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Chapter 3 - Staying Here For Now...

Ace and Sabo were initially planning to escape during the time Saitama was talking to the hotel owner but ended up getting interested in their conversation.
"Did you hear that, Sabo?" Ace perked up his ears while whispering to Sabo, "That Weird Baldy said a lot of strange things. Do you think he really came from another world?"
"No," Sabo replied. He had a relatively cleverer mind after all. He quickly picked up clues from Saitama's words and said with a shocked tone, "What he's saying is...that he is a traveler from another world and in that world, things like Heroes and Monsters exist..."

Ace said in a stunned voice, "Ah! How could that be true!"
"If he really is from another world, he should be planning to leave the country soon to look for a way to return to his world," Sabo deduced while eavesdropping.
Ace shouted in a low voice, "We can't allow that to happen! True pirates must have their revenge! We can't let him get away!"
"That doesn't matter..."

Sabo sat down cross-legged on the ground and said while pondering, "He doesn't seem to be able to cross between worlds at will, and he doesn't have a place to stay for now either..."
"That's right! There is a way!"
"We can take him to our secret base in the garbage mountain," Sabo said while holding Ace's shoulder, "That way, we would know about his whereabouts and could take our time while preparing for revenge!"
"Good plan!"
Ace said with delight, "Sabo, you are so smart!"

After making the decision, the two little devils, having panda eyes, went to stand in front of Saitama. "Hey, bald uncle! We have a place for you to stay. You can even drink and eat from the nearby forest. However, there are crocodiles and bears in it, ready to eat your flesh. Do you still dare to come with us?!"
"Why are you two little devils suddenly so eager to help me..."
Saitama looked at the two children with surprise and asked curiously, "Both of you are just small kids who can't even cook rice, do you really have a place for me to live?"

"Of course!"
Sabo proudly said, "It is our secret base... in the garbage mountain!"

"I will not go."
Saitama squinted his eyes and looked at the mountain and said while waving his hands, "It's too smelly there."
After saying this, he turned around to leave.
Seeing this, Ace became anxious.
If they let him leave now, When would he be able to get his revenge?

Suddenly, Ace had a light bulb go off in his head!
Ace reached his hand out and shouted loudly, "I still have a place to lend to you! It's a real house, full with a shower and a kitchen! How about going there?"
Saitama turned back and asked with pleasant surprise, "Really? Are you serious?"
Ace held up his head and said arrogantly, "Humph! Of course, it is true!"


An hour later.
The mountain bandit named Dadan saw the little ones, whose shadows she hadn't even seen during the daytime, return with a bald-headed man...
"Ah, I am sorry to bother you. Thank you for letting me borrow your place," he said while smiling and scratching his head. "During my stay here, if you require assistance in anything, please don't hesitate to ask."

After some time had passed, she asked with bewilderment while picking at her nose, "You...who are you?"
Saitama was just about to answer when Ace abruptly spoke up.
"Let him stay in my room."
Ace negotiated with Dadan like an adult, "I'll manage the food. The others can mind their own business..."

"Do whatever you want."
Dadan took a closer look at Saitama and reluctantly nodded as the latter seemed harmless. "It wouldn't be impossible to let him stay here, but the people who live here are all vicious bandits. If he offends us, we will not give you any face, Ace!"


And so, Saitama lived in the nest of the mountain bandits on Mt. Colubo.
They were called mountain bandits, but they had never descended from the mountain to rob people. Ace would bring back food for them every day.
And whenever the other bandits planned on leaving, Dadan only needed to say a name, and they would instantly become obedient.

During dinner, Saitama curiously asked about this name, "Who is this person?"
Hearing this, Dadan's hand halted for a bit.
"Now that is really weird..."
Dadan looked at Saitama with a dry glance. "There are still people in this country who haven't heard the name of the famous marine hero..."
Saitama was stunned, and suddenly raised the corners of his mouth, "So he is a hero, eh."
"That's right, that smelly old man!"
Dadan was holding a bowl of wine, and said with a sigh, "It's because of him that we haven't dared to do bad things for a long time. Now we can only drink here, and we still need to take care of that stinky brat, Ace. That little devil... Heh, he obviously doesn’t need our care..."

Her words were not finished when two small figures suddenly appeared before them.
They had jumped from the second floor using a steel pipe.
"Death! To the Weird Baldy!"
"The brave pirates have returned to take revenge!"
Unfortunately, in the next moment, they had already been smashed onto the ground with a single punch and smoke was emitting from the big bumps on their head.
The two figures were Ace and Sabo!
Dadan rubbed her bleary eyes awake, her head was full of question marks. "This is really strange... Why did the smelly little brat turn into two, did I get drunk with a single glass of liquor..."
A bandit standing next to her answered, "Boss, you didn't see it wrong. There are actually two kids, there is another one other than Ace!"

"I am not a brat! My name is Sabo..."
"I am a brave pirate and will one day roam the sea and become the Pirate King," he said. "This is my first time meeting you, please take care of me..."
"Damn it, I'm going to be the Pirate King."
Ace lying next to him also covered his head and got up from the ground. "Don't assume that we have lost," he said, angry and dissatisfied. "A pirate with a backbone will never be frustrated by one or two failures. Just you wait, Weird Baldy! Let's go, Sabo!"
The two children with big bumps on their heads ran away without a trace.

Saitama asked while blinking to Dadan, "Has he always been like this?"
Dadan touched her chin while thinking and said, "Well, Ace that stinky boy, although he hates us a little, has never attacked us."
Saitama shook his head, "No, that's not what I meant. I mean, does he often call himself a pirate?"
Dadan impatiently said, "Yes, every day, he is noisy and annoying... What about it though?"
Saitama asked thoughtfully, "His Grandfather is clearly a marine hero. So, why does he want to be a pirate?"
Dadan opened another bottle of wine and said ambiguously, "Who knows...?"

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