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Published at 5th of February 2021 10:20:12 PM

Chapter 2312

[…There are too many memories of you in this city . I can’t bear to leave this place but I must force myself to give up…]

Mu Yancheng dashed out of the hotel and onto the streets to hail a cab . As he hurried along, he kept trying to reach her phone repeatedly .

Alas, the line would not go through . The unceasing dial tone only unsettled him more .

He did not realize how important the woman was to him until this point .

Men could be so cheap, sometimes!

She had to leave him for good before he understood her significance in his life .

The moment he realized that he would not have her next to him anymore, he was so distraught that he lost all rationality!

It was not as if he had not considered parting ways with her previously . In fact, he was firm on his decision to break up with her at first, but a desperate sense of hopelessness consumed him when the breakup happened for real .

It felt like the end of the world .

Memories of their shared life kept replaying in his mind, and his breathing hastened .

I mustn’t let her go!

The content of the message slipped into his mind gradually .

[Don’t look for me; I’ll pretend that our past has never existed . I’ll forget you, and in return, you’ll forget me too, won’t you?]

Standing in the middle of the streets, he desperately tried to get a cab, but no taxi was willing to stop with him looking wet and awkward .

Finally, a taxi was willing to pick him up at last .

The man was no longer hesitant . He got in the vehicle, and once inside the backseat, he instructed, “To Fengchen International!”

The driver turned his head and glanced wordlessly at him; he was wet and dripping water all over the car seat . The driver could not help frowning at the sight . “Oh, boy; sir, you are all wet! Now, you have dirtied my seat, too!”

He simply told him, “I’ll pay for carwash . ”

“This… isn’t the issue about the carwash fee! We can’t afford to waste a minute of our time in this line . Time is money! Sending the car to the carwash will mean that I’ll have less chance to make a few hundred yuan!”

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The man knitted his brows and started to search his outer pocket . Luckily, his coat was not wet and he managed to pull out a stack of cash . He passed the stack to the man in front . It was more than a thousand yuan . This should be enough, or so he thought .

“Please, I really have a really important matter to attend to! If this money isn’t enough for you, you can leave your account number with me, and I’ll transfer some more to you later . ”

“Oh, well, never mind! Just take it as a favor from me,” told the driver to him grudgingly as he took the cash and started the meter .

Mu Yancheng started dialing Meng Qingxue’s number again .

Nobody answered the phone, still .

The man could not stop fidgeting as he urged the taxi driver to go faster . “Mister, can you please go faster!”

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The driver looked at him in resignation . “Young chap, I’m already going as fast as I can! As you know, the congestion in the city can be pretty bad; you don’t expect me to beat the red light, do you? Besides, there are so many speed detectors along the road, so I’ll be in deep sh*t if my vehicle is caught violating traffic rules!”

He could only clench his fists in vexation at that .

Stealing a glance at him, the driver spoke half-jokingly . “Are you in a hurry to catch your wife who left home because she was pissed at you?”

“Don’t worry! Even if she walked out on you, there aren’t many places she can return to except her parents’ place . ”

Her parents’ place?!

She’s got none .

She had no home other than him . Where else could she go?