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Published at 12th of January 2021 11:00:07 PM

Chapter 2242: 2242
Chapter 2242: Fight the Landlord (3)

He shuffled the cards like an old hand, and this time around, his brother-in-law was the one who stacked the cards on the table as he stated coldly, “Everyone will get their cards this time!” It was obvious that he suspected his brother-in-law of cheating in the first game .

When Yun Shishi first brought up her suspicion, she was merely joking . Her husband, though, thought otherwise . The man did not believe that a person could be so lucky with his cards .

His brother-in-law had cheated .

Earlier, he had noticed something fishy with the way Gong Jie dealt the cards upon close observation, and he was not wrong to suspect the young chap actually . In reality, the latter was a regular at casinos and apt at such card games, even cheating . His dynamic vision was top-notch and comparable to Little Yichen . He could remember the cards and the sequences he dealt with just a quick look . From there, as he reshuffled the cards, he could skillfully arrange them in the order that he wanted, thereby giving the ace cards to his teammates .

Seeking Youyou as his partner-in-crime might seem coincidental to the rest, but in truth, he had purposely chosen his nephew . He knew the ace cards the boy had in his hands . His nephew could see through his act but still played along with him .

Unfortunately, they could not hide this for long before the host, who was also an experienced player in this type of game . The man did not pay close attention when his brother-in-law distributed the cards, and that was a mistake . If he had bothered to look carefully, the young man would not have had a chance to play his tricks .

Of course, his wife’s brother was not ashamed in the slightest . What of him being suspected of cheating? As long as he was not caught red-handed, it would not count .

Nevertheless, now that Mu Yazhe was on high alert, he knew he could not afford to play the same trick again .

Still, with my skills and capability, I can win the game without resorting to trickery . Hmph!

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I can’t lose!

All I did a while ago was make him do a set of push-ups with weight, yet he can’t wait to finish me off now . Goodness knows what he’ll do to me if he won!

The young man could not imagine what kind of torture his brother-in-law would give him if he lost . Hence, everyone was on high alert when the next game began .

Hua Jin, especially, did not wish to end up as collateral damage in this ‘family feud’ . He had merely tugged along for fun and was not prepared for any serious repercussions .

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Meanwhile, the protagonist was in jittery, too .

Her mind was still filled with the image of her husband doing push-ups with her on his back . If she were the one doing that, she doubted she could last even one push-up . All she knew was that, regardless if she ended up in a team, neither should become a liability .

Thus, by the time the second game started, the aura emanating from the two at odds had changed drastically . Both were so bent on winning that it seemed they would kill anyone who got in their way!

The only child in the room was not worried, though . He was a neutral party in this game where it made no difference whether he was friend or foe to one side or the other . Hence, he was not afraid of either one coming after him .

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Hua Jin rolled in the next game as the apparent ‘landlord’ . After picking his cards, he noted that he got two Jokers with him . This upper hand told him that he should seek a strong ally, so he flashed one of the Jokers in his hand onto the table . The party who had an identical card would be the hidden ‘landlord’ .

The cards he picked were not that good, so he could only bank on the hope that his hidden partner would help him . He trusted that the one with a similar ace card should mean something good .

As the ‘landlords’, having two ace cards had an obvious advantage . An ace would mean an added chance to play the cards . Moreover, it also meant that they could try to sniff out the bomb cards from the other camp .