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Chapter 2296: 2296
Chapter 2296: A Scheme

“Well, I was feeling bored, so I called a few friends to hang out at the bar,” explained Song Enya, and after a pause, she parted her red lips again . “Would you like to have a drink together, Brother Yancheng?”

The question was asked in such a soft and gentle manner that her voice sounded absolutely enchanting .

The man hummed an acknowledgment readily before leaning against the couch comfortably . “Okay, let’s have a drink together . ”

As she slowly filled the two glasses with alcohol, she glanced sideways and noticed that the man had shut his eyes for a quick blink . He seemed to be slightly tipsy, so he did not bother with what she was doing .

A cold, unfeeling smirk crept up her face as she pulled out a tiny vial, which was only half the size of her finger, from between her bosoms and carefully dripped a drop of its liquid content onto her finger before she rimmed it lightly around one of the wine glasses .

Then, while the man was distracted, she swiftly dumped the incriminating evidence into the trash bin and picked up the filled wine glasses before turning around with a smile . “Brother Yancheng, please allow me to have a toast with you . ”


The man gave a verbal acknowledgment that was not followed by any action . His body remained sunken into the couch where he lay motionlessly .

She asked somewhat coyly, “Are you drunk?”

“Drunk?” That question had indubitably roused his competitive streak, for he peeled his eyes open and glanced sideways at her unhappily in the next second . “How could I possibly be drunk over a few glasses of alcohol?”

“Oh… Then, please allow me to have a toast with you!”

The young lady smiled and passed him the wine glass, which he received and lightly swirled in the air .

Unbeknown to him, the clear liquid that had been rimmed around the glass edges had infused and mixed into the alcohol .

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He was unaware of this indelible detail, and to begin with, his attention had not been on the wine glass in his hand . His eyes shifted onto the woman, gazing up and down her body as he asked in a lazy yet unclear tone, “Enya, why are you all dolled up tonight?”

“What are you saying?” She plastered a shy smile on her face as she allowed her eyelashes to droop and flutter alluringly . “I’m pretty even when I don’t doll myself up . ”

“That’s true! You’re one fine-looking lady now!”

He deliberately leaned in closer to her as he lifted the wine glass and tipped the entire content right into his mouth, not leaving a drop behind . Once he was done drinking, the man did not forget to flaunt his drinking prowess by inverting that empty wine glass in the air while he shot a smug look in her direction .

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“You downed the drink in one shot?” Her flaming red lips parted in surprise as she appeared to be extremely flattered . “You sure are giving me face!”

His guard was naturally lowered around the woman in front of him, for he had always thought of her as his little sister . He placed the glassware onto the table and pushed it toward her . “Pour me another glass of liquor, alright?”

“Alright . ”

She nodded and proceeded to lean forward and lower her body slightly while deliberately revealing her deep cleavage in what seemed to be an unintended act .

It left the man with a wonderful, panoramic view of her fair, ample goodness . If it had not been for the fact that he could not overstep his boundaries with this young missy from the Song family, he would have long conquered the woman and taken her into his harem!

Somehow, though, his self-control was pathetically weak tonight . All it took was a glance at her supple boobs, and he vaguely detected the growing changes in the lower part of his body! His temples, in particular, were pulsating hard, and he was feeling all hot and bothered .