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Published at 8th of February 2021 11:55:08 PM

Chapter 2323: 2323
Chapter 2323: Perfect Vacation

If there were not those frustrating people trying to strike up a conversation with him, perhaps this time would be considered a perfect vacation .

The sun shone brightly in the Maldives, with summer and warm weather all year round . It would be extremely satisfying even if he just lay in the chair and did nothing but quietly bathe in the sun .

There were tall, huge coconut palm trees and windmill palm trees lining the beach, with the rocks piled on top of one another . The style was totally different .

The seawater by the shore was a thrilling light blue and crystal clear—clear enough to see the stunning coral reef .

The sky was blue with white clouds, and the breeze was gentle .

The soft and fine sand beneath his feet was incomparably comfortable .

The scenery was like a painting .

The reason Gong Jie bought the island was so he could conveniently come for vacations .

Usually, his work was arduous as there were plenty of work affairs at Hurricane Group .

He was originally overseeing all the affairs on the European market .

However, after he had seized half of the affairs on the African market previously, the pressure he faced from the heavy burden was unbearable .

The wars in Africa were non-stop and frequent; thus, the orders grew with each passing day .

He flew all around the globe, staying wide awake the entire day . If he was not flying in the air, he was floating on the sea .

Due to the dominance they had in freight transport, the orders for arms frequently employed cargo ships for transportation .

Generally speaking, there were various transportation channels to transport firearms .

Cargo planes, cargo trucks, and cargo ships .

However, the capacity of cargo planes was not huge, and the process was often complicated .

The capacity for cargo ships was big . Adding the fact that many places in the world had harbors, he was often out sailing at sea for many years .

He remembered an incident where he was leading a cargo ship along the Indian Ocean when they bumped into pirates, unfolding an intense crossfire .

The group of pirates had a big force as they were plenty . They came from the Indian Ocean and were notorious for murder, looting, and committing all sorts of heinous acts . When they noticed cargo ships passing by, they would forcibly block their way, board the ships, and rob them while willfully slaughtering the innocent .

There were many cargo ships that bumped into this gang of pirates, with most of them limited in their capabilities . The only conclusion to that was the assassination of all the captains and sailors, with their bodies tossed into the sea while the ship was robbed away by the gang .

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Gradually, the pirates became increasingly infamous and notorious . Many shipping companies were terror-stricken at the news and avoided that shipping route .

Gong Jie was not afraid at all .

What a joke .

How could his cargo ships be compared to those shipping companies’ ships?

Everything on board his ships was firearms . The cargo ships were filled with anti-aircraft defense, rocket artillery, and torpedo . Whoever dared to obstruct their way would be seeking death .

As long as his cargo ships had the flag with Hurricane Group’s symbol, there were not any tactful pirates that would dare to obstruct them .

Alas, a situation occurred that one time .

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There was a strong breeze out at sea that blew the flag away .

Without the flag on the cargo ship, they naturally walked into the tiger’s den when they passed through the Indian Ocean as that gang of notorious pirates came to cause trouble .

The troops on both sides engaged in a shootout .

Gong Jie did not hold back against the pirates, but as the crossfire was too intense, several installations on the cargo ship malfunctioned, and they were forced to dock in a nearby island .

It happened to be this then unpopulated island in the Maldives .

Gong Jie thought the scenery was great and that it would be a good place for a vacation if he passed by in the future . Therefore, he bought the island and went through a series of developments before this scenic island was set up .

The man and his nephews bathed in the sun satisfactorily .

Gong Jie was wearing a pair of sunglasses, enjoying the rare and precious tranquil time he had .

Youyou and Little Yichen had put sunblock on their bodies as they lay down as well .