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Published at 21st of January 2021 02:25:09 PM

Chapter 2268: 2268

It was one, fierce kiss .

“You’re the only person I have by my side now, yet even you want to desert me . Why?!”

It was already afternoon by the time Yun Shishi woke up .

When her eyes fluttered open, she was greeted with the sight of the warm, afternoon sun rays that shone through the clear French windows and spilled into the room . She had no idea when the curtains in her bedroom had been opened .

When she turned her head to the side, she realized that the space next to her in bed was empty; her husband was already out of bed .

Why didn’t he wake me up?

Despite that question in mind, she yearned to lie under the warm, comforting blankets longer .  Nevermind, let’s just lie in bed for a while more!

The woman, therefore, turned around, only to see her sons leaning against the edge of the bed with expressions of cuteness and disdain on their tender, little faces . The one looking cute was the older twin, while the one with the disdainful expression was, of course, a certain black-bellied rascal .

She nearly stopped breathing from the shock she received .

“Mommy sure can sleep!” commented Little Yichen .

From the side, her other son shot her a look of disdain and airily said, “Daddy is already a very busy person . Mommy, you’re gonna squeeze the life out of daddy sooner or later if you continue acting so willful!”

Her face immediately burned .

“W-What… nonsense are you saying, Youyou?!”

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Am I the one with dirty thoughts?

Somehow, I get the feeling that his words have a double meaning .

‘Squeeze the life out of daddy…’

I’ve never imagined that I’d ever hear such a statement from my darling son’s little mouth .

The thing is…

What did he mean by that? Surely, it isn’t what I’m thinking, is it?

At the thought of it, her cheeks turned a shade redder .

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The older twin assured his little brother . “Don’t worry! Daddy is an exuberant man with boundless stamina . Even ten of mommy won’t be able to deplete his energy . ”

“Hey…” Her face flushed red as she demanded, “where did you two learn such terms?!”

Little Yichen let out a wicked laugh at that . “From uncle!”

The woman asked out of perplexity, “What did he teach you?”

“We wanted to wake you up earlier at first, but he told us not to do so! He said that daddy and mommy must’ve been busy ’till very late at night, so we should let you sleep in more . Otherwise, daddy is going to suffer from having weak kidneys, and mommy can’t be satisfied as a result…”

The more he spoke, the more excited he got . His mother, on the other hand, was blushing so hard that her cheeks were almost dripping with blood; a terrifying look was also slowly surfacing from the depths of her eyes .


Youyou hastily covered his brother’s mouth with his little hands and chided, “How could you sell uncle out?!”


The twins suddenly felt a cold gust of wind blowing at them and could not help stifling a shudder . By the time they snapped back to their senses and turned to look at their mother, she was already sitting upright on the bed with her fists and teeth tightly clenched . “Gong Jie, that brat…”

The nerve he’s got to instill my sons with thoughts that are inappropriate for their age!

Yun Shishi hopped off the bed right away and went to change her clothes . She did not even bother with washing herself and just went storming out of her bedroom .

Meanwhile, Gong Jie was playing video games with his brother-in-law in the living room when he looked up to see her charging at him . He smiled and greeted, “Good morning, sis!”

The woman pounced on him the next second and gave his ears a good wringing for about one hundred eighty degrees .


“Xiao Jie, what on earth have you been saying to your young nephews?!”