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Published at 4th of February 2021 10:25:05 PM

Chapter 2311: 2311
Chapter 2311: Forced myself to give up .

Uncertainty wavered in Mu Yancheng’s eyes .

Marry her?!

This won’t do!

What about Lin Xueya, then?! Our families are supposed to come together in alliance through marriage!

He might have had a bad encounter with that willful woman, but that did not mean that he would give up such a rare opportunity!

Moreover, Song Enya was like a sister to him more than anything else, so how could he possibly marry her?!

The man was absolutely remorseful .  How did this unfortunate incident happen?!

Jiang Qimeng was cursing inwardly when she saw the man keeping quiet .

Doesn’t this fella know the rules of the game?!

By now, he should readily express his intention to marry Enya! This way, both sides will have a way out of the awkward situation!

Is he waiting for me to say it out loud to him? Mu Yancheng, Enya would have no choice but to marry you because of what you did to her!

Saying that would seem like she could not wait to marry off her daughter to him .

The Songs were still an elite household no matter what . Being so thick-skinned would reflect badly on their reputation .

The more she deliberated, the angrier she felt . Right at that moment, Mu Yancheng spoke finally . “I’ll think of a way to compensate you for the wrongdoing . It’s true that I’ve ruined her… but right now, my mind is a mess . I don’t know what to do to make up for her loss! Auntie, can you give me some time to think it through?”

The middle-aged woman was so upset that her lips started quivering . She wanted to say something, but no words came forth despite opening her mouth a few times .

The man could sense her concern and gave a resigned smile . “I may not be some hero, but I’m still a man of principles . I won’t run away from my responsibilities, so don’t you worry, auntie; I won’t go back on my promise!”

“I’m glad to hear that!” retorted the older woman through gnashed teeth . “Enya has been shamed by you, so don’t think of escaping responsibility lightly! Our families have been in good relation all this time, so I don’t want to see us turning into enemies . Since you’ve said that you’ll be responsible, I’ll take your words for it! I’ll bring Enya home first . Come to our house and look for me when you are done thinking!”

The man nodded with mixed feelings .

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After the woman left with her daughter, the man let out a heavy sigh . He walked into the bathroom and took a cold shower with his clothes on .

The heater was running in the suite and it was hot as hell .

On top of that, the earlier argument had gotten him so frustrated that he threw a punch on the wall suddenly . This was the only way for him to vent his pent-up anger, somehow .

After he walked out of the bathroom, he stepped into the living room to see his phone on the couch . He picked up the phone and called his housekeeper to bring over a new set of clothes for him .

He hung up the call and suddenly noticed an unread message . It was from Meng Qingxue .

He had a bad premonition all of a sudden .

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Frowning, he tapped to open the message…

[Yancheng, I’m leaving . I’ve made up my mind to leave this city for good . It’s likely that I won’t be back!]

The man looked up abruptly before he finished with the message . Hostility flashed across his face before he took off without bothering to dry himself first .

[…There are too many memories of you in this city . I can’t bear to leave this place but I must force myself to give up…]