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Published at 20th of January 2021 11:45:19 PM

Chapter 2264
Chapter 2264: His Dark Past (2)

She was afraid that her fetter with him would break the moment she let go of his shoulder .

“I don’t want… I don’t want…” The missy continued to persist wilfully . “I don’t want to change . My heart is set on you—I just want to be with you!”

“But I don’t like you . ”

The man finally spouted his heartfelt thought .

Shocked, Lin Xueya stared hard at him in disbelief .

“What did you say?”

“You heard it loud and clear . ”

He was finally able to express his mind, and he was more composed than ever . He reiterated his true feelings to her solemnly . “I haven’t liked you since the beginning . There’s no love between us . I’m grateful for your care and concern, even your infatuation for me, but that’s the only feeling I have for you . ”

“Liar!” She found it unbelievable, or perhaps, she did not want to believe these cruel words from him .

“You told me that you love me very much…” mumbled the lady to herself in a desperate act of self-deception .

When they were together, be it kissing or lovemaking, he would whisper a plethora of sweet-nothings to her .

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Were those false declarations of love?


Honestly, she had had her doubts about his sincerity, but he could have just continued his deception, could he not? Why couldn’t he just keep pretending?

The man, meanwhile, was exceptionally calm and composed, almost to the extent of being heartless . Looking at her with gentleness in his eyes, he threw back a question at her . “Didn’t you ask for my true feelings?”


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“That’s why I’m telling you now what I’ve truly felt . ” He smiled gently at her .

She lost interest in what he had to say all of a sudden and turned her head away, but the man caught hold of her chin with his hand and forced her to look him in the eyes .

As he fixed his gaze on her teary eyes, he continued quietly . “Xiaoya, we aren’t compatible in the first place . You are a rich missy from an elite family; you come from a respective background . As for me, I’m sure you’ve run a background check on me, right?”

Lin Xueya was jolted into shocked silence as she recalled their first encounter…

She had first met Hua Jin at a private event, which was organized by a friend of hers .

In that event, the guests had their respective ‘partners’ . This was when she had first spotted him with a middle-aged man .

Lin Xueya did not know who the middle-aged man was, but her friend did . She told her that the fella was the boss of an entertainment company with influential ties .

She was deeply attracted to Hua Jin’s pretty and delicate looks the moment she set her eyes on him . It was love at first sight .

She liked his misty eyes and that quiet, melancholic presence he held . She adored his lonesome air, which could melt anyone’s heart as he sat quietly in a corner by himself . Many women were unable to resist that kind of charm, which aroused their maternal instinct . He was the kind of man women wanted to hold and hug .

A rare gentleness emerged from this hubristic missy after meeting him . All she could think of was wanting to get close to him, so she could shower him with love and protection .

Hua Jin’s keeper did not know her identity at first, but upon knowing that she was the elite Lin family’s missy, he decided to milk some benefits from his boytoy before he discarded the latter for good . He was, after all, already tired of this pretty face .

Hence, he whispered to the young man, “Haven’t you asked for freedom from me? Alright, then . If you can settle that woman tonight, then I’ll give you freedom . You won’t need to service those men in the future!”