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Published at 4th of February 2021 10:25:11 PM

Chapter 2310
Chapter 2310: Take responsibility for what one did wrong .

The older woman’s eyes turned bloodshot with rage at the sight of her daughter’s sorry state . She charged straight out of the bedroom and started beating the man . “B*st*rd! Mu Yancheng, you scoundrel! What have you done to my precious daughter?! What have you done to her?! Why is she in that state?!”

He did not retaliate or offered any explanation to defend his actions and, instead, just allowed her to hit him .

She was ultimately a female, after all; how much strength could she possibly have?

The punches she landed on him did little to hurt him .

Like a madwoman, Jiang Qimeng pummeled the young chap, then grabbed him by the collar, and started shaking him . “Say something, you piece of trash! Why aren’t you talking?! Tell me what on earth did you do to my daughter?! She was a chaste maiden! How could you do such a vile thing to her?! How could you trample on her like this?! B*st*rd! What a b*st*rd you are!”

“Aunt… Auntie!” No longer able to bear with her scolding, he grabbed her hands to stop her . “Please calm down for a bit…”

“Calm down?!” Her expression changed to one of malevolence as she burst out laughing in anger . “Are you still human, Mu Yancheng?! How could you ask me to calm down when you’ve reduced my daughter into that state?! Not killing you is me being calm! You’d better give me a good explanation for this, or else… even if it were to cost me my life, I’d make sure to end yours!”


“Do you know what the repercussion of this matter is?! Should news of this matter leak out, my daughter’s reputation will be destroyed, all because of you! What ill-intentions do you have about her for you to treat her like that?!” shouted the middle-aged woman hysterically at him . She simply did not have the patience to hear him out at all .

“Mom!” Without anyone’s notice, Song Enya had come out of the bedroom and was now standing at the doorway, clutching the collar of her dress tightly . Tears streaked down her face as she looked at her mother pleadingly while biting her lower lip . “Let’s head home, alright? I want to go home… woo woo woo…”

“Enya…” Her mother immediately went to her daughter’s side and hugged her shoulders while tearfully comforting her . “Don’t be afraid; mom’s here . Don’t cry anymore . I’ll make sure to get justice for you!”

Mu Yancheng furrowed his brows and surveyed his surroundings .

The Song family’s servants and bodyguards, who had formed a terrifying circle around the chap, glared at him with hostility as though he were a heinous villain .

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He clenched his fists and asked, “Auntie, may I ask what sort of explanation do you want from me?”

His response greatly antagonized Jiang Qimeng . “The nerve you’ve got to use such a righteous tone to speak with me after doing this to my daughter! You’re too much, Mu Yancheng!”

At this point, her daughter tugged at her sleeve, mumbling, “Mom… Brother Yancheng didn’t mean to do it… He got too drunk last night, so it wasn’t his intention…”

She shot her daughter a disappointed look upon hearing that . “Enya, I know that you’ve always been sensible, but what happened to you isn’t something that can be brushed away by just a simple explanation of ‘he didn’t mean to do it’! If he’s a man, he should take responsibility for the wrong he did to you!”

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Caught in a predicament, Song Enya wailed . “What else could be done?! Are you insisting that he marries me?!”

A dead silence descended upon them immediately after .