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Published at 2nd of February 2021 11:00:07 PM

Chapter 2305: 2305
Chapter 2305: She will do anything to get what she wants!

“It’s not counted when I don’t see it consumed in front of me . ”

The girl clenched her hands into fists . This missy was more heartless than she thought .

She drew a sharp, cold breath . After taking another look at the wad of cash on the table, she gritted her teeth and swallowed the medication with the water .

After the pill was washed down her throat with the water, she put down the glass, twitched her lips, and asked, “Miss Song, I’ve done what you ordered; are you… satisfied now?”

“Good . This is necessary for the both of us . I’m sure you don’t want to be pregnant, am I right? I heard that your boyfriend doesn’t know about this, so there’s a need to take extra precaution, isn’t there?”

“Yes, you’re right, so… can I leave now?”

The missy nodded her head quietly . Glancing at the money on the table, she told her, “Take the money and leave!”

“T-Thank you…”

The girl did not feel slighted as she took the cash from the table; she was about to go when the other called again .

“Hold on!”

What is it this time?!

She was starting to get irritated but had to suppress it before turning around . Song Enya’s icy visage was looking sublimely at her as she warned, “You’d better keep this matter between the two of us . If someone else finds out about this… I guess you already know what I’m capable of, right?”

The lady’s last statement was dragged dangerously, sending shivers down her back . Alarmed by the other’s ominous expression, she quickly reassured, “Miss Song, don’t worry; I’ll keep mum… It’s a secret between us, and nobody else will find out about it!”

“That’s good to know . ”

The girl nodded nervously . After wrapping her coat tighter around her, she fled from the place .

The door closed with a loud thud, then it went all quiet inside the spacious hotel suite .

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After throwing an icy look at the cell phone lying on the couch, she slowly got up and walked toward the mirror . Song Enya stared at the face reflected on the mirror and bit her lip hard . Soon, a thin, red trail could be observed seeping through the corner of her mouth under her forceful pressure .

Narrowing her eyes, she suddenly reached out to mess her hair then pulled and tugged at her clothes . Her shoulder straps and clothes’ hemline were eventually torn . To make it more believable, she decided to look as tattered and sorry as she could . After looking in the mirror once more, she was finally satisfied with her efforts; the missy then walked into the bedroom with her head held high .

The bed inside the room was in a mess .

Mu Yancheng was lying sprawled across the bed, taking up more than half of the three-meter bed’s space with his broad and lanky frame .

Time slipped past unknowingly, and soon, it was three at dawn; the sky would turn bright soon . After glancing outside the window, she slowly went to lie down next to the man . Her eyes continued to be wide open; she was not sleepy at all .

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She had come this far already . Since this was the case, she would do anything to achieve what she wanted!

She could not afford to lose at this point .

Mu Yancheng slowly came around . Before he could open his eyes, he felt a splitting headache coming on . As he slowly opened his eyes, his optic nerves went into sudden, painful spasms without warning!

What’s wrong?

Ugh… My head feels so heavy…