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Published at 7th of February 2021 12:10:05 AM

Chapter 2317: 2317

“Uncle, I’m so hungry . What time are you going to sleep till before you bring us out to eat some delicious food?”

Little Yichen, who was lying on the side, nagged at him indignantly .

It seemed that they wanted him to bring them out to hunt for food .

Gong Jie covered his face helplessly as the veins on his forehead throbbed harshly .

Come on!

How early is it right now?

Moreover, there were meals prepared by the hotel . They could just head to the restaurant .

Youyou glared at him as if he could guess what he was thinking before saying expressionlessly, “This hotel doesn’t prepare Chinese food . ”

“What time is it?”

“It is already 10:30 in the morning,” informed his nephew .


“Get up now and bring us to find food!”

The boy covered his face with a pillow, and he did not have the energy to pull it away .

Why did it feel as if he were an old eagle while his nephews were two eaglets, circling him and chirping for him to find food early in the morning?


The beautiful vacation he had in his head, holding his sister’s hand, walking on the sand, and playing in the sea, was gone, never to return…

Gong Jie furrowed his eyebrows and lay in bed, demoralized and lifeless .

After he finally chased the two boys off to bed last night, he was in the rare mood for some drinks . He ran to the pub on the island and downed a few rounds of Caucasian wine before returning to the hotel and falling asleep until this moment .

His alcohol tolerance was alright, but he would sleep for a long time after having a few drinks .

Also, with the time difference, he was sleepy and lacked vitality .

It was hard to take care of children, especially two energetic young fellas . It seemed as if they had an unlimited amount of energy . After playing with them for an entire day, he was close to being crippled from exhaustion . He wanted to cry, but no tears came out .

Gong Jie began to calculate if he should just leave these two little lads on the island and escape .


No, he could not . If he did, his sister would chase after him and kill him with a rolling pin…

When he thought of that scenario, Gong Jie shuddered in fear .

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Amid his loneliness—

“Wow… Little Yichen, come here quickly and have a look!”

Just as he fought to keep his eyelids open, the nephew who was lying on top of him seemed to have discovered the New World as he called his older brother over .

Little Yichen climbed up from the bed and leaned over . “What? What is it?!”

“Look at uncle’s… Wow, it’s so big…”

“Where?… Wow! It’s true! It’s really big!”

Gong Jie was at a loss for words when he heard their exchange . As he was hugging his pillow, he could not see where Youyou was looking, but he felt a pair of hands pulling down his boxer shorts all of a sudden, and a certain part of his body became exposed to the air . He heard his younger nephew’s exclamation, “Wow! Amazing!”

“Uncle’s sure is well-endowed!” gushed his older nephew enviously .

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“Is it as big as daddy’s?”

“Mm… They look about the same . Whatever it is, it’s bigger than mine…”

“Uncle’s little comrade is so firm…”

He finally understood what these two fellas were examining on his body . Just as he wanted to sit up, Little Yichen coincidentally planted his bum on his chest, pushing him back down onto the bed harshly .

“Lil’ bro, do you think we will be like daddy and uncle when we grow up?”

“How would I know if you would?” replied Youyou airily .

Gong Jie suddenly felt a pair of hands touching his family jewels curiously, then his younger nephew could be heard exclaiming, “It feels pretty good!”