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Published at 8th of February 2021 02:50:10 PM

Chapter 2322: 2322

Gong Jie raised his voice slightly as he growled, “I repeat: I don’t like men!”

Everyone, including the waiters, in the restaurant had hands frozen in mid-air and conversations pausing as they turned curiously in the direction of that angry growl .

The atmosphere stiffened at that moment .

The man swept a cold, unfriendly look at his surroundings, which cowed everyone into turning their heads away awkwardly, their eyes no longer lingering on him .

While trying his best to hold back his laughter, Youyou coaxed, “Alright, I won’t tease you anymore!”

“Hmph . ”

“There, there . It’s all my fault . Don’t get angry, uncle!” He hastily began cajoling his uncle .

They still needed to depend on him for financial assistance for the rest of their vacation on this island, after all . Should they go overboard with their jokes and end up truly antagonizing their uncle, he might very well leave them stranded on this island . The thought of it was terrifying enough for the boy to stop his antics .

Upon sensing the shift in the situation, the opportunistic Little Yichen immediately stood on their uncle’s side and accused his sibling, “Lil’ bro, you shouldn’t take your jokes too far! Uncle is clearly straight!”

The younger boy shot his twin an oblique look . “Hmph! How capable you are now, Mu Yichen! Trust you to betray me . ”

After the trio was done with their lunch, they went to the beach for a stroll .

There were actually plenty of people leisurely sunbathing on the chairs on the beach at this time of the day .

Gong Jie’s innate overwhelming presence and killer looks made him become an attractive scenery as he strolled along the seaside .

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Even in just a plain T-shirt and beach pants, he could not hide away that extraordinary presence and showstopping looks of his . His silver hair was eye-catching, and his smooth, poreless skin appeared even fairer under the bright rays of the sun, which contributed to his forbidding allure .

Born with naturally fair skin, he had deliberately tried to tan his skin in the past but the effects of the darker skin tone were temporary and would lighten once he stopped tanning himself .

He had rather feminine features that belonged uniquely to a typical oriental beauty—beautiful looks, red lips, pearly whites, fair and delicate skin, high nose bridge, and long yet dense lashes which framed and embellished his deep-set eyes . It could be said that he did not have the typical manly looks .

Being someone who paid great attention to his dressing, he reckoned that, even though he had his tall stature to compensate for his feminine appearance, his original hair color, black, made him look too soft and demure, especially since his features were closely similar to his identical twin sister .

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He, thus, dyed his hair silvery-white at the age of sixteen . With his hair color changed, he no longer appeared feminine and, instead, exuded a suave yet extraordinary presence . He had, thus, made it a habit to dye his hair silver since then .

The European women were awestruck at the very sight of his handsome features, for many approached and tried to hit on him during their stroll on the beach . Out of those who had taken the initiative to chat him up, however, none succeeded .

He spared not one of them a single glance and just treated them like air . It was for no other reason other than he preferred oriental women and had no interest in European women .