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Published at 6th of January 2021 11:35:27 PM

Chapter 2219

Her mother was surprised . “How did you know that?”

Yun Qingmiao replied, “That’s because I know a star who lives in that district . I heard that she spent hundreds of millions to buy a grand house at Yun Shan Shi Yi . There’s a reporter who managed to sneak into the place and take pictures . It’s such a beautiful district!”

The older woman was flabbergasted by her daughter’s shocking words .

The female protagonist did not have many expressions on her face except to curl her lips into a slight smile as she replied impassively, “Yun Shan Shi Yi was a land development project under my husband’s management awhile back as that area holds special meaning to him . I doubt we’ll move again after we transfer to that place!”

That expensive land sat atop a mountain . Its feng shui was exceptionally good with a serene view and picturesque landscape .

Some time ago, the Mu Group had spent a large sum to pave a road which wound to that place to facilitate ease of access . With the underground tunnel about to be completed, it should be more convenient for them to commute to and from the city .

Her aunt quickly asked, “Then, what about the villa over here?”

“I guess… it’ll lay uninhabited for the time being . ”


The older woman bit her lower lip and sighed with pity . “But this is such a beautiful place! It’ll be a pity to leave it empty!”

Actually, she was trying to give her niece a hint to let the three of them occupy this villa, instead! As the young family was not going to sell or rent the place out, they might as well let them stay here . This would help them save on the rent!

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Her aunt knew better than to pop the question outright at her niece, though, so she decided to brooch this subject indirectly instead, hoping that the younger woman would get the hint and volunteer the house herself .

The latter was smart enough to catch what her aunt was driving at . She feigned ignorance and informed with a smile, “He has a few other properties under his name, which are sitting empty currently . I think he’s planning to sell some of them off pretty soon!”

Her younger cousin’s curiosity was piqued . “What is cousin-in-law’s work exactly? He’s so rich; with so many properties, including this gorgeous villa, under his name, his net worth must be in the billions, right?!”

She smiled and kept quiet, not wanting to say more as she turned to clear the dishes on the table .

The older woman glared at her daughters and started to lecture them in front of her . “You two had better learn from your cousin here! You mustn’t envy her good fortune now . She had a hard life when she first started out, too! Now, she’s enjoying a good life because she’s smart enough to pick the right man to marry! That’s why you must go out with the right guy—find one who has a decent background and high social status . Only that way can you live a good life like your cousin!” She sounded like a sour grape just then .

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Yun Shishi froze .

What sounded like flattery was actually a masked insult .

Is she implying that I get to enjoy a high standard of living only because of my husband?

She was particularly affected by the insinuation that she married the man for his money!

In reality, she was content with a small and simple coop as a home if it meant that she could get to see the man she loved every day .

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This was how she defined her ideal home .

The two sisters were still gushing over her good fortune . “Cousin is so fortunate to meet such a perfect man!”

“I’ll be smiling in my dreams if this happens to me!”