sky that became so clear that it would make one have a good feeling.

"……you are not doing your job huh"

Posed a question to which returned no answer.

The smiling expression I had drawn on it, half-playfully, now seems hateful.

Yesterday morning, the weather lady did say that today we will have clear weather. I still put a thread of hope in the efficacy of the good luck charm as I retired for the night but looks like there had been no effect whatsoever.

After all, the results of the likes of rumours and charms are like this.

Today's schedule is to gather at the café in front of the station at 9.

I thought of waking up a bit early today. But it was probably because of the quick night yesterday that I was able to wake up a little before the alarm rang.

The sound of the tv and busy footsteps could already be heard from the living room. It would appear Kaede had also woken up and was busy preparing.

I got out of the futon and took the smartphone lying by the bedside. I opened the door and exited my room into the corridor.

"Obbentou! Obbentou!"

[TN - "Obbentou" above is ‘bento’]

From the living room, Kaede's rhythmic voice could be heard and a nice odour came wafting along.

Was she making bento for lunch? Sounded like she was having a lot of fun.

"Good morning……"

While scratching my bed head, I called out to Kaede who was in the living room.

Kaede who had finished changing clothes before I had woken up was already wearing the black jacket she bought yesterday.

She is wearing a denim pant that seems comfortable. She is looking good today.

"Good Morning! I will prepare breakfast now!"

There were two bento boxes, several times larger than usual. Kaede wrapped the boxes with a cloth and put them inside of the bag we are going to be carrying today. Then, she promptly started to make preparations for breakfast.

When I thought if her movements had suddenly stopped, she darkened her expression a bit apologetically.

"I am sorry Nii-san……breakfast has become leftovers from the bento……"

"Do not worry……sorry to have you even prepare bentos"

"Not at all! It is something I wanted to"

The food at the amusement park is ok too, but that sort of place tends to be expensive, irrespective of the amount and taste.

At times like this, the food you are used to will feel more delicious.

Kaede serves the leftover side dishes on the plates as she puts them in front of our seats.

In the meanwhile, I went to fetch the newspaper from the entrance. While at that, I decided to abandon my sleepwear.

White shirt and dark colour jeans, a very simple choice of wear. Done changing, I return to the living room.

"I made a promise with Shizuku-san that today we will go to the station together"

I took a seat as Kaede informed me so.

Come to think of it, I have a feeling that they had been talking about such a thing yesterday.

Sleepiness had been assailing me, so I had not properly heard their conversations but since she lives across the street, I guess it is only natural.


I turned my gaze towards the news in the tv and while sipping on the coffee, I lightly nodded to signify my approval.

"She is supposed to come in about an hour. Please finish your preparations by then, Nii-san"


One more hour is it……

I directed my gaze towards the top left part of the tv where the time is being displayed. It is 7.15 A.M.

Since it takes about 30 minutes to walk to the station, there should be no problem.

My line of sight returns to the breakfast table in front of me. I slowly extended my chopsticks towards the food.

I who finished breakfast later than Kaede today washed my face in the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After that, I sat on the bench in the garden and was passing time.

On the other hand, Kaede was doing a final check on the luggage before Shizuku comes over. Then she calls out to me from the living room.

"Nii-san, are you really done with your preparations?"

"……I am done, probably"


Surely, right now, Kaede must be puffing out her cheeks and looking at my direction with an adorable expression.

As I am basking in the sunlight whilst having these thoughts, I hear firm footsteps treading the lawn of the garden. The sound seems to be emanating from the direction of the entrance.

"Minato-kun, you should not trouble Kaede-chan"

"……are not you early?"

The sound of footsteps stopping next to me belonged to Shizuku. She came much earlier than what I had heard from Kaede.

A pure white one-piece and a small shoulder bag.

It suits her neat and clean image very well.

Un……not dressing up gaudily like the high school girls these days or putting on so much makeup that the person transforms into somebody else altogether, very good.

"Are you carrying your handkerchief?"

She sat beside me and hurled a question abruptly.

"……it is in the room"

"Your purse?"

"On top of the table……"

"Key and tissue?"

"……Kaede has them"

"Kaede-chan! He is not done by a long shot!"

She calls out to Kaede in the living room. She suddenly stands up and enters the house from the front door.

Shizuku went to the living room and greeted Kaede. After that, she pulled me inside.

"Hey! Take your luggage! Your hair is prancing about!"

"Are you my mom……"

I muttered these words to Shizuku who was straightening my dishevelled hair with her hands. Kaede's voice could be heard from behind me.

"Shizuku-san, I am sorry, but can I leave Nii-san to you?"

"Yes, understood"

Answered Shizuku as she separated herself from my side and went around in the house. She retrieved the bare minimum articles and arranged them on top of the table.

"Since Minato-kun has always been slow preparing for events like excursions or field trips"

"Honestly! Because he does not want to go, he would always be in a daze until the very last moment and do nothing"

……it cannot be helped, can it? I don't want to go.

Now I had two moms. Looking at the two moving around busily in front of me, I realized that the day had finally arrived.

Am I really going?…… Oh man, I so don't want to. Can't the park close temporarily because of some sudden troubles I wonder?

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