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Published at 19th of January 2021 11:35:08 PM

Chapter 2263: 2263
Chapter 2263: His Dark Past (1)

“My dad said that if I continue to be involved with you, he will kick me out of the family, but… Jin, I am not afraid of anything else as long as I am with you!”

Lin Xueya became emotional in an instant and clung onto his shoulders tightly with a flushed face . “As long as I am with you, who cares if I am no longer the Lins’ missus? Who cares if I end up living a dull and poverty-stricken life? As long as I am with you… there’s nothing I am afraid of . ”

She paused for a moment before biting her lower lip as tears trickled down her face . She hugged him and begged in an almost petty and low manner, “Now, you no longer have to worry . I left my family due to a confrontation last night . I want you no matter what, so…”


Since she had made such a compromise for him to this point, could he love her even a bit?

She did not care if this love stemmed from pity .

“Jin, let’s be together properly, alright? I don’t have anything else besides you… so let’s be together, okay?”

As Lin Xueya finished her words, Hua Jin continued to hug her with an expressionless face . There was no fluctuation in his heart at all, and it remained unnervingly calm .

She did not dare to ask him again as she understood what his silence meant .

Everything in her world collapsed at that instant .

Her body fell limp, and she gradually sank into the bathtub, her eyes empty and lifeless .

In all honesty, she had already known what his answer was going to be .

No matter how excellent his acting skills were, a meticulous woman like her knew very well that such tender sentiments and adoration were all just pretense .

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“Are you… just using me?”

In a daze, she raised her head suddenly and asked while feeling devastated, “I’ve sacrificed so much for you . Why are you so miserly that you can’t even spare me a glance?! I gave up so much for you; I’m even willing to abandon my family, but why isn’t there even a small space in your heart for me?!”

Hua Jin’s complexion remained sluggish as he continued to look at her with an empty gaze . When his eyes finally fell on her, they only showed pity .

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

She gripped his shoulder tightly; her unwavering eyes remained on his face as she begged, “Hua Jin, say it—say it! I want to hear the truth; I don’t want to lie to myself anymore! You don’t have to act anymore, alright? Tell me, please . Have you really never loved me before, not even a bit? It’s fine even if I only have a very small space in your heart!”

The man remained silent .

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“Say it . Say it…” Lin Xueya urged him as she trembled in fear .

However, if he opened his mouth and said that he liked her or cared about her, even if it was just a bit, she would be fearless .

Even if her world were to collapse, she would have no complaints or regrets .

Even if it was just one word from him .

“Yes . ”

She was willing to sacrifice everything for him until the end of the world .

However, after a long bout of silence, Hua Jin finally looked up and said indifferently, “You don’t have to be so persistent . ”

As he said that, he reached out to brush away her hand, which was holding his shoulder tightly .

This action of his left her petrified .

Lin Xueya widened her eyes in fear . No matter how hard he tried to pull her hand away, she refused to let go .