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Chapter 2316: 2316

However, Jiang Qimeng smiled in return and persuaded patiently, “Even if he isn’t the family head, the Mu household is still a good place to settle down . ”

She paused for a moment before continuing to guide her daughter . “Think about it; there are plenty of illegitimate children in that household, but out of everyone, he caught Mu Linfeng’s eyes; why’s that so?This just shows that, although Mu Yancheng may seem like a small fry, he must be capable enough to have made a name for himself in that tiger’s den! It’s just that, with Mu Yazhe around previously, he could only serve in the background as he is overshadowed . The man is still capable . Even if he can’t be the family head, the glory and splendor will be yours when you step into that household!”

Song Enya nodded her head gently at that .

“Silly girl, don’t worry; as long as you follow my instructions, you won’t have to overthink anything else! I naturally hope for you to live a good life and won’t hurt you in any way . ”

Hearing her mother’s words, Song Enya could finally put away the last of her worries as she lay on her bed and covered herself with a blanket .

Seeing this, her mother immediately twirled the bedding for her . “Sleep! You must be tired from last night, right?”

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep the entire night . ”

“Then, you should rest soon!”

With that, her mother walked to the windows and drew the curtains for her before leaving the room .

She lay in bed as her thoughts ran wildly for a moment before she was overcome with sleepiness, falling asleep in an instant .

In the Maldives, it was warm all year round .

As it was near the equator, the climate was tropical . Although it was an island country, it did not have a tropical, maritime climate . Instead, it was a tropical rainforest . The biggest characteristic of that was that it was rainy and warm at the same time . The Maldives only had one season: summer . The rest of the seasons practically could not be felt, but the temperature was not sizzling hot as it frequently remained around thirty degrees Celsius .

Therefore, the weather here was cooler after the rain . The precipitation level in the Maldives was at one thousand nine hundred millimeters, and the rainy island country created an abundance of passionate feelings .

Yun Shishi and Mu Yazhe were currently enjoying their sweet vacation on another island .

On the other hand, Gong Jie was dragging the two little boys around like a chore . Youyou had something to say about this, though . “You should get used to the life of a young father in advance!”

It was early in the morning .

Gong Jie had a nightmare where part of a huge mountain fell from the sky and crushed him .

Half asleep from his nightmare, he could clearly feel something heavy pressing down on his body, wiggling and trembling from time to time . He was pressed down to an unbearable level that he woke up in shock . As he opened his eyes, all he saw was his younger nephew’s face looming on him, blinking his eyes and smiling gleefully . “Uncle, you are finally awake . ”

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The corners of his lips twitched harshly .


His vacation was a catastrophe .

He did not know whether it was a good or bad thing to bring these two fellas with him .

The good thing about bringing these two boys along with him to play on the island was that there were no more annoying women trying to strike a conversation with him .

It was not that he did not like women .

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It was just that he did not like boring women .

These two lads became a super insect net, so even if there were women interested in him, they tactfully kept a distance from him .

The bad thing was…

“Uncle, I’m so hungry . What time are you going to sleep till before you bring us out to eat some delicious food?”