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Published at 15th of January 2021 12:40:08 AM

Chapter 2248: 2248
Chapter 2248: What a winner in life!

The boy argued indignantly, “What do you mean by ‘peek’? It’s obvious that you’ve put your cards on the table for us to look . ”

Truth be told, though, Mu Yazhe was skilled in this aspect . To start with, he was good at laying the cards, so all he did now was take a few glances at his cards before rearranging them in a neat order .

His wife and son were struck dumb by this amazing feat . He had managed to arrange his cards based on memory without needing to take a second look at them .

His memory was unbelievably great!

With just a few glances, he memorized their proper sequence enough to arrange them accordingly .

By now, his son was fully convinced which parent he had inherited his high IQ from .

Hua Jin, on the other hand, was tongue-tied as he watched the man display his capability . He was secretly hoping to have a good laugh at the latter’s expense in this round as revenge for the evil punishment he had doled out on him earlier .

Instead, the man’s remarkable memory had salvaged his face .

Even though the idol and the boy’s cards were lacking, they were saved by the married couple, who had mistakenly assumed Gong Jie as the hidden ‘landlord’ .

Gong Jie was hurt by their assumption . He had tried hard to play his best cards, only to be taken as the deceptor .

Alas, it was not for him to defend himself in the middle of a game, so all he could do was secretly comfort his bruised ego even though it bothered him very much .

It was only when Hua Jin revealed himself to be the deceptor that the couple realized their wrong assumption .

“Sis!” whined her brother, looking utterly forlorn .

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The woman bit her lower lip regretfully and patted his shoulder lightly, looking somewhat guilty . “I’m sorry, Xiao Jie! I shouldn’t have misunderstood you . ”

“Why did you both assume that I was the deceptor?” asked the man sadly .

“That’s because you look like a baddie . ” brashly retorted his brother-in-law .

The young chap could not rebut this time around .

At this point, Youyou only had a pair of cards left in his hand . He scanned the group coldly, and the rest returned his stare unwillingly . They could not do anything to stop him now .

With an evil smirk, the boy laid his final cards on the table . He won again by virtue of the couple’s earlier blunder .

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Standing up, he gave a high-five to Hua Jin . “Yeah, I won again!”

After saying that, he spun around, sprightly, to admire the ashen look of the trio behind him . He then arrogantly proclaimed, “I’m just too good for you!”

The three adults could only listen to his gloating without saying a word .

The moment this round ended, Mu Yazhe and Gong Jie let go of the other’s hand, looking disdainfully at each other, when the boy looked at them slyly and said, “Don’t let go of your hands . ”

His uncle objected, “Didn’t you say that we only needed to hold hands until the end of this round?”

“That’s what I said, but you two lost this game again, right?” The boy grinned eerily . “This means that you two can continue holding hands . ”

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Both men could only draw a sharp intake of cold breath, all the while looking as if they would throw up any moment .

Yun Shishi pointed at herself and asked, “What about my punishment?”

Her son gave her a gentle smile then blinked his eyes once and hooked his index finger to beckon her toward him . “Mommy’s punishment is to give me a kiss!”

“That isn’t punishment; it’s giving yourself a reward, instead,” muttered Hua Jin sarcastically .

The boy merely gave a cocky reply . “No objections allowed . ”

His mother broke into a chuckle, edged closer to him, and planted an indulgent kiss on his cheek as she ruffled his hair .

His uncle and father watched this scene in silence and had to admit ruefully inwardly, What a winner in life!