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Published at 4th of February 2021 10:25:23 PM

Chapter 2304

She threw the phone far away from her . It was as if by doing so, it would help distance herself from the overwhelming humiliation she was feeling now!

With her back leaning against the door, she slowly slid down it until her bottom hit the ground . Her sharp nails dug deep into her palms while she bit her lower lip hard . She glanced at the air ticket on the table and, seemingly having made up her mind finally, stood up gradually…

At around midnight, Song Enya, seated on the couch, was taking forty winks with her arms folded across the chest .

Mu Yancheng’s phone on the couch had gone silent at last . That woman who went by the name of Meng Qingxue seemed to have caught the message finally, for she had stopped calling .

After a long and turbulent lovemaking session, the bedroom gradually quieted .

The woman put on her clothes and walked out of the room . She paused for a long time when she saw the missy before licking her cracked lips and approaching the latter on the couch .

“Miss Song…” Her voice was frail and timid, carrying the weight of inferiority with it .

The missy’s peepers opened just a crack and, upon seeing the girl, asked, “Is it finally over?”

“Y-Yes, it’s o-over…”

“What about him?”

“He’s sleeping now . ”

Once the drug lost its effect, the person would naturally be too exhausted to do anything else .

Song Enya straightened her back as she looked at the woman standing in front of her . This girl had a face which resembled hers, but with the fading of makeup, the resemblance was substantially diminished .

It seemed that the couple had been at it for some time with the girl looking shagged out presently . Her hair was in a mess; one of her fake eyelashes had dropped out even . Song Enya saw a bruise at a corner of her lips and demanded quizzically, “What’s wrong with the corner of your lips?”

A corner of my lips…

Somewhat surprised to hear the question, the girl touched her lips and squirmed in pain when she located the sore spot . “He might’ve bitten me… I didn’t notice it earlier . ”

Cocking a brow, the missy picked up her purse on the sofa and took out a wad of cash .

This girl, a fresh university graduate, had continued to stay in the capital .

According to her, her boyfriend wanted to take the Postgraduate Admission Test and needed money badly . She wanted to raise funds for him by taking on this assignment .

Fifty thousand yuan was nothing to the rich missy, but this was a considerable sum to the girl .

After glancing at the girl, she dumped the cash on the table and asked nonchalantly, “Here’s the fifty thousand . Do you want to check?”

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“It’s not necessary!” The girl gave a harried smile, feeling awkward . “Since you’ve said that this stack of notes amounts to fifty thousand yuan, it should be the truth!”

After saying that, she reached for the money on the table .

“Hang on!” ordered Song Enya suddenly .

The girl looked at her with mild surprise . Knitting her brows quizzically, she asked, “Is there anything else you want me to do?”

“This is your first time, right?” asked the missy .

The girl was startled for a while before she nodded her head awkwardly .

“Is this your infertile window?”

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“Infertile window? I’m not sure… I’ve not studied anything on that topic yet . ”

With a smile, the missy signaled the girl to a pill and a glass of water on the table with her eyes .

“Take this,” she ordered calmly .

“What is this?” The young girl was mildly surprised .

“Don’t worry; it isn’t poison!” the other reassured . “It’s a morning-after pill . ”

“But I’ve already taken a contraceptive pill before this . It’s effective within seventy-two hours of consumption . ”

It would not be a good idea for her to take too many of such medications, would it?

Narrowing her eyes, the rich woman merely retorted coldly, “It’s not counted when I don’t see it consumed in front of me . ”