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Published at 8th of February 2021 02:50:31 PM

Chapter 2321

That highly unusual reaction made him doubtful of his uncle’s sexual orientation at one point .

Previously, a woman with a hot bod had plucked up her courage to strike a conversation with his uncle . The latter, however, merely picked up his nephews and replied fluently in English, “Sorry, but I’m a married man . ”

While his older sibling might not know what their uncle was saying, Youyou understood every bit of it . The man was using them as a front!

Amid their bantering, the waiter served fillet mignons and snack platters on their table . He then performed a magic trick and produced a stalk of red rose from his fingers before presenting it to Gong Jie .

The man lifted a brow at the waiter puzzledly .

The waiter then stooped down gentlemanly and pointed to where the blondie was seated while politely answering, “This stalk of rose is a gift from the lady from table no . 3, sir! I hope you all enjoy your meal!” With that, he turned around and left .

Gong Jie placed the stalk of rose aside on the table thereafter . His indifferent action, however, earned him a comment from his younger nephew .

“Uncle, you’re such an aloof person . Shouldn’t you show some appreciation to the lady who showed her liking for you?”

“I’m not interested in women . ”

Little Yichen choked on his orange juice the moment he heard that answer, his eyes bulging wide in shock as if he were looking at an alien .

His brother, on the other hand, looked between the rose and their uncle’s aloof expression and quietly commented, “That reaction of yours is highly suspicious! I’m starting to suspect that you like men . ”


It was Gong Jie’s turn to choke this time .

While coughing away, he grabbed the napkin, which was placed at the side of the table, and dabbed the corners of his lips with it . He then shot his nephew a cold look and stated clearly, “I am straight . ”

“You just said that you aren’t interested in women, though . ”

“I don’t like women with big boobs . ”

“I don’t like those with big butts, either . ”

His younger nephew remarked, “Men typically prefer women with big boobs and butts . ”

“Oh? Is that so?” A haughty smirk appeared on his face . “That goes to show I’m not the typical type of man . ”

Youyou suddenly mischievously asked, “Oh, so does that mean you prefer Brother Hua Jin over women?”

His expression stiffened for a bit, and his gaze was icy when he looked up again . “Get lost . ”

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Sheesh . Out of all things to talk about, I still feel awkward thinking about that night’s game .

The boy, however, continued to pepper his uncle with shocking comments . “I noticed your ears turning red when you kissed Brother Hua Jin . You’re clearly feeling shy!”

“Get lost!”

He shot the young one a warning look .

If one’s look could really kill, the boy in front of him would have long turned into an ice sculpture .

Meanwhile, his older nephew’s gossipy nature started to show up . “Eh? Uncle kissed Brother Hua Jin before?”

“Yep! It’s a mouth-to-mouth kiss . ”

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His eyes widened in shock as he exclaimed, “When did that happen? How come I know nothing about it?”

His twin replied, “It’s still about that fight-the-landlord game we had while you went to bed early on the night of New Year . The losers must accept any punishment proposed . Uncle and Brother Hua Jin ended up losing a game, so they got seriously pranked by daddy, remember?”

He did not forget to tease his uncle by exaggerating a bit . “It’s during their punishment that uncle kissed Brother Hua Jin directly on the lips several times, and his ears turned all red from doing so . ”

“Shut your trap!” hissed the man .

Youyou, however, merely teasingly added, “Come on; don’t be shy! I’m an open-minded kid and I don’t have anything against gay relationships . ”

Little Yichen immediately earnestly expressed his stance . “I share the same sentiments, uncle; gays have the right to love, too!”