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Published at 8th of February 2021 12:10:10 AM

Chapter 2320: 2320
Chapter 2320: Cover

“What a pity, though . If only he’s single and available… I would fall for the man and start a romantic relationship with him on this mysterious island!”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m wondering if I should ask him for his phone number . ”

“God, you’re crazy . ”

“You know, I can’t resist a handsome man!”

The conversation between the two ladies reached Youyou’s ears .

He turned and glanced at them while snickering .

Upon seeing his bizarre expression, his older brother asked out of curiosity, “What’s wrong?”

“See those two ladies at that table?”

He pointed a finger in the ladies’ direction .

Little Yichen let his gaze roam over to the pointed direction and saw the women looking over as well and greeting him cheerfully . “Hi!”


He then shyly turned his head back .

He was not fluent in English and only knew the basics .

Unlike him, the younger twin heard and understood the ladies’ conversation .

“They were secretly talking about uncle moments ago!” revealed Youyou with a chuckle .

His uncle looked up and cocked a brow quizzically at him . “What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you hear what they said, uncle? They were talking about you earlier . ”

“Oh . ” The man appeared indifferent as he casually browsed the magazine, which was placed on the table . “What did they say?”

“They thought that we’re your sons and said that, if not for the fact that you’re married, they would hit on you and start a romantic relationship with you on this island!”

The older boy’s jaw dropped in surprise . “Wow… They’re so bold . ”

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While imitating the woman’s earlier passionate expression, Youyou said, “You know, I can’t resist a handsome man!”

He then glanced sideways at his uncle’s perfectly sculpted face . “I didn’t know that you’re quite the chick magnet, uncle!”

Gong Jie blandly retorted, “If being handsome and sexy is a crime, then I must be a heinous sinner . ”

“Barf—cough, cough . . . ” Little Yichen pretended to vomit in response to his uncle’s narcissism, only to receive a glare from the latter in return .

“Well, isn’t that the truth?!”

He honestly replied, “Uncle, men should be a bit more reserved and less narcissistic . Just look at me; I’m already so cute at such a young age, but I’m a lowkey person, so I don’t talk about my looks as often as you do . ”

Gong Jie: “…”

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How thick-skinned these two are!

I really should take my hat off to them!

Youyou shot the two a cold glance while the corners of his lips twitched .

What a shameless yet narcissistic pair of uncle and nephew!

He then grinned . “Uncle, don’t think that I’m unaware that you’re using me and my brother as a cover . I’m curious, though . Don’t you look forward to having a fling with a beautiful woman? Don’t you find it romantic to meet someone here in the Maldives?”

For over the past two days on the island, he could sense foreign women with curvaceous figures tossing heated looks in his uncle’s way whenever the latter appeared at a pub or places with a lot of people .

It was a pity, though, that the man did not seem the least bit interested in them . In fact, he appeared to be indifferent to them altogether .