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Chapter 2281: 2281
Chapter 2281: Is that not as good as throwing myself at him?

The older woman was stumped by that question .

As she mulled over the issue for a moment, she heard her daughter grumbling, “He’ll surely see me as a weird and shameless woman! Didn’t you say earlier that his family is already arranging a marriage for him? I heard that Great Granduncle Mu is trying to pair him with Lin Xueya, the third missy of the Lin family! If I go seek him actively now… isn’t that as good as throwing myself at him?!”

Song Enya paused for a bit before spitting her thoughts reluctantly . “Besides, he may not believe my words per se if I tell him that I’m expecting his child! He has never touched me before, so what will he think of how his child came about? He’ll definitely mistake me for a wacko! I don’t want things to end up that way…”

Inhaling a deep breath, she smiled bitterly at her mother . “On top of that, I’ve already undergone two paternity tests . I’m afraid that I’m at risk of a miscarriage if I do it for the third time… Mom, it wasn’t easy for me to conceive this child . I don’t want to take the risky path! Who knows how much suffering I have to go through again if I lose the child? Say, what should I do now?”

“I’ll think of something!” Jiang Qimeng assuaged her daughter as she fell into rumination with a frown on her face .

Just when the young lady was feeling hesitant about the whole thing, she saw her mother’s face lighting up . “Did you say that you’ve never interacted with him before?”

“Yes, that’s exactly the issue!”

“Then, couldn’t we just create a chance for you to get intimate with him?” asked her mother matter-of-factly .


She could not figure out what sort of plan her mother had in mind .

The latter went on to explain herself . “From what I heard about Mu Yancheng, despite him being a stickler to the rules, he actually has his fair share of women outside . I suppose that he frequents places like nightclubs and pubs! Once the whole matter regarding your brother blows over, I shall find a chance to make some arrangements, and your marriage to him will naturally follow!”

Jiang Qimeng seemed to be unaware of how despicable and vulgar this plan she had in mind .

Her daughter, however, was intrigued by what she had said and pressed on, asking, “What sort of arrangements?”

“You’ll know by then!”

“Can’t you tell me now?”

The young missy became a bit upset by her mother’s evasive answer . “Mom, why aren’t you telling me the plan if you need my cooperation? I must be mentally prepared, and you shouldn’t launch a ‘surprise attack’ on me . It won’t be good if I’m caught unprepared!”

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“Oh, well . You’d better cooperate with me once I tell you about it . There’s no need for you to feel embarrassed or awkward, too!”

Her mother hesitated for a bit before eventually spilling her plan to her daughter .

It turned out that this was what she planned…

That young chap frequented nightclubs, right?

At the right opportunity, she would arrange some people to get him drunk or drugged, then they would bring him to a hotel where he and her daughter would share a room . They would strip him of his clothes and put him on the bed . By the time he woke up in the morning, he would have found himself lying in bed, stark naked, with her daughter . Naturally so, the man would suspect that the young missy had gotten pregnant from their one-night stand .

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Would that not provide them with a valid excuse?

In that case, the child in her daughter’s stomach was ‘naturally conceived from that night’! They would have all the rights in the world to talk terms with Mu Yancheng by then, and given their family’s status and background, he would eventually accept the terms they had .

Song Enya’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment upon hearing that plan . She felt that her mother was as good as selling her off! In retrospect, with things having reached this stage, she could not afford to hesitate or worry about anything else . After all, she had to make up for the mistakes she had committed .