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Published at 7th of February 2021 02:30:07 PM

Chapter 2319: 2319

Indeed, it was quite the experience to dine while enjoying the colorful underwater world .

With the restaurant costing an arm and a leg to build, it was only natural that the price of the food served would not come cheap . A fillet mignon itself cost a whopping two hundred US dollars .

Seeing how his nephews were all stuck to the glass panels and ignoring his calls, Gong Jie was left with no choice but to settle their food affairs by himself . He, thus, ordered them steaks and a snack platter .

Meanwhile, Little Yichen was studying the restaurant’s interior design very carefully .

“Lil’ bro, with the sea pressure being so great, will the glass walls crack after some time?”

“Nope! Even though the restaurant isn’t located in the deep sea, the impact of the currents is still quite big . I’m sure the architects considered this factor when building this restaurant, so the materials they selected must be strong and can withstand pressure . ”

He nodded despite not fully understanding what his brother said . With a look of worship, he gazed at him with starry eyes . “You sure know a lot, brother . Did you get your knowledge from books?”

“Oh, please; this is common sense . There are many risk factors to take into consideration when opening underwater restaurants like this one . ”

The adult’s expression turned wry at that .

Children tended to be vivacious and inquisitive with endless energy, and it was true indeed .

The little one did not behave this way in the past, though .

From his past experience of communicating with this nephew of his through the Internet, the boy exuded an air of composure, which was rare to find even in adults .

Now, his character seemed to have gotten influenced by his older twin after spending so much time with the other . Even though he was still the same mature and sensible little gentleman, who was gentle yet as sly as the devil on the inside, he would show the innocence and naivety of a child at times .

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The restaurant was currently packed full .

By the looks of it, the blue-eyed Europeans occupying two tables were of Dutch ancestry, while the guests from another table spoke with a thick British accent . Seated at the other two tables were guests who appeared to be Asians .

It was the peak of the tourism season right now . Many countries were having their holidays, so some of these people took the chance to fly over to the Maldives for a vacation, while others were here for their honeymoon .

The other guests in the restaurant were looking in the twins’ direction in pleasant surprise . They were delighted to see two mischievous yet cute and innocent kiddos around . Of course, their tender, good-looking faces contributed to their appeal .

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Upon seeing the man seated at the same table with them, they naturally assumed that Gong Jie was a young father with two sons .

The thing was, he looked so sexy, especially with how his silver hair complemented his fair skin .

Even though Europeans tended to prefer people with tanned skin, they were equally attracted to handsome-looking individuals .

One of the blondies pointed him out to her companions, marveling, “Oh, gosh; look at that young man . He’s the father of two children!”

A female friend of hers laughed . “He’s indeed very handsome . The silver hair suits him well . ” Her eyes were silently trained on Gong Jie as she clutched at the spot above her heart, revealing a look of warm appreciation and amazement .