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Published at 23rd of January 2021 10:55:16 PM

Chapter 2275: 2275
Chapter 2275: Unfilial Daughter

“Oh, that’s right . How could I forget that I was thrown out of the Lin clan yesterday? I don’t have the right to address you as my father now!”


The man was so antagonized by his obstinate daughter that his chest undulated heavily for a while . Finally, he gnashed his teeth . “Xueya, please; How long more are you going to trample on yourself? Can you be enlightened now?”

“How am I trampling on myself?!”

He wanted to rush up and give her another slap on the face, but he forcibly suppressed his anger this time, questioning with a snort, instead, “How do you think I found this place?!”

The man then continued as his daughter listened to him in shock and disbelief . “I only found this place because your gigolo gave me the address! He said that he wants to make a clean break with you! This was how I got to know that he wasn’t willing in the first place! Do you know what else he said to me? He said that he hopes that you’ll stop harassing him for good! He also said that he’ll return everything you gave him—the apartment, the car, and everything else; he just wants to cut all ties with you! He even told me to hold a tight rein on you, so you’ll stop irritating him! Tell me: How did you end up in such a sorry state to let a shameless person like him humiliate you this much?! Xueya, it’s time for you to wake up!”

The woman cried in great exasperation, “It’s impossible! He’d never say such a thing! Was it you? Was it you who forced him to say all that?!”

“I forced him?!”

The man laughed at her words as if he had heard a bad joke before he retorted coldly, “That man doesn’t love you at all; it’s only been your wistful thinking all along . How do you think I could find this place so easily without him?! He he! You’ve disgraced me completely! You’d better go back with me to apologize to your grandfather while things haven’t blown up out of proportions yet . After that, you make a clean break with that b*st*rd and never get in touch with him again!”

The woman slumped to the ground with a vacuous stare . “It’s impossible… impossible…”

“Hmph! Did you think the man was deeply in love with you?! He’s only taking you as a plaything and you took him for real! Stop your nonsense now and return home with me!”


“I’ll repeat myself: Return home with me right now!”

The woman got up out of the blue and screamed, “I won’t!”

“You!” He was agitated beyond words . “Unfilial daughter!”

Turning around, he opened the door and ordered sullenly, “Bring her back!”

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The men outside the door nodded . Piling in, one man took hold of her arm on either side as another wrapped her in a suit . Ignoring her protest and struggles, he knocked her out with a swift, professional hit on her nape . They intended to bring her back home by force .

The woman’s vision turned hazy instantly . In her groggy state, the heartless image of her former boyfriend flooded her mind .

‘Lin Xueya, let’s give each other a way out, alright?’

Rong Jin…

How can you be so heartless?

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At the hospital, Song Yunxi finally woke up after being in a coma for two days .

He struggled to open his eyes and the images in front of him gradually solidified and stopped spinning . He then saw his mother and sister standing watch over him from his periphery .