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Published at 4th of February 2021 10:25:22 PM

Chapter 2306
Chapter 2306: Acting is part and parcel of life .

Ugh… My head feels so heavy…

What’s with the throbbing pain in my head?

The man lay motionlessly in bed with his eyes closed, for his mind was still woozy despite him already being awake . As though completely paralyzed and his nerves controlled, he found the act of lifting even a finger strenuous and a chore .

What happened to me?

I can vaguely recall drowning myself in alcohol last night .

Am I having a bad hangover?

Surely not?

My head has never hurt so badly before because of a hangover .

What on earth happened?

His mind always drew a blank no matter how hard he tried to summon the memories of the night before . The most he could remember was that he had seemingly met Song Enya and had drunk a glass or two with her before he gradually lost his consciousness .

In his groggy state, he seemed to have seen Meng Qingxue, in a glamorous red dress, struggling nonstop beneath him with tearful eyes .

‘Brother Yancheng, no… d-don’t do this…’

Her aggrieved protests rang incessantly in his head .

He could not tell whether those memories were real or not, but he could really hear the intermittent sobbing of someone right now .

No… That’s not a figment of my imagination!

His eyelids flew open . With his senses finely attuned to his surroundings at that moment, the crying from the side instantly became clear!

As soon as his eyes were fully opened, he found himself in an unfamiliar, large king-size bed within a lavishly-furnished room, which was made dim by the drawn curtains .

“Woo woo woo…”

The crying was getting clearer .

He supported his upper body somewhat and faced the direction of the sound at once . His abrupt action had, however, frightened the person next to him .

A young lady, in a red dress, was seen curling up at the corner of the bed . Upon noticing that the man was wide awake, she let out a yelp and hugged her trembling body tightly . “P-Please stay where you are! Brother Yancheng, d-don’t come near me…”

Her trembling, crying voice rendered him dazed for half a second before he belatedly realized who was in front of him .

Song Enya?!

He was flabbergasted to see her .

He could promptly identify the woman beside him just from her voice despite her disheveled appearance, with messy hair and smudged makeup . Song Enya’s voice was highly distinguishable, especially when she was crying . One would be unable to forget the young missy’s voice even after hearing it just once .

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What is she doing here?!

He froze in place for several seconds, but upon noticing that she was trembling in fear as though something had happened to her, he could not help but approach her .



She was so scared of him that she retreated right into the corner . Out of fear, her tears came pouring down harder and faster and her wails got louder .

“D-Don’t come near me… I’m afraid of you… woo woo woo… Please… j-just let me off…”

Her stammering left the man all the more confused .

What the hell is she going on about?!

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Why is she crying?!

And why is she here on my bed, looking all disheveled?

What happened here?

I can vaguely recall myself going wildly at it with a woman last night after getting drunk . The woman in my memories, however, is Meng Qingxue .

What exactly is going on here, then?

Why did I wake up to see Song Enya crying here?

He furrowed his brows as he felt his headache getting worse . “Enya, stop crying, alright? I’m not going to hurt you…”