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I whirled my hair up into a messy bun as it was still drenched from my morning dip, and then I laid down serenely on the hammock made of native abaca.

I shivered to the cold waters of the sea, stalled by a cool breeze and briny air that reached out to my body. And just as I thought, I should've brought my tube skirt with me. Now, I'm trembling to the whiffs of this beach. How have I left the beach house wearing only this skimpy, bloody red swim suit that Ellie gave me!

It's a good thing, though, that this resort is a private one. There are less people and less eyes who'd see me wearing this, because for sure, Allen will kill me! He'd accuse me of publicly displaying my body. Such a traditional one!

I closed my eyes to give them some rest. I got tired of swimming even if it wasn't even half an hour that I stayed in the depths of the sea yet. I don't know, but I got drained so quickly. Maybe my body hasn't recovered yet from the things that my husband did last night, yesterday, and the day before. I also got bored as I was swimming by myself. I felt like a fool being alone watching the small fish move around my outstretched feet around and around and around.

My husband? Oh well, he's in our room sleeping like a newborn baby. Well, at last, weariness consumed his body. There's no words for my husband's stamina - I couldn't keep up to him. The moment I feel sore already, is the moment he's just kicking off! Hay, I couldn't help but just shake my head.

For the number of days that we have stayed here in Subic, we did nothing but have sex. It seems like a miracle that he opted for a rest. I thought he would completely forget the words “tired” and “rest” already. He was even asking for one more round after midnight, but I fell asleep already. Good thing he didn't get mad.

I tried to wake him up earlier, so that we could swim and experience a blissful mooch by the seashore together, but no, I couldn't get him to rise. I brushed his hair for a number of times and pinched his nose to wake him up, but I failed. He'd just frown, change position, and then go back to sleep again. Seems exhausted, eh? Well, who wouldn't anyway?

I just left him there, sleeping very peacefully, knowing that it's a much needed rest as he will still drive us back to Manila later.

Oh, I almost forgot, we're down to the last day of our vacation. The days went by too fast that it makes me feel melancholic. If only I'd get to decide, we wouldn't go home yet. I don't want us to go home yet. I want us to stay here for a bit longer, just so we could spend more time together. But just as they say, everything has an end.

Everything was unforgettable and remarkable, though - t'was a very fruitful vacation. We had a bunch of good memories together here. I don't wanna reminisce them one by one yet, because I might become a cry baby again. What's important is that we'd go home to a brand new start.
One more thing, even if it's against my heart's desire, we really need to go back home because I know that my husband has a lot of work to do. He can't be out of office for so long, especially if it wasn't for a business trip. Having this short vacation already caused his subordinates to call him very frequently, so I would see him on his phone at times. Maybe it's his secretary.

It beats me, but I think they couldn't do the work efficiently without my husband. There's this one time, too, that we were in the middle of doing THAT, when one of his subordinates called him. Well, of course that got onto his nerve! It got him wondering why he always gets to be left hanging, unsatisfied. I couldn't help but laugh every time I remember.

And then, the cool air struck on my body again. It kinda made me feel sleepy. I can sense my eyes getting heavy and my consciousness fading away.

“Do you really wanna get sick?”

I hardly opened my right eye only to see my husband standing beside me with his arms crossed. He was telling me something, which I couldn't understand because I fell into a nap. I rubbed my eyes so I could see him clearly.

Apart from being topless, I also noticed that he was looking at me from head to toe. Only then have I remembered that I was wearing a two-piece swimsuit only.

“Uhm, this was a gift from Ellie.” I defensively told him first, because I know that he'd ask.

“Yeah, I know.” He said as he rolled his eyes as if he was saying that I already showed him this before.

I noticed that he was staring at my chest area and swallowed, that's why I simply covered this part with my hand.

My bikini top was a tube style, which is why even if I pulled it upward, my cleavage still opts to be revealed. It was also designed with a twine at the back, wherein with just a pull, the top of my body could be exposed fully. I don't know what was inside Ellie's mind when she bought this.

“It looks good on you.” My husband suddenly muttered.

And I was shocked by what I heard.

I looked at him again and saw that his eyes were still on my chest. It looked good on me, huh? I secretly smiled. I think I'm blushing.

It seems like my husband has already really changed. He gives me compliments now - which he never did before.

“Get up from there.” He ordered. I don't know why. Maybe we are going back to the beach house for breakfast – we both haven't had eaten yet.

Then, I got myself up from the hammock. I thought we were heading to the beach house, but I glared when he laid down the hammock after I got up.

Wow. And what was that? Now he hijacked the hammock! I couldn't do anything but shake my head. My husband is really unpredictable.

I freed my hair from being tied up as I can feel that it was giving me a headache already. My hair almost got dried then, too, and formed a seemingly natural, big curls from the messy bun.

I noticed that his jaws dropped open when I mish-mashed my hair so that it could breathe from being tied up.

“I'll prepare a breakfast for us.” I said as I was about to leave and go back to the beach house.

I haven't even stepped yet when he pulled my hand.

I screamed out his name when he pulled me onto his lap. I wanted to get up, but he locked me inside his arms in a flash. He almost buried my face to his chest and suddenly squeezed my butt cheek in full excitement.  It gave me chills!

“Allen, wait… Somebody might come and see us.” I was telling him this while simply removing his fingers from my butt.

“Vanessa! One! … ”

I stayed still as if I'm a child being scolded.

There he goes with his counting again. That's what he always does when I won't follow his orders. When he reaches three, I'm surely dead. So, I'm left with no choice – I just sighed and surrendered.

I moved my hand to his chest and laid my head sideways. From that post, I can clearly see the waves of the sea washing over the seashore.

After a while, I raised my head to look at him. His eyes were shut tightly. Was he asleep again? That was too fast, maybe he's very exhausted. Well, that’s his fault, not mine. He wanted it countless of times. And then, I laid my head back to his chest and closed my eyes, too.

His body felt warm that even if I wore a two-piece swimsuit, I felt less chills, especially I'm in his embrace like he wouldn't want me to escape.

I was almost asleep when Allen pulled the strand of hair on my neck to my back. I looked at him and saw him staring down at me. "Why?" I asked.

“Where’s the necklace?” He asked in reply.

I immediately stroked my fingers on my neck, and then I remembered that I wore it off earlier.

“Uhm, it's in my bag. I took it off bec–”

“What?" He scowled, pushing me away from him. He didn't even let me finish. “I want to see you wearing it, Vanessa. Where is it? Wear it."

I bit my lower lip before I answered, "I took it off first because I was going for a swim. I just thought that it might break, or get lost." Well, it's true. I have already lost several earrings on a swim. I'm just being very wary of his gift, it's a precious one for me.

I saw his expression softened. Then, he pulled me onto him again and I bumped my face to his chest. No, actually my lips touched his chest. Suddenly, he whirled one of his arms around my neck and I knew that he was about to whisper something as I felt his breath in my ear.

“But I’m serious, Vanessa. I want you to always wear that necklace.”

I nodded. And then I turned my head sideways so I could get some air.

“Allen, what time are we going home?” I asked to change the topic.

It took a while before he answered, maybe he thought about it first. “Around 3PM, maybe. I don't wanna get stuck in traffic. Why, what time would you like to?”

“Hmm, can we go home tomorrow instead? I want to stay here a bit longer.”

Even if I couldn't see his reaction, I'm sure that he's frowning. Well, he asked, and I just gave him an honest answer. I want to stay here longer. With him.

Because I know that when we get back to Manila, we won't be like this anymore. He wouldn't have time for me anymore and I'm also not sure if he would still treat me like this after.

“That’s not possible, Vannie. I have to work.” He answered, causing me to feel a little frustration.

“O-okay. But can we leave at around 7PM, please? After dinner? Besides, I want to watch the sunset, too."

He sighed and said, “Fine.”

My lips curved a smile.

We've only been here for three days, but I can really see how my husband changed. He listens to me now and even grants me what I want. Well, it's really different when anger abstains the heart. There are things that he does for me now which he didn't do before. I really wouldn't let this second chance go to waste.

I was startled when I felt his fingers stroking on my back. He’s tracing the curve of my back, like he was writing something on it, but I couldn't figure it out.

It tickles me, though! Especially when his forefinger began to travel down the side of my hips, and then upward, as if he was teasing. Wait, wasn't he?

I held his arm tight.

Why does it seem like I'm sensing something strange? Allen started playing with my hair, too - brushed it, twirled it on his fingers, and then moved the hair at my back sideways. He seemed like looking for something.
Only then have I realized what he's up to when his hand reached on the twine at the back of my bikini top.

My eyes grew big in shock! Like seriously?!


I lurched in complete surprise and fell onto his crotch area, and then I immediately covered my bust with my hands.

SHIT! He pulled the twine of my bikini! This man’s unbelievable! He even had the nerve to give me a naughty smile. And I know what that grin meant, so I immediately got off the hammock before he can even proceed with his wicked plan. I almost got out of balance as my hands were on my bust.

“Tsk, come back here!” He ordered impatiently as he pulled me back on the waist.

I wailed when he put me on his lap. But I'm not sure, maybe because I lurched so hard, he also lost his balance that we slumped on the beach sand.

“Ouch! Damn it!” He complained as I fell on top of him. I think he really got hurt as he slightly coughed when I fell and hit his stomach.

“S-sorry! It's your fault, you are such a flirt!"

“What did you say?!”

I just shook my head. My husband is really short-tempered.

“You badly misbehave, Vanessa. That is why we lost balance.”  My mouth dropped open. Now it's my fault! It was him who started pulling on my bikini top, forcing to straddle me over. I shook my head in disbelief.

I was about to get up when he suddenly switched our positions – now he's situated above me.

“Allen…” I called his name as I bit my lower lip. I saw the desire in his eyes. Those are the looks which make me wonder whether to feel happy or not.

And then his eyes lowered down to my bust. He forcefully removed my hand which covered it, but I didn't allow him to.

He moved his eyes back into mine, giving me a bold and intense look, as if he was threatening 'remove it or you're dead?' But I didn't take his beating and I don't even know where I got the strength to push him away.

I escaped him and ran towards the beach house while my hands covered my bust. I can hear him cursing me and telling me to come back, but I pretended not to hear anything. I don't want us to end up doing THAT there. The caretakers might arrive and see us. It's humiliating.

I immediately climbed upstairs and ran into the shower room. I even locked the door to be sure that my husband won't sneak in.

I then leaned my back on the tiled wall and I felt relieved. I ran a short distance only, but it drained my energy.

I stuffed my ear on the wall so I could hear if Allen followed me in the room, but I think he's not yet in. Anyway, it wasn't as if he was playing around with me. He might have felt bored.

I just turned the shower on to wash myself. Good thing that my robe is just hanging right here. I don't want to leave the shower room naked. My husband will surely put his eyes on me. I haven't even recovered from everything that he did the past few nights, and here he goes again.

After I cleaned myself up, I immediately got out of the shower room. Oh, Allen is still not here.

I saw the screen of my cellphone on the bedside table lit up. I reached on it, and then I stiffened. It felt like foul words wanted to spring out of my mouth when I read a text message and the person it came from.

⊱ ∘°❉°∘ ⊰

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