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Chapter 2240: 2240

“The loser must be carried by Youyou for one round,” suggested Gong Jie wickedly .

The boy was unhappy for being implicated . He threw the cards on the table and said, “Hey! Are you punishing the loser or punishing me, uncle?”

The adult whistled . “Then, the loser will take brother-in-law’s clothes off . ”

Mu Yazhe glanced at him coldly . “Sure . ”

What was there to be embarrassed about?

The heater in the living room was turned on, after all .

His son was speechless . “Since there are only men here apart from mommy, daddy won’t be embarrassed . ”

Gong Jie gave an eerie smile . “It isn’t that simple . You have to run naked outside for one round . ”

Everyone was silent .

How much resentment did he have?

Was this not too heartless?

It was terribly cold outside as it had just begun to snow .

Mu Yazhe threw his cards at the man’s face . “If you like running around naked so much, do it yourself . ”

The young chap could not rebut this time around .

Hua Jin sniggered at that .

Gong Jie swept his icy gaze over at him .

Everyone instantly felt chilled to the bone as if they had been hit by a gust of cold wind from Siberia .

“How about this: Whoever loses will have to jump from the second floor of the villa?” Gong Jie proposed another sort of punishment .

Yun Shishi flicked his forehead . “We are just playing cards . Why are we risking our lives?”

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The idol suddenly realized how horrifying the actress’s twin brother was .

After being flicked by his sister, the chap said indignantly, “That’s how we play cards!”

“You are not human, so you can’t compare yourself to us,” replied his sibling .

“Sis, we came from the same womb . If I am not human, then are you a mutant?” he retorted .

The little lad burst into laughter at that . “That’s right, mommy . I came from your tummy . If you are a mutant, then what am I?”

“The both of you are not humans,” she ridiculed .

Youyou: “…”

“Personal attacks are prohibited!” declared her brother .

“Why don’t we hold a truth-or-dare session?” suggested Hua Jin out of the blue .

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Hearing this, no one had any objections .

The first round began .

Gong Jie shuffled the cards, his technique smooth and proficient . A glance, and it was clear that he had mixed around a lot in casinos .

Yun Shishi realized chillingly that her younger brother, who used to be a mess with cards, had become proficient with his card skills after being abroad for years .

With how clean his technique was in cutting the deck, it seemed that he had practiced before .

There was one secret and one open landlord in the game .

The person who received the open landlord card would shout for their secret landlord with the same card suit . The secret landlord among the other four would cooperate with the open landlord discreetly like a ‘traitor’ to achieve the ultimate victory .

The open landlord for the first round was Gong Jie . He shouted for the secret landlord delightedly, examining the other four’s expressions from the corner of his eyes .

Each of them sure could act! There was not a shred of change in their expressions .

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His cards were great . Soon, he was left with only one .

The rest of them eyed one another covetously . The next player, Yun Shishi, sealed her cards tightly .

However, the interesting thing about the game was that, apart from the open landlord, the other four players did not know who the secret landlord was, so it was easy to be a tyrant .

Originally, she was about to win, yet she was bombed by Hua Jin .

Seeing that there were not many cards left, the secret landlord would be revealed soon . Due to the king card played by Youyou, the preceding player before Gong Jie, he secretly managed to let his uncle play his last card, thus allowing the landlords to win .

The woman was rendered momentarily speechless as she looked at her son gloomily . “How could this be? The four king cards were all with you? Xiao Jie, did you cheat when you were giving out the cards?”

How could the first card in line be the king?