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Chapter 26
Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them – #26 (Senpai and Kouhai)


“No… entering the student council within one month from joining the school, would be called unnatural from the surroundings.”

“Hmm… Certainly that is so.”

President leaned back deeply into the chair and looked at the ceiling.
Wondering what she was thinking, Hino-kun and I, kept waiting for her words.

“Hino-kun is proficient in cooking and exercise?”

“Eh? Yes, I am.”

As if struck by a great idea, president stood up, while snapping her finger. She faced Hino-kun, to confirm.

“There are roughly three ways of becoming a student council staff. First is, via getting elected by the students.”

Passing by us, president went and stood in front of the whiteboard, placed at the edge of the room. On it, she started drawing a simple picture, using a pen.

“Second, is when the student council decides that they require additional personnel. Like this time, for nominating a staff member, submitting the letter of recommendation to the school. For this, the approval of the teacher in charge of student council, is necessary.”

Contrary to her dignified appearance and manner, cute characters were drawn by the president.
The president herself, Hino-kun and the person looking like the principal, looked like characters that have came out from the picture book.

“For the third, last way, thankfully, the school highly evaluated me and gave me the privilege of selecting one student…. Well, I have already used it, though.”

From the school, she was given such kind of privilege.
As one would expect of the one, called as the greatest student council president, ever.

However, even if that quota was remaining, it won’t have been applicable for Hino-kun.
If it was used for a second year student, it would still be fine. However, if a first year who had just entered the school, was selected, there would be many students who won’t remain silent.


“This time, I am trying to make Hino-kun join, using the second method of submitting the letter of recommendation. Fortunately, right now, there are only three members in the student council, including me.”

Certainly, when you look inside the student council room, there are many desks left unused.
The desks being used, are both near the president’s desk, with plates mentioning “Vice President” and “Treasurer”.

While not being able to foresee the president’s story again, we quietly kept listening.

“The treasury has been entrusted to a girl. Vice president is a boy, who is excellent but timid, so his strength is weak…. For transportation stuff, we have to normally depend on general students.”

There! The president struck the board with her right hand and pointed her left hand towards Hino-kun.

“Usually, I keep discussing with the teacher in charge, about adding people for the sake of doing physical work. Regarding that point, if it is you, then there are no problems!”

Certainly, looking at Hino-kun, whose specialty is exercising, there is no point to criticize.
However, if there is a problem…


“The rest is your reputation, however…”

Sitting down on her desk again, president brought out a clear file.
Inside the file, in front of us, was a page printed “First Year, Class 2, Hino Daiki”, within it. Inside it, were problems reported by students during the one month from joining the school.

“Seven cases in a month. From the time, I joined the student council, this is the hig

hest record.”

“I am sorry…”

Listening to the president’s words, the already downcast face of Hino-kun worsened and while hanging his head, he apologized to her.

“There is nothing, you should apologize for.”

However, contrary to him, the president gave a gentle smile.

“I do not believe in reports, born out of prejudice, speculation or rumours. Because I only believe in what I see, with my own eyes.”

The president took out the paper containing the reports, from inside the file. Tearing it in half and rolling it in its crumpled form, she threw it in the dustbin.

“While talking like this with you, I cannot think of you as the same as the person of reputation. I am not able to imagine, you harming other people.”

“Yes, my sister was indirectly harmed.”

“Shinra, stay silent for a bit.”

When I was going to raise objection towards those words, with her best smile of today, the president turned her face towards here.
It seemed as if that smile was telling me “Don’t say anything”.


“Your reputation can change, depending on how much you work hard, from now on. You will surely be able to also make friends.”

With those words, Hino-kun raised his face.
For someone, who wished to make many friends and change his reputation, this was an unparalleled chance.

Receiving the pen from president, he signed his name under the signature column.

“…I apologize for the inconvenience. Please look after me.”

“Yes, I will also make efforts to get the approval from sensei… However, since you will be part of the student council from now, if you do things in offensive manner, be resolved for it.”


With Hino-kun being warned for the last time, he gave a single big nod.
Watching it, with another smile, the president moved her line of sight towards here.

“With this, don’t you think, it is okay?”

“…That is true. With this Hino-kun, will become an underling of the student council and won’t be able to do any weird activities. If that happens, even from my side…”

While nodding to the last confirmation from president, I remembered the words I had forgotten to say, towards Hino-kun.

“Never again, buy a picture of my sister.”

“U..Understood! Next time, I will directly request senpai, to allow me to take the picture!”

“…Do you truly understand?”

While not able to quite believe his words, I entrusted the rest to the president.
Since the conversation was over, when I tried to leave the student council room for going towards my house, I was called out by the president.

“Well then, both of you, best regards from now on.”

“…Wait a minute. What do you mean by ‘both of you’?”

I quickly turned towards the president and asked her. While revealing an “Ah”, the president…

“Shinra had been made a secretary before the Golden Week, by the president’s nomination quota. Therefore, you are also one of the members of the student council.”


In this way, at a later date… Due to persuasion from the student council president as well from the first year Hino Daiki, for some reason, the story progressed without my knowledge and I was officially approved as a member of the student council, by the school.

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