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Chapter 2324: 2324
Chapter 2324: Grandma was beautiful when she was young .

Under the sunlight, an extremely eye-catching necklace lay on Gong Jie’s collarbone, sparkling radiantly and attractively .

Youyou noticed the pendant .

He saw how his uncle was always wearing this necklace, never letting it leave his side . It must hold a special meaning to him now that he thought about it .

Therefore, he stealthily hiked onto his uncle’s side, and since the man was wearing sunglasses, he did not know whether he was napping or wide awake . Therefore, he surreptitiously lifted the pendant .

It seemed that the round pendant could be opened . Youyou opened it, realizing that it was a locket .

Both sides of the locker contained photographs . One photo had two kids snuggling with bright and beautiful smiles .

Youyou instantly recognized the children as his mommy and uncle when they were young .

Seeing their appearances, the two were probably seven years old when this picture was taken .

However, Gong Jie did not look as tall as he did now . He was actually shorter than Yun Shishi by half a head .

She was hugging the seven-year-old boy, posing her hand in a V-sign as she gave a brilliant smile with her pearly-white teeth showing between her rosy lips .

Meanwhile, the boy was a bit camershy and hid his head on his sister’s shoulder, looking at the camera with a bashful and reserved smile . His crystal clear eyes were bright and beautiful, and his beautiful, soft, black hair went a bit past his ears . Below his fringe was a docile appearance that was obedient like a lamb .

He wore a snowy-white shirt and a small bow tie . He looked refined and adorable as he had an arm wrapped around his sister’s waist, while his other hand formed a V-sign, too .

However, it was unknown if it was due to shyness, but the two fingers doing the V sign were curled, which made him look timid .

Uncle was clearly adorable when he was young! Youyou mumbled in his heart .

He actually looked similar to him in some ways .

Genes were truly fantastical things!

Why did he grow up to be the demon king, though? He was not only two-faced and evil but also insufferably arrogant .

Inside his head, he pictured little Gong Jie and devil king Gong Jie standing together . One was adorable and innocent like a lamb, while the other was a silver-haired demon wearing sunglasses, with hands stuffed inside his pants’ pockets, his aura lethal and astonishing .

It was as if they were two different people .

Youyou glanced at the other photograph .

In the picture was a young woman sitting on a flower bed, holding a moonflower in her hand as she smiled in a docile manner .

Her complexion was exceedingly similar to his mother . She looked gentle and beautiful, and her face seemed like a woman in a painting . Her eyes were like the mist on a faraway mountain, as gentle as flowing water .

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Her black, straight hair was like a waterfall sans any decorations . It cascaded gently all the way to her lower back . There were a few strands that hung on her temples, which made her look even more alluring and charming .

He was amazed once again . Genes were truly fantastical things!

He immediately recognized that this lady was probably his mommy’s mother—his grandmother!

He could tell .

Grandma and mommy liked moonflowers .

Perhaps it was because grandma liked moonflowers that his mommy had always meticulously cared for them in their backyard .

Little Yichen took a peek from the side and widened his eyes in surprise .

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“Is this when grandma was young?”

“Yeah!” He nodded his head, his eyes filled with warmth .

“Grandma was also a beauty when she was young,” commented his older brother .

“Of course! What nonsense!”

He flicked his twin’s forehead . “Otherwise, how could she give birth to someone pretty like mommy?”

It was no wonder that their uncle would always keep this pendant with him .