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Chapter 2241: 2241

Yun Shishi could not help feeling suspicious of the two .

Her brother looked hurt by her doubts . “Sis, you have to admit defeat when you lose . Don’t try to get out of the punishment . I can assure you that I’ve played honestly just then . Whoever cheats will have their hands chopped!”

Hua Jin was aghast . “How bloody… We’re only having a card game . There’s no need to chop hands, is there? That’s frightening . ”

“Well, whoever plays must be prepared to lose . ”

Mu Yazhe threw the cards aside and glanced at his brother-in-law . “Sure, the winner can dictate the punishment . ”

His wife and the actor looked at the evin grin on the little boy and his uncle’s faces; they then started chanting a silent prayer for themselves .

Gong Jie revealed a brilliant smile and pointed dramatically at the two other men . “You two, do ten push-ups each . ”

“How about me?” Yun Shishi pointed to herself out of curiosity .

Her brother told her gently, “Sis, I can’t bear to punish you! You can sit on your husband’s back . ”

She was speechless when she heard that .

The man wanted her to sit on his brother-in-law’s back when the other did his push-ups .

That’s a tall order!

Even though she was not chubby, her tall stature was still of some weight .

Her husband’s eyes glinted for a moment before brushing the matter off . “Alright . ”

After saying that, he got up and nonchalantly unbuttoned his collar and rolled up his sleeves . Getting into position, he told her, “Wifey, you can come over . ”

She hesitated and, finally, glanced at her gleeful son and brother, imploring, “Xiao Jie, isn’t this too much for punishment?” She could not bear to pile her weight on her husband .

“No worries . Brother-in-law is so strong; I’m sure he can manage the ten push-ups with you on top of him . ” Her brother was gloating by then .

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It was Mu Yazhe’s turn to be struck exasperated .

That’s insane .

This fella is out to torture me . I’ll keep a tab of this!

Hua Jin started with the push-ups first, then returned to his seat .

Yun Shishi stood up hesitatingly and walked to her husband . She sat on his back cautiously and held his shoulders lightly .

Just as her husband was about to start, her brother lashed out another lethal instruction . “Sis, you’re breaking the rule here; your feet can’t touch the ground . You must lift them up . ”

Everyone was speechless this time .

Both feet must be off the ground?!

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Doesn’t this mean that I have to put my full weight on my hubby? Can he take it?

Her husband broke into an angry chortle . “Bring it on!”

She lifted her feet off the ground testily, and the moment she sat her full weight on him, the expression on his face sank a little .

Thank goodness he used to practice push-ups with weight when he was serving in the army, and the training was much harsher than this .

Nevertheless, that was some time ago, and although he kept to a certain regimen, he had not put himself under enhanced training for demands like this .

“Get ready, brother-in-law! Ten push-ups and… go! Good luck!”

His son cheered him along, too . “Daddy, you can do it!”

The man started his push-ups .

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Youyou did the counting nervously .

The first five were still smoothly executed, but when it came to the sixth push-up, his speed slowed considerably, and each time he went down and came up, his demeanor would change bit by bit .

Despite the challenge, he managed to pull off the ten push-ups without compromising the posture . However, he had truly exhausted his strength by the time he was finished with the punishment . He had a terrible look on his face when he got up, then he charged back at the table straight away to start the second round .

This punishment had ignited his fighting spirit thoroughly, and he was out to get a win at the second game .