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Chapter 2295: 2295

Mu Yancheng was greeted by the boisterous, electric music, which was pounding in the air, the moment he entered the bar .

As usual, he ordered several bottles of hard liquor and went to take a seat in a private room . Once the alcohol was served, the bartender concocted a shot for him, which he gulped down straight .

Only after the fiery alcohol hit his stomach did he feel his mood elevating a little!

That was soothing!

Just when he was starting to feel slightly at ease, Lin Xueya’s loathsome face popped up in his head again!

‘Mu Yancheng, this is the wish of our seniors, but if you want to touch me, it’s more than just about whether I’m willing to let you or not . What is crucial is if… you are worthy!’


‘Once this marriage is completed, it’s just in name . Even if you stick to me, I won’t depend on you . After all, there isn’t anyone who can force me to share a bed with a man I dislike or even hate . ’

That freaking b*tch!

She’s downright slutty!

‘If it were Mu Yazhe who came today, I might be willing to stick to him, but you’re inferior to him no matter how I look at you . If we talk about capability, you’re not his equal; if we talk about talent, it’s even harder to compare you two . Though looks are just looks, you are still far behind him even in that aspect . Mu Yancheng, who do you think you are? Asking me not to be full of myself, but what about you? Don’t be putting feathers in your cap, either! You can stop putting on an act now; it only makes you look hypocritical . ’

Vile wretch!

He drank one glass of alcohol after another while cursing the young missy inwardly .

While he might still be in the mood to tour around the bar in search of prey in the past, he had no intention to do so today . His mind was filled with Lin Xueya’s infuriating words, and each time he recalled her haughty expression, he could not help but want to rip her face apart!

Despicable thing!

“Brother Yancheng?”

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The delicate voice of a female, amid the booming music, suddenly reverberated in his ears .

The young man had already drunk a whole bottle of the beverage by then .

Although he could hold his alcohol relatively well, it did not mean that he would not be unaffected, especially since the liquor he was imbibing had high alcohol content . His stomach had started to burn and his thoughts had gotten slightly fuzzy at that point .

He looked up and squinted his eyes at the blurry vision of a woman, with light foundation on her face, who had entered the room and was now walking toward him .

The man sucked a deep breath in astonishment at the sight of this familiar face before him, and his eyes even widened slightly to take a clearer look at her .

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It was not until she had gotten closer to him, though, that he confirmed her identity . Flashing an intoxicated smile at her, he cried her name, somewhat out of surprise, “Enya!”

The intruder turned out to be Song Enya, who appeared stunning in her long, crimson camisole dress . Her exquisite makeup and her long, fluttering lashes, in particular, made her look all the more alluring and charming .

“What a coincidence!” He grinned at her . “Why are you here?”

The young missy smiled back in greeting before taking a seat beside him . The proximity between them, however, was way too close for comfort—an intentional move on her part . Her long, wavy curls dangled right next to him, and the alluring scent of which wafted in the air .

He was perhaps already a tad too tipsy by then, for his eyes fluttered shut as he greedily gave her hair a sniff .

Her hair smells divine!

The heavy, intense music playing overhead suddenly stopped and changed to something romantic and relaxing .