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Published at 2nd of February 2021 03:35:09 AM

Chapter 2303: 2303
Chapter 2303: No Longer Needed

Has it become my wild wish to hear his voice before I leave him for good?!

Meng Qingxue wiped the tears from her eyes angrily and stood up abruptly . Picking up her luggage, she walked toward the door . With one hand on the doorknob, she turned around to cast one last look at the apartment . Every nook and cranny reminded her of the man and their times together . Fat teardrops started rolling down her cheeks again, and pretty soon, she was sobbing helplessly anew .

She could not bear to let go . There was something in every corner of the house .

The large bed held memories of their frolicking good times…

The couch in the living room was where she would lay her head on his lap like a petulant child…

At where the kitchen was, she could almost see herself busying to prepare food for him…

Even up to this point, his coat was still hanging on the balcony .

The greatest pain to her was his continual presence in her heart even though he was not with her now .

Everything she saw reminded her of him .

The woman slumped onto the ground helplessly . Fighting back her tears, she bit her lower lip hard and dialed his number again with one last ray of hope…

She had to hear his voice, regardless of who might pick up the call . This desire was probably her last bit of courage left .

She had been a passive party throughout their relationship . Weak and humble, she kept watch in this tiny apartment until he surfaced every now and then when he thought of her .

There was not one moment when she did not wish for him to appear . Like a lowly beggar, she would only take what he was willing to give of himself and never demanded for more .

Sometimes, she would miss him so much that she would hide under the blankets and cry herself to sleep, yet she had never called the man for fear of disturbing him .

When he came over, she would jump in delight like a small child . All the negative emotions she had felt when he was not around, the lowliness and helplessness, would instantly be swept away by his arrival!

All she hoped was for him to give her a place in his heart, to love and protect her, so she could always have a home and his company .

She loved him, even though she was such a minion in his world, but her meekness was greeted with his thoughtlessness, instead .

She decided that she would stand up for herself for the first and the last time .

Clenching the phone tightly, she waited for the call to go through and hoped against all hope that she could hear his voice again, just like in the past .

She wanted to hear his voice so much, even if it was one of ire directed at her .

With her eyes stretched wide, she was nervous almost to the point of suffocation when the line finally connected again . Just when she was about to speak, she heard the heavy heaving and soft grunting of carnal pleasures from the other end of the phone .

Their relentless happy squeals and panting, which drifted into her ear, totally caught her off guard .

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There was probably nothing that could be worse than this to deal a brutal blow to a person’s dignity .

The woman’s voice was muffled, but the man’s sound was especially clear .

It was a familiar sound to her . It was him…

He is with another woman tonight . Is he with that woman who called me back earlier?

Did she answer the call so I could hear how she’s being pleasured by him as she lay underneath him?

Is he telling me that I’ve been replaced?

He doesn’t need me anymore .

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I’m not needed anymore .

“He… he he…” A string of throaty laughter escaped her mouth as she stared vacuously into space, but tears rolling down from her eyes quickly slipped between her lips and choked her with their saltiness .

Why must they be so cruel?

He hasn’t gone to sleep, has he?

Plus, he has agreed to use this method to knock me out of my persistence, hasn’t he?

Is that so…