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Chapter 92: Fire Dragon Crystal!

“The soul of the dragon is not to be sullied. We are the guardians of the Order faction, but those abominable Liches attempted to corrode the soul of the dragon and condense the dragon skeleton into a terrifying undead bone dragon.”

The dragon’s soul crouched on the dragon’s skull, giving off an ancient aura.

It looked at Lorne with a friendly expression, “Human, thank you for your help. You saved my soul.”

“There’s no need to be polite. As a guardian of the Order faction, I have the duty to protect the souls of the dead.” Lorne replied respectfully.

Although it was only a spiritual body, it was still a giant dragon’s soul. If he could build a good relationship with it, he might even be able to obtain some rewards.

Hearing this, the dragon could not help but size him up again.

The next second, its eyes lit up.

“You actually gained the recognition of a Great Dragon. Moreover, there seems to be an energy aura that I’m very familiar with…”

“Is this what you’re talking about?”

Lorne activated [Angel’s Descent], and incomparably holy power immediately spread from his body.

The dragon soul bathed in the holy light and seemed to be moistened. It was much more spirited.

Unfortunately, Lorne’s angel form could not last long.

Moreover, the Divine Power Points were very precious. He only had 20 points per day.

Therefore, he only used it for a few seconds before canceling the skill.

“I didn’t expect you to obtain the recognition of the Dragon of Light.”

The dragon soul looked at Lorne with satisfaction and said, “Although you are still very weak, since you have obtained the power of light, I will give you another gift.”

With that, a force burst from the dragon soul and poured on Lorne.


“Congratulations on obtaining the blessing of the Dragon Soul: Divine Power+2.”

“Congratulations on obtaining the gift of the Dragon Soul: Fire Dragon Crystal (Fragment) x1.”

“Congratulations on obtaining the gift of the Dragon Soul: Dragon’s Reverse Scale (Damaged) x1.”

“Congratulations on obtaining the recognition of the Dragon Soul: Dragon Race of Order Reputation Points+100.”

A series of notifications appeared.

Lorne’s divine power limit increased from 20 points to 22 points. This reward alone was enough to make him happy.

However, the dragon soul was too polite and even gave him three rewards.

First was the Fire Dragon Crystal.

This was one of the rarest materials in the “Divine Realm”. Only the corpses of dead dragons would produce a small quantity of them.

[Fire Dragon Crystal] (Fragment)

Grade: Legendary

Introduction: A special crystal condensed from a giant dragon’s corpse. It is an extremely rare treasure among the various races, especially among the Goblins. They desire dragon crystals very much.

This was a legendary material. Even if it was only a tenth of a fragment, it was still worth a lot.

Especially when it was in the hands of Lorne.

If he used this dragon crystal fragment to merge monsters in the future, the pet he would obtain would definitely be incomparably powerful.

If it inherited the dragon’s power, it would be even more incredible.

In addition, there was another material reward.

[Dragon’s Reverse Scale] (Damaged)

Grade: Legendary

Introduction: The hardest dragon scale on a giant dragon. However, due to its long existence, its energy has been depleted. It is only a relatively harder dragon scale now.

It was indeed another legendary material.

Although there was no energy left, it was hard enough and had a good effect.

Lorne put the two materials away and looked at the dragon soul again.

To be precise, he looked at the dragon skeleton behind it.

After the dragon soul was separated, the dragon skeleton completely weathered, becoming a pile of fossils, losing its original luster.

“There’s no need to be surprised. It’s not a complete dragon skeleton. It’s just some dragon bones that the Undead Lich brought out from the Doomsday Forest and forcefully assembled. That’s why it used such a strange undead magic to condense the dragon skeleton into a special bone dragon.”

Sensing Lorne’s gaze, the dragon soul explained.

Lorne immediately asked a key question, “Then, Sir Dragon, I want to know if there are true dragon skeletons. The mission that the Dragon of Light gave me is to bring back enough dragon souls and dragon skeletons so that the deceased dragons can bathe in the holy light and obtain true freedom.”

If he could obtain the relevant information, at the very least, he would not want to wander around the forest like a headless fly.

Even if he could obtain a rough direction, it would make the subsequent search more efficient.

“This…” The dragon soul fell into deep thought, “The war back then was too chaotic. The entire Iron Skull City and the Icy Plains of Calamity attacked each other, and the battlefield was too vast. Coupled with the fact that too much time had passed, I can no longer remember the exact location.”

“However, I still vaguely remember that Lord Walter’s dragon army was near the Lake of Death, facing the army of the undead from the Dark Abyss. Perhaps you can go in that direction…”

With that, the dragon soul gradually turned transparent.

Lorne quickly absorbed it with the [Dragon’s Treasure Vault].

This was a mission tool. It could preserve the dragon souls and dragon skeletons so that they could maintain their current state and not dissipate into the world.

“An assembled dragon skeleton?”

“Can this be used to synthesize monsters?”

Lorne arrived in front of the dragon skeleton. Although it was a corpse, he could still feel the pressure from the dragon.

He tried to choose this dragon skeleton as the prototype material.

But then…


“The target cannot be synthesized as a prototype monster!”

Indeed, it could not.

As the first condition for the prototype monster, it had to be a living monster.

Of course, this dragon skeleton could not.

As for the dragon soul, Lorne secretly used his skill once. However, the notification he received was that the target was a special mission character and could not be chosen.

It was probably due to the influence of the Dragon of Light that this result was like this.

Lorne did not feel any emotion because of this. After all, this was just an attempt. It did not matter if it failed. After all, he was already strong enough to crush everyone else, so there was no need to worry about it.

In addition…

This assembled dragon skeleton could not be considered a mission target.

Therefore, in the tomb, Lorne only obtained the soul of a dragon.

“Near the Lake of Death?”

Lorne opened the map.

The Lake of Death was at the edge of the Doomsday Forest. Only a portion of the area was located in the zone of the war ruins.

If he went deeper north, he would reach Cold Desolate Dragon City and stand at the border with the Icy Plains of Calamity.

He had to ignore that for the time being, it was more important to kill the monsters. Otherwise, he would not be able to complete the goal before dawn.

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