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Chapter 2218: 2218
Chapter 2218: Green with Envy

“I can’t give the children red packets this year, but don’t worry; I’ll definitely make up to them next year!”

Yun Shishi stared blankly at her for a moment before hooking her lips into a smile . “Don’t worry about it . The red packets are just a meaningful gesture to make the kids happy . ”

“I’m moved by your kind understanding!” Her aunt then carefully studied her as she indirectly probed . “Niece, is this villa bought by your father?”

“Hm?” She shook her head smilingly . “This house was bought by my husband . I planned to have it as our marital home at first, but he found it too small for that!”

Her casual answer sent ripples of waves crashing in Xiang Yu’s heart .

Even her daughters, who were sitting at the side, had their ears secretly perked up at their exchange . They could not help feeling utterly envious at how nonchalantly their cousin had described this villa as too small for her marital home!

This villa is small?!

It sits on a piece of land which is at least 300 square feet, and that’s excluding the two basement floors . It is a six-story villa with a small attic and has a total of eight bedrooms . It’s not a problem for a four-generation family to live here, yet her husband thinks that this house is too small to be their marital home?!

How cocky that sounded!

Yun Qingmiao could not help slyly asking, “What exactly is our brother-in-law’s occupation? Why is he so rich?”

“Need you even ask? He must have a strong background for him to hold such a grand yet lavish engagement on a private island! With him being so rich, this villa is nothing to him! What seems expensive to us is worthless in his eyes!” answered her sister .

She bit hard on her bottom lip upon hearing that, feeling even more jealous than before .

Certain things were unfair at times .

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It was truly unfair, too .

One could only imagine how much she longed to own such a villa—a spacious garden house which had four floors above ground, along with an attic, and two basement floors with gorgeous and lavish interiors!

Even if she dreamed of owning such a villa, one which sat on an expensive plot of land, it was unlikely for this dream to come true with her being dirt poor!

Her cousin, meanwhile, had gotten all these things so effortlessly!


Isn’t it because she married a wealthy man?!

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If not for him being so filthy rich, would she be able to live in an upscale district given her level?!

Yun Qinli was dripping with jealousy as well . She would be overjoyed with the opportunity to stay a night in such a villa!

She felt that the females living in such an upscale place were just like lofty princesses—elegant yet haughty!

Alas, she could only fantasize about it!

“He found this villa small?” asked Xiang Yu enviously . “This villa is huge and spacious enough for the two of you and the twins . Surely, there’s no need to buy another one?”

“We’ve already bought our new home . My husband settled everything long ago . We’ll likely be moving into that house before the wedding . ”

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“Your new home?” Her eyes widened slightly as she pressed on curiously . “You guys already have a new home?”


“Where is it located?”

“Yun Shan Shi Yi . ”

“Yun Shan Shi Yi!”

Yun Qinli suddenly stood up in agitation, earning her a curious glance from her sister . The latter found the former to be acting a little out of sorts . “What’s wrong?”

“That place is the most upscale yet priceless villa in the capital!”