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Published at 22nd of January 2021 12:05:15 AM

Chapter 2269: 2269
Chapter 2269: Do you not feel ashamed, mommy?

He yelped in pain as he held his hurting ear and shot his sister a piteous look . “Sis… why did you wring my ear for no rhyme or reason…”

The woman glanced sideways, and when she realized that her husband was dumbfounded by her fierce display, she immediately pulled her brother to the side and questioned softly, “What nonsense have you been telling my sons?”

Still feeling baffled, he shook his head blankly at her .

She gave him a good plummeting . “Are you still not going to tell me the truth?”

“I-I… really don’t know what you’re talking about!” Feeling immensely wronged, he blinked his doe eyes at her; the sight of which could almost make one’s heart turn into mush .

Alas, she did not buy his words .

“Spill it!”

Little Yichen and Youyou were secretly stoked to witness this scene as they peeked their heads out from a wall corner . Feeling very much satisfied, the brothers shared a smile and even cheerfully did a high-five .

The poor man had been seriously pranked by his evil nephews .

To be honest, he was truly an innocent party .

He had said no such things to the little ones at all, yet because of them, he was deemed guilty by his sister .

He ended up getting a good whacking from her when he could not give her an answer .

Meanwhile, Mu Yazhe beckoned a finger at the two young lads, who were secretly giggling away at a corner, upon noticing them in his periphery .

Like summoned beasts, the twins advanced toward him and snuggled up in their father’s chest .

Giving each of his sons a pinch on the nose, he questioned, “What naughty things have you little imps done?”

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“Ow! We did no such thing,” answered his younger son all righteously .

The older twin snickered behind his hands . “How aggrieved uncle must be feeling now after getting pranked by Youyou! He won’t be able to clear his name . ”

With him being a meticulous person who had excellent chemistry with his sons, he got a rough understanding of the entire matter after his son’s brief explanation .

Gong Jie could only chalk it up to his bad luck for having a ‘ball’ dropped on his face .

Up until the end, he still could not figure out how he had offended his sister or why he was punished by her .


Seemingly realizing something now, Yun Shishi turned her head and saw the little ones snuggling in their father’s embrace . Her face darkened the moment she understood what was going on . “You boys—”

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“Mommy, it’s already very kind of us that we didn’t call you a lazy bum for waking up so late,” Youyou grinningly said .

She faltered and lost the urge to scold them as a pang of guilt washed over her!

Poor Gong Jie! Not only was he unjustly blamed, he also suffered under his sister’s hands for nothing!

“Eh? Where’s Hua Jin?”

Youyou replied, “He left right after answering a call, saying that he has an urgent matter to attend to . ”


His older brother suddenly cried in disdain, “Mommy, you’re lucky that lil’ bro knows how to cook, or else given how late you woke up, we’d have long starved to death by the time you woke up and finished preparing our meal!”

The woman turned her head away guiltily and feigned ignorance .

“Speaking of which, Youyou’s cooking is really impressive! I wonder from whom he inherited his talent…” As Gong Jie spoke, he allowed his gaze to volley between the married couple for a good while . In the end, he supposed, “Perhaps, two negative traits make a positive trait?”


Clearing her throat in awkwardness, Yun Shishi tried to defend herself . “My culinary skills aren’t too shabby, so he probably inherited his talent from me . ”

Her son immediately piped up from the side . “Don’t you feel ashamed for saying that, mommy?”