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Published at 8th of February 2021 02:50:36 PM

Chapter 2318
Chapter 2318: Hunting for Food

Feeling equally curious, the older twin gave it a touch as well . “Oh, it’s burning hot . ”

These two little imps!

Gong Jie soon turned purple in the face and he hissed through gritted teeth, “Get off my body, you fools!”

Little Yichen turned to look at him and snickered playfully . “You’re looking quite energetic this morning, uncle!”

His face turned a shade darker in embarrassment; he clenched his fists tightly in a bid to rein in his impulse to bash his nephew . He then sullenly barked, “Get off from me now!”

“Oops! Uncle is angry . ” Youyou chuckled darkly and obediently pulled up his uncle’s pants before lightly patting him with his small hand in comfort . “Alright, there you go! I shall stop studying your body part, alright? We’re just a bit curious!”

Gong Jie: “…”

These brats deserve a beating!

The older boy, however, did not climb off the bed . Instead, he leaned back and lay atop his uncle’s body, spreading his limps out comfortably . “Ahhh… It’s so nice to lie on my uncle!”

Upon seeing this, the younger one sniggered then threw himself atop his brother’s body .

The man, meanwhile, felt that he was about to be crushed and flattened under his nephews’ combined weight of what seemed like a ton .

Like a human pyramid, the twins were stacked on top of their uncle . In fact, the two imps enjoyed goofing around with him so much that he was on the verge of tears .


Save me…

It was past eleven in the morning by the time the man managed to get his nephews to stop fooling around .

The twins only behaved themselves after provoking an angry outburst from their uncle; thereafter, they repeatedly assured him that they would not mess around with him again .

Hearing that, he threatened, “Mess around with me again, I’ll throw you both into the sea . ”

The younger twin, however, piped in indignantly, “These are your nephews you’re thinking of murdering, uncle!”

“So what?”

The man crossed his arms in front of his chest and cocked a brow at the boy, only to receive an infuriating answer from the latter .

“Your threat doesn’t scare us! If mommy learns of this, she’ll definitely throw you into the sea, too . ”

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Gong Jie: “…”

Trust this brat to issue me a threat .

Forget it!

I shan’t stoop to their level .

Thus, after getting themselves ready, the man took his nephews out in a hunt for food .

There was a famous fine dining place on this island called Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, of which ‘Ithaa’ in the natives’ tongue meant ‘mother of pearl’ .

Located six meters below sea level, this particular restaurant had its exterior made of plexiglass and its inner walls and ceilings made of transparent, water-resistant acrylic materials .

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Under the warm sea waters, the restaurant was surrounded with colorful coral reefs, where all sorts of marine lives shuttled between .

It was especially romantic to dine in this underwater restaurant .

The restaurant was quite small, though, and could only seat twelve people at a time . It was also only opened for lunch and dinner from 11 AM to midnight, requiring booking to be done two weeks in advance .

Gong Jie naturally had no such hassle, for there would always be a seat reserved for him in it .

After walking along the wooden walkway and heading down a couple of steps, one would see six tables placed within the restaurant, with each only seating two adults . He, along with the two kiddos, fit the quota nicely .

The twins got immersed in the unique concept of the restaurant the moment they stepped into the place . Despite occupying their table, they were unconcerned about ordering food and, instead, plastered themselves against the glass walls, their entire focus on the tropical fishes that were swimming in the sea . They found the experience to be a novelty!

Indeed, it was quite the experience to dine while enjoying the colorful underwater world .